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Poems By Poet Laurence Overmire  10/22/2014 6:54:43 PM
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Dark Theater

His father made him work in the hot fields
From sun-up to sun-down
When he was just a lad.
Called him a thin-lipped sissy boy
When he sat by the fire reading Chaucer
A no-good, lazy, son of a—


His mother died when he was nine.
There she lay in the one-room shack
Cold and blue and
Father made him cut the box
Throw the dirt on till the last tear was buried.

In New Orleans he saw them
Fat white men poking at their teeth
Smoking thick cigars
Piling them in wagons with
Sacks of flour and beans.

At Gettysburg he saw the blood
Dark stains that wouldn’t wash away
The pieces of men who lay in tents
The mothers who came to weep over white stones.
What good were words in such a place?

“Our American Cousin” was such a
Delightful play
A frothy diversion from all the pain
But the bullet cut the comedy

The tragedy is not to be denied.

From generation to generation
Lights are extinguished
And darkness threatens
Until some one stoops
To bear the torch.

(Previously published in Mind Fire Poetry Journal, Nov.1999; Liberty Grove Poetry Review, Vol 2, Issue 19, Aug 8,2000; Poets4Peace, Nov.2000)
Laurence Overmire



Day Dream

Buttered toast morning
Coffee with cream

Sunlight streaming through the sash

Mozart melodies dance up and down
The tables and the floors

The cat purrs contentment at my feet

My lover’s arms close ‘round my breast
Soft lingering kiss, “Good morning”

Sets all the world aright.

(Previously published in Footprints, Vol.2, Issue 4, Winter '99)
Laurence Overmire



Desert Song

Life is water
Slipping through your fingers

No way to hold or preserve
Drink what you can

While you can
Every drop-more precious

A thirst that cannot be

(Previously published in Poetry Shelter, Apr.2003)
Laurence Overmire



Deuces Wild

It was all or nothing.

All the cards were on the table.
No aces up the sleeve.

Fate sat patient in the corner
Sipping an ice cold draft of beer
And the one-eyed dealer
Cocked his wrist and fired—
A single lifetime from the deck.

It landed square in front of him.
Deuces wild.

And the only question was
Would he hold or fold?

(Previously published in The Horsethief's Journal, Issue 6, Dec 1999)
Laurence Overmire
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Poems By Poet Laurence Overmire