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Poems By Poet Lee John Siebritz  12/17/2014 5:05:25 PM
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  LEE JOHN SIEBRITZ (12 March 1985)
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Quiet Waters

Memories of happy times
Flood my head
As the boat rocks on and on…

Kids are laughing
Kids are smiling
Enjoying the blue skies
As the wind angrily
Blows the waves against the boat.

A moment of stillness fills my mind
As I think of Cape Town
My birthplace, my home, my life.

I can’t help but feel sad
As flashbacks of the past
Pop into my mind.

Watching these kids being happy
Makes me feel sad
As it takes me back
When that was once in my life.

I am happy where I am
I am happy in my soul
But the little boy’s life
Was cut off so soon.

Nights of terror.
Nights of the unknown
That little child
Had to mature quickly
Or die young.

The boats jerks
Kids plague me for a picture.
I smile though the pain
I smile through the heartache

They are happy
I am sad
I wish I could be like them
But that time has passed me by.

As we pass the
Last turn off
I feel a sense of peace.
Maybe it is my late grandmother
Speaking to me.

“Forget the past”
“Move on with your life”
“So that you can be happy”

I have to follow the star in my heart
For years its light has faded
Over the years it has dimmed
I hope it returns for me to move on…

Again, the boat jerks
My stomach turns
I feel my inside trying to come up.

But soon we arrive at our destiny.
I say goodbye to the mountains
To the trees
I am thankful to God that
I have lived another day.

And so my journey continues…
Lee John Siebritz



Remembering You

From the time you graced the earth
To the time you left
Your spirit is felt
No more pain, no more tears
No more heartache for your to bear

A beautiful Rose
Gone to the sky
Way up high

Your smile lights up the room
When you enter
Your touch calms our souls
When we are in despair
Your presence is felt
Forever more

You embraced us with protective arms
You gave advice with earnest truth

Somewhere way up high
You are smiling down
Wishing that we
Move on with our lives

“Forget and forgive”
“You will be released from your internal demons”
“Love yourself”
“And move on”

Your smile
Your beauty
Your love
Will never be forgotten
Lee John Siebritz



South Africa: A place of death

Beautiful landscapes
Beautiful blue seas
Beautiful cities filled with different cultures
That once was evident to you and me.

Now, crime, poverty, racism and aids
Overcomes this land
Once filled with mystery…

A place of death
For its own as well as others.
“ uncle, gee ‘n rand asseblief? ”
“ Antie, ‘n stukkie brood asseblief? ”

Smash! - the car window splits and cracks into bits
The tanned tattered little boy runs away
With a black bag
Filled with mystery.

For the little boy
It is gold that he snatched
But tomorrow or next week
A new form of gold will be captured.

For the defenseless victim
Anger, shock and relief
As it easily could have been
Her blood splattered on the windscreen

Yes, this is what has become
Of a land that once was
Possessed by European- Sun Gods
Now the black baboons
Run the show and all hell
Has broken loose.

No order, no stability, no morals
No rules, no humanity, no peace and no sense of safety…

How we long for the good old days
When we could play outside and enjoy life
Instead of huddling behind closed doors for fear of ending up lying dead in a drain.

This is the reality of South Africa
Where freedom comes at a deadly price.
And for many others who have taken the road.

There is peace but eternal remorse
For family left on the African shore.
Not knowing when one’s family
Can be struck down by bullets, or raped or murdered…

Sadly, South Africa has become the age old saying
Ruthless, vile, animalistic, backward and inhumane…
Lee John Siebritz



Still… I remember

You passed by ten seasons ago
Leaving behind broken and lonely hearts.
You embraced the heaves
With your kind heart.

Those that stayed behind
Broke down and could no longer survive.
Still… I remember her smile.

I remember her radiance
Her kind heart
Her sound advice.
And warm embrace that kept me
From the storm
An embrace that would linger in my mind and heart forever.

As seasons passes by
As we say goodbye to Christmas everytime
I still remember
The hugs, the smiles, the kisses
Each time my family came by.

But for now, I bid thee farewell
Until we meet again.
Somewhere way up high
Where the sky is as blue as the seas below
And heaven reflects your love for me.
Lee John Siebritz
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Poems By Poet Lee John Siebritz