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Poems By Poet Lee John Siebritz  11/26/2014 7:30:50 PM
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  Best Poems From
  LEE JOHN SIEBRITZ (12 March 1985)
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A journey From Cape Town to the Cape Flats

On the way to Blouberg
I visit a friend in Camps Bay.
Riding around the Cape Peninsula Area
We have a bird’s eye view of the Cape Point Nature Reserve

I buy some movies in Century City and get stuck in Clifton.
On the route to Constantia
I Smell Fish Hoek
Around the Noordhoek

Near Hout Bay outside Kalk Bay
I rush past Khayelitsha
To the nearest Kirstenbosch,
I visit a friend in Stellenbosch and take a trip back to Ronderbosch

I find a Kommetjie near the Llandudno
I discover the beauty of Muizenberg
I remind myself of a meeting on Robben Island
But first I must get out of Sea Point

I travel via train to Simons Town and admire the slopes on Table Mountain
I meet Victoria Alfred in Waterfront
I hear a taxi guard shouting Gatesville, Athlone, Mowbray, Kaap!
I meet old pals in Lavistown near Elsies River

I visit some technical students in Belhar on the way to Unibel

I move out of Sarepta
And discover the vastness of Bellville
I take two taxis back to Parow
I find myself in Bonteheuwel!
Lee John Siebritz



A Long Winding Road

Since I was born I knew that I had something special
All that needed was direction and skill
It took a long time to get where I am

I went through the harships that made me a man.
All the friends that I had
Left me when I was down
To be devoured by the ground

But I made it and i showed them that I am
This situation has made me stronger than ever

All the madness that went on in my house
Left emotional scars that I could not easily overcome

But I thank the Lord
For the strength, guidance and help
That has shaped me.

And now I know that with my talent I will go far
I know where I came from and I know where I am headed

I am gonna show everyone who downed me
And left me in the gutter.
I'll make a success out of myself
I will glitter under the limelight by the stars
Being watched by the Lord and then Angels above.
Lee John Siebritz




What has happened to you?
Your people are dying
Yet the well-off people say you are doing just fine
That there is change

Yet there are still slaves
What was beautiful is now gone
And we are bearing the consequences of man
All the trees and homes that were destroyed
Won't be recovered and forever be toiled

Will there be ever Peace?
Will there be enough food?
Is there proof that there will be a roof for your children
That does not have a place of fruit to chew

They hurt you
But you will reform
Someday when there is no man and guns washed away by the storm
Africa will heal
That I believe
and your vengeance will destroy all...
Lee John Siebritz




Anger is a result of fear
A result of heartache and tears
Anger causes pain
Which in the end will remain

Hidden in the past
It all came out last
For waiting to long
Would cause the suffering to go on

And in the end
Hopefully all the anger will be gone
And forgiving would be granted

To the pain, suffering, tears and fear that they started
Forgetting won't be easy
But in the end you will sleep peacefully
With the comfort of knowing

It is better talking about the problems than any showing
And later on, All will be said and done
The anger and everything else will be over
I'll be by my maker, who will offer me a shoulder
To cry, to scream all the hurt within
Won't solve anything

And in the end to rise, towards the skies
To see the gates
where my Lord Jesus awaits.
Lee John Siebritz
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Poems By Poet Lee John Siebritz