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Poems By Poet Laurence Overmire  12/19/2014 1:57:56 AM
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The End Of The Twentieth Century

Jesus walked into the Donut Shop
But of course no one recognized him
Why should they?
He hadn’t been seen for quite awhile.
He sat down at the counter
Next to a couple of cops.
The waitress said, “You want a donut? ”
Jesus answered, “Have you got mustard seed? ”
“No. Poppy seed.”
“It’s not the same thing.”
“A cup of coffee? ”
“I don’t have any money.”
At this point, the cops were getting
Quite annoyed at this foul-smelling
Stranger with the matted hair.
“Hey you got no money, you can’t
come in here, okay, pal? Move it.”
A businessman sneezed as Jesus
Walked past, out the door and
Into the street.
He disappeared of course.
And it will probably be at least
Another century or two before
Anyone ever sees him again.

(Previously published in MiPoesias Magazine, Winter 2004)
Laurence Overmire

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The Face in the Tube

In order to eat
To keep my kids in clothing
I sell garbage on TV

Oh yes, I’ll tell you it’s the best
That nothing else will do
I’ll say anything they want me to

Because they made me what I am
And you’ll believe me because
You think you know me

You trust the sincerity of my smile
Yes, we all do what they want us to
Pretending we’re happy doing

What we do
Pretending that we really have no choice
It’s just the way it is

And always has to be
No use at all pretending

(Previously published in The Hold, Aug 2003)
Laurence Overmire



The Famous Cocky Paul

Sold cars
Suckers caught looking
Under the hood without a
Flaws disguised in sleight-of-mouth
He kicked the tires
Of many a re-tread
Badgered old ladies for bundles
Of ill-begotten cash
A snake-charmer with a chubby, schoolboy smile
So slick his hair sometimes
Slid off his head.

He did it his way
Pants down in the back seat of respectability
Before long
His dingy, pot-holed lot
Became a mega mall of
Showroom flash and four-wheel dash
An automotive mecca
So successful children imitate
His bad commercials on TV.

Now he lives on the lake
A stately mansion, white pillar and blasted brick
Belongs to the Kings Canyon Country Club
Where, it has been said
They even named a sandwich after him
Ham and turkey on rye with a very special
Horsey sauce.

(Previously published in ZZZ Zyne, XLII,2001)
Laurence Overmire



The Fifth Of October

One night on a beach
Changed everything
A brush of cloud across the moon
The California sand cool
To the barefoot touch
The lap of waves advancing and retreating
We sat upon the shore and listened
Ancient tales told by the light of distant stars
Held close in the dark
Dreams stretching farther than the naked eye
could see…

One soft kiss
Was all it took
The wind reaching inside us
Time lost all bearing
New worlds were born
And the past, like an empty shell
Rolling in the wake
In the swash of the incoming tide.

(Previously published in Webstatic, Jan.2000; Poetry the Write Way Anthology, Writers Club Press,2000)
Laurence Overmire
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