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Poems By Poet Leigh Ladd  9/22/2014 11:16:09 PM
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Sleep, sleep,
Come my way.
Let me sleep,
So I can start a new day.

Sleep, sleep,
I take my pill.
My mind won't sleep,
Too active with chills.

Sleep, sleep,
Show me how.
What's that, sleep,
How now brown cow?

Sleep, sleep,
My brain is delirious.
Stop playing tricks, sleep,
You're making me furious.
Leigh Ladd



Am I Being Mean?

Hey bitch, this poem is for you.
What's that, you itch?
Gee, I haven't a clue.
Maybe you're allergic to my man's glue.

Hi there whore, how are you these days?
Not too good, well that's too bad.
Could it possibly be your plan
To travel from man to man?

Hello slut, oh sorry, I meant friend.
What do you mean you got nipped in the bud?
I'm guessing here, it's only a hunch,
Was it when I punched you in the gut?
Leigh Ladd



Eight Days And Counting

Eight days and counting,
Walking around in such a haze.
It is funny how I can barely remember,
What had happened these next few days.

The time of year for celebrations,
Family, friends, love and laughter.
No one had the slightest idea,
That it would have come so close to the sweet herefter.

Told of the horror I experienced,
The trauma I thankfully never could feel,
That I had been asleep for so long,
To give my body a chance to heal.

Lucky to be alive,
Or so it has been said,
But after these last few years,
I wonder if I would have been better off dead.

The struggles and the heartache,
Every single day ending in strife.
Whoever it is or whatever it was,
What made me so special to save my life?

I have looked for the clues along the way,
Searching high and peering low.
Every day hoping and hoping,
Only one more day to go.

One more day to find the answer,
Of why I am still here.
Maybe on my last day I will finally know,
It could be tomorrow and that is what I fear.
Leigh Ladd



All We Need

You don't have to say it
Not even a word.
All you need to do
Is show me your world.

I don't want to hear it
If it's not straight from your heart.
All I need is to feel
Let you make your mark.

You don't have to show it
In grandiose ways.
All you need to show
Is that you will be with me for all days.

I don't want to see it
Unless it's absolutely true.
All I need to know inside
Is that you love me too.
Leigh Ladd

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Poems By Poet Leigh Ladd