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Poems By Poet Leigh Ladd  7/24/2016 11:16:09 PM
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Sleep, sleep,
Come my way.
Let me sleep,
So I can start a new day.

Sleep, sleep,
I take my pill.
My mind won't sleep,
Too active with chills.

Sleep, sleep,
Show me how.
What's that, sleep,
How now brown cow?

Sleep, sleep,
My brain is delirious.
Stop playing tricks, sleep,
You're making me furious.
Leigh Ladd



I Told You So

I told you this would happen,
You had better watch your step.
But I wasn't good enough,
And now with what are you left?

The right decisions are hard to come by,
You screw up more than once.
But when someone gives you a word of caution,
You shouldn't throw them a one-two punch.

I really didn't want to have to say it,
Because I hate it when people tell me.
But if you had payed more attention,
You would have seen what I could see.

Now you are left all by yourself,
The world won't toss you a bone.
But if you hadn't acted so high and mighty,
You wouldn't had been knocked off your throne.
Leigh Ladd



Stone Wall

I lost my grasp
On all that I restricted.
Misplacing control over my thoughts and feelings,
Now everyone knows too much.

The stone wall that protects me,
It cracked one day.
I tried to patch the flaw,
But my world got easier to manipulate.

I feel shameful,
Letting the gaps in my wall get bigger,
Opening my entrails
For the world to set their eyes on.

'The less you say, the less you feel,
The less you show to others,
Less the chance to be hurt.'
That was always the motto.

Now I take inventory,
Of all the emotions I let out.
Gather them one by one,
Take back all that everyone knows.

Grabbing more stone and mortar
I place emotions back where they belong,
Restoring the wall that had shattered,
A creation impossible to destroy.
Leigh Ladd



The Best Of Me

You brought out the best in me,
Things I didn't know I had.
You brought that smile,
I had lost it for awhile.

You showed me how to stand strong,
Let my feelings out.
Allow others in,
Helped exposed who I really am.

My body is not the best,
But to you it didn't matter.
What was inside,
That made your heart patter.

Then I did a bad thing,
I took your advice.
I smiled a bit too long,
Forgot about my body.

I stood strong and felt comfortable,
Disclosed my feelings.
Forgot about my body.
I let too many in,
Now I feel I have sinned.

I should have kept everything to myself,
For this would have never happened.
Loving was a way to get through,
Now alone, I don't know what I will do.

The best of me has gone away,
Maybe one day I'll find it again.
One thing is for sure,
It will only be my heart that patters.
Leigh Ladd

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Poems By Poet Leigh Ladd