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Poems By Poet Laurence Overmire  10/21/2014 12:20:33 AM
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Two Motorists

Two motorists
Stranded on the highway
Equal in all respects of dignity and character
Are differently disposed.

The first finds several amiable strangers stopping
To aid him in his distress.
Happy in his fortune, he exclaims,
“Thank God all men are born so good.”

The second finds a thousand faceless automobiles
Streaming past without a care.
Disgusted and perplexed, he shakes his fist at the heavens, and cries,
“Damn you world, that men are born so selfish and cruel.”

Meanwhile, people everywhere
On every highway
Just go on being

(Previously published in Indie Journal, Jan.1999)
Laurence Overmire



Two Timing

I took myself to a party
We sat in a corner
Nervous and out-of-place
With nobody to talk to but
Ourselves, and not being
Schizophrenic, that didn’t
Seem like a very good option

So we didn’t say anything
We just looked at each other
And wished we were
Somewhere else, the other
So alone outside myself, I
Wondered how he could possibly
Keep it all together.

(Previously published in Temenos, May 2007)
Laurence Overmire



Unfinished Symphony

We were told somehow
Creation happened a
Long, long, time ago

But look around you
Each day brings
Things not seen or heard before

With each revolution of moon and star
The Creator is constantly
Sculpting new life out of the dust

New heavens to behold

Our world is a dream
Spinning on the potter’s wheel
Ever wondrous, sometimes frightening

But always, in process
Of becoming

(Previously published in Smile Magazine, Fall 1999, no.25)
Laurence Overmire




Saxicoline creature in a house of
Stone, seaweed climbing up the walls of
Solitude, crabs moving sideways

In and out of crated rooms
The pits of sand growing deeper
By the hour

Waves crashing without remorse
For damage, though natural
Is quite unwonted in brine of

Festering wounds.

(Previously published in m.e.stubbs poetry journal, Vol.2, Issue 2, November 2000)
Laurence Overmire
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Poems By Poet Laurence Overmire