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Poems By Poet Laurence Overmire  9/19/2014 2:50:03 PM
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Wade In The Wave

Every stone I cast
on water ripples

to the edge of an unknown

and when in time
another stone skims past

the hand I know not
rippling why

the choosing of the rock

its color and touch
immortal, divine.

(Previously published in Poetry: Soul to Soul, July 2004; World's Strand Anthology,2007)
Laurence Overmire



Washington Square Park in Fall

Washington Square Park
on a fall afternoon
cool breeze blowing
‘neath a water blue sky.

Kids on a concrete hill
riding skateboard bikes
frolic on the jungle gym
laughing children’s shrieks.

Young girl on a park bench
in a blue-jeaned sneakered pose
scribbles in a notebook
and dreams some faraway thought.

Black youth by the garbage can
rusty red bucket dented
mumbles to the passersby
disjointed joints for sale.

White youth tossing pigskin
in his stylish sports fatigues
tanned and bronzed like summer
muscles rippling on the green.

The middle-aged Joes play chess
black/white castles on the block
they send their dreams to battle
on ordered squares inert.

Old men sit in patience
cross their legs and heave a sigh
watching leaves go tumbling past them
like a memory


(Previously published in Ixion, Winter 2000, Issue 9)
Laurence Overmire



Winners and Losers

As an outsider, looking in
You might wonder why
No glory, no golden global Oscar
Is bestowed on those
Who survive—quietly behind closed curtains
Rejected and defiled in
Swamps of Hollywood slime
Egos sucking blood out of
Dead turnips
The two, three, four, five, six-faced
Fiends fingering foul figures of
Obscene wealth
O why not those others
Those true believers be
Their honor and dignity yet intact
Motives still pure
Unsullied by political machination
Why not these in any walk of life?
We might well ask the question.
Where are those survivors?
Can any pass through inner sanctums
Narrow corridors of gust and glitter
Without offering
In rites of filial obligation
Sacred sacrifice
Of heart and soul?

(Previously published in Kookamonga Square, Feb 2003; The Hold, Feb 2004)
Laurence Overmire




Taking a bottle of work to work
In the desk, the file, the flask
Tucked inside the third piece of

A suit not suited to public
View, then stop at the store
To pick up more, work to

Put on the table, after dinner
Nightcap laptop under the
Covers, or a cell phone in the

Bath, working hard to make it all
Work, house car wife kids
Bigger and faster, sexier smarter

A skid row of home-ly places
Just south of Easy Street
A mile from the nearest


(Previously published in 12 Gauge Review, Nov 2000)
Laurence Overmire
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Poems By Poet Laurence Overmire