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Poems By Poet Kiesha fields  1/29/2015 2:22:03 PM
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The lyrics of a fat girl

Maybe it's not me
The food just calls me
I hate eating when i'm not hungry
I'm not putting myself down
Because i know my soul is found
Steak and cheese,
rice and brocoli
They talk to me....you know?
Sometimes i dont know which way to go
I used to feel not wanted because of my weight
Now i'm learning and living my fate
These are the lyric's of a fat girl
Kiesha fields



What Is Written In Red

I am written in red,
I am sliding across the page of life.
I am racing across the lines of language.
I am red.
I write words,
I create lines and sentences,
I am kept in solitude
I am red.
I create paragraphs.
I create signatures.
I know what you're thinking before you speak,
I am red.
I cannot breath because I am enclosed in a capsule.
A capsule that covers the knowledge inside.
All I do is stare at pages,
All I know is pages,
I become apart of the pages,
And the pages become apart of me.
I become apart of english,
I become apart of words,
I am RED.

BY: Takisha Fields
Kiesha fields

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Poems By Poet Kiesha fields