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Poems By Poet Lawrence S. Pertillar  12/22/2014 12:24:10 PM
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  Best Poems From
  LAWRENCE S. PERTILLAR (February/'47)
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Boulevard of Moral Decay

On the streets they enjoy playing,
Their thuggish games!
Trained to be subservient
To a life that obeys breaking laws,
With confidence!
These elements are now the consequences,
Of a tolerance that has gone much too far!
Right under the noses...
Of those who chose to see themselves 'untouchable'
And indifferent to lifestyles changing around them!
They have been disrespected for being who they are.
Letting their guard down as they tossed insults,
And invaded the comfort of others!

This affected their relationships with lovers,
Family and friends!
And this bullshit 'ain't ending!
This mental distant game of cowboys and Indians!
Possessions are now at risk.
And there is no way to dismiss what has taken place!

We've spent too much time,
Trying to find the relevance...
And adjusting to the demands
Of the pressure to progress prosperity,
With all the joy good credit can buy!
And if we have to lie about it...
The better!
That has been our doctrine!

And today we are surrounded by so many lies!
So many alibis and attempts to find some hint,
Of protected quality!
Sheltered from despair and agony,
Clearly on the Sunrise for all!

We've bounced back and forth like a tennis ball,
From beliefs the widest of TV screens
Have fed us...
Much bigger and bolder than before!
Seducing with the most vivid high definitioned color!
No sympathy we seek approaches our addresses!
The mess that is in our heads and in our homes...
We've condoned with much 'bewildering' participation!
And that's being confessed,
Although deadly to the ones,
Who are the victims of our fantasies!

~Soon they will be exposed as those
With the power after all!
This presentation seems to have
A 'Guest' waiting in the wings! ~

It's part of the culture we decided to live in!
Driving down the boulevard of moral decay!
No one ever dreamed that the journey back
Had followed us to our own front doors!
We can turn the TV sets off now.
There is a visitor that comes...
Some scum that traced us.
And we allow them to smuggle,
Every last piece of peace we've got left!
We've been condtioned to believe
Our ideals to be the best!
Even if the rest of the world
May see us leaking confidence,
With a lack of direction displayed...
By common sense delayed,
Among those in disarray
With skills to cheat but none to lead!

On the streets...
They enjoy playing their thuggish games!
They strategize to compete for turf.
They bluff and sometimes the bluffing hurts!
They never express guilt or apologize.
They grew up believing what they fed themselves was true!
Although they liked to masquerade,
In various disguises!

Until they created....
Something more than civil disobedience,
And chaos!
Representing what we consent!
Leaving us to observe lost treasures.
That can not be quickly minted...
To patch the maddness relentlessly brewed,
And it's not pleasant to the taste at all,
Observing fools who 'pontificate'
The do's and don'ts.
Now watching themselves close,
To being done in!
Lawrence S. Pertillar



Call Me Anytime

I am always open for recommendations,
And suggestions.
I am not closed minded like that.

I think you should...'

Wait a minute.
You mean from you?

I do! '

I tell you what.
Let's schedule a meeting...
On the,
Let's see...
How is the fifth-teenth of Neverary for you?

There's no 15th of Neverary.'

I think you're right.
Take my number.

Whenever you're ready.'

Call me at...
1-800 G-E-T L-O-S-T.
Call me anytime.
And If I am not in...
Just feel free to leave me a message.

What are you saying?
I bet that's not really your number.'
Lawrence S. Pertillar




It has always been important,
To expose and display...
With a showing to those younger,
By the ones who have 'accepted' aging...
To be bold and courageous,
When commitments are made...
In a keeping of one's maturity.
To intend to have them stay that way.

But for whatever the reason many adults believe,
They should keep young ones pleased...
By proving they too can do dumb things,
To then produce foolish excuses made...
With a running away from responsibilities,
Declaring there is a need for outside assistance...
That protects them from a lack of their own negligence,
More today permitted,
By unintended commitments made to ignorance.

'When I recommended,
Commitments are made to stay with them...
I did not intend for you to interpret,
That not paying attention to comprehend...
Automatically happens when your ears are closed.
And your mouth constantly left kept open.
That's not the kind of commitments made I'm talking about.'
Lawrence S. Pertillar



Dishonesty Is Given To Get And Taken

Too many are dishonest.
And living amongst themselves with it.
With a doing of this playfully,
And encouraged to remain children unfit.
To relish their immaturity and 'thick-headedness'.

Too many are dishonest.
And prepared to lie and cheat.
As witnessed by those much younger,
Practicing false beliefs...
They too one day will teach.

Too many are dishonest.
Thinking it 'cool' to fool and deceive.
And too many have grown older,
Without integrity or identities...
To leave,
Future generations...
With a solid effectiveness respected,
As a qualifying priority.

They should expect this from others...
As it is given to get and taken as received.
But this perception is not uppermost,
In minds hosting floating boats...
Circling until their throats are choked!

Is given to get,
And taken...
To receive!

Is given to get,
And taken...
To receive!

With a feeling to fullfill a need.

Is given to get,
And taken...
To receive!
Lawrence S. Pertillar
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