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Poems By Poet Lee John Siebritz  7/28/2014 5:30:50 PM
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  Best Poems From
  LEE JOHN SIEBRITZ (12 March 1985)
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Fly Away

It seems only yesterday
That we were playing in the rain
The time ticked so quickly by
And we had to say goodbye
All the dreams we had fell from the sky
So fly away you sweet Butterfly
All the people that watched together
Believe that we would last forever
It was all a ruise
And we ended up being the fools
It's time to move on with our lives
We need to get away from each and all the lies
I hope you find true love somewhere else
What we had was special
But its better left in the past
Goodbye my love
I hope things work out for you
And that you don't get fooled again
So its better left like this and that's end.
Lee John Siebritz




Friends are there
And they care
From the first day at school
Till the last day of varsity
They are their by yourside
To have a best friend
When you are in despair
To play with you, when you are alone
They always make you feel at home
True friends will never leave
They always believe
For you are their friend
Right till the end
When time stops
And there's no one there
You think you all alone in the air
For when you turn your back around
There is all your friends gathered around.
Lee John Siebritz




Inspiration stems from Hard work and perpiration
With dedication and belief
From spiritualisation
To go for the gold
Overcoming any obstacles that holds
With courage and Hope
And to be bold
To pray and to believe
That's how I did it and succeeded
Lee John Siebritz



Leaving Home

I pack my backs
“It’s time to go”
Never has this feeling of joy felt so bold

I am all grown up now
Without mommy and daddy by my side
I can make my own decisions now
I am leaving home

Goodbye to my parents
As they wail seeing the back of me
It’s hard
They hope if they will ever see me
I wonder if I ever want to see them again

Europe will great
It will brighten my mood
It will take all the marks away
That the old regime as left in my way

At least there I’ll be South African
And not clustered in a group
At least I’ll have peace of mind
While I try to recover from remnants of the past

Adulthood, flight
I’ll spread my wings and I’ll overcome my obstacles
It’s time to rise
It is time to fly

Goodbye South Africa
I hope I’ll never see you again!
Lee John Siebritz
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Poems By Poet Lee John Siebritz