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Poems By Poet Lee John Siebritz  12/19/2014 9:44:16 AM
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  LEE JOHN SIEBRITZ (12 March 1985)
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What has happened to you?
Your people are dying
Yet the well-off people say you are doing just fine
That there is change

Yet there are still slaves
What was beautiful is now gone
And we are bearing the consequences of man
All the trees and homes that were destroyed
Won't be recovered and forever be toiled

Will there be ever Peace?
Will there be enough food?
Is there proof that there will be a roof for your children
That does not have a place of fruit to chew

They hurt you
But you will reform
Someday when there is no man and guns washed away by the storm
Africa will heal
That I believe
and your vengeance will destroy all...
Lee John Siebritz




Angels are there when you are in despair
They also there because they care
To guide your soul through the night
And protect you from every fright

When you sleep
Your soul wonders around
Its the angels that protects us from every hound
Angels are not to be feared

But rather to be considered as a white cloud
Rather get down on your knees
And welcome them
They are kind and they are there to deliver a message

A special message from God
And you must listen carefully to the word
To leave everything you bust with and take note
Remmember this is not a joke
Angles are always around

Even when you are down
They are there to help you off the ground
To take you to a special place

A place known as grace
May the Lord look after you and take care of your soul

May they protect you while you sleep, cause
You never know when danger lurks in the dawn.
Lee John Siebritz




Anger is a result of fear
A result of heartache and tears
Anger causes pain
Which in the end will remain

Hidden in the past
It all came out last
For waiting to long
Would cause the suffering to go on

And in the end
Hopefully all the anger will be gone
And forgiving would be granted

To the pain, suffering, tears and fear that they started
Forgetting won't be easy
But in the end you will sleep peacefully
With the comfort of knowing

It is better talking about the problems than any showing
And later on, All will be said and done
The anger and everything else will be over
I'll be by my maker, who will offer me a shoulder
To cry, to scream all the hurt within
Won't solve anything

And in the end to rise, towards the skies
To see the gates
where my Lord Jesus awaits.
Lee John Siebritz



Anytime you need a friend

Anytime you need a friend
I'll be here
To guide you through your fears
Rely on me whenever you in trouble

To save you from the rubble
To be together, forever, till the end of time
I will be that Angel who will guide your soul through the night

To share special occassions
With family, friends and the neighbours
And always know that I won't let you down
I'll be you there to cheer you up like a clown
I'll be your friend right till the end
So never fear ca use I'll always be here.
Lee John Siebritz
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Poems By Poet Lee John Siebritz