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Poems By Poet Leslie Briggs  5/28/2016 2:52:29 PM
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  Best Poems From
  LESLIE BRIGGS (6-16-95)

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Cry Havoc

See the people run for shelter,
Notice embers, fire, smoke,
Children crying, Women screaming,
People coughing, hear them choke,
Cry, 'Havoc! ' and let slip the dogs of war,
As tranquility is no more.

Watch buildings tumble to the ground,
Feel the smoke engulfing us,
Note the embers in your eyes,
This city would be infamous,
Cry, 'Havoc! ' and let slip the dogs of war,
As tranquility is no more.

Running from the burning structures,
Kicking up dust a lone rock slips,
Not aware of this rock,
It hits you and you trip,
Cry, 'Havoc! ' and let slip the dogs of war,
As tranquility is no more.

You cry for help,
But no one hears,
They all keep running even me,
Ringing in your ears shouts of fear,
Cry, 'Havoc! ' and let slip the dogs of war,
As tranquility is no more.

Embers fall upon your back,
Cry, 'Havoc! ' and let slip the dogs of war,
You feel the pain but ignore it,
As tranquility is no more.

(June 5,2008)
Leslie Briggs




Flip-flops, flip-flops, from where have you come?
From the beach, or the zoo, maybe even from Guam?
Tell me your stories; I’d like to hear these,
Have you walked to a shop for a ham sandwich with cheese?

Flip-flops, flip-flops, now where will you go?
To London or France, maybe even Cairo?
You and me, will explore in the rain,
While walking through sand on the coast of Spain.

Flip-flops, flip-flops, you’re now old and worn,
Your color has faded; your foam has been torn,
I’ve seen all your stories, its time to go.
Remember dear flip-flops, I love you so.

(September 17,2007)
Leslie Briggs



Diamond Girl

F - ierce
I - ntegrity
G - ladiator
H - ero
T - rooper
E - rotic
R - ecruit

(June 8th,2008)
Leslie Briggs



Here's To My Friends

The greatest friends are hardest to find,
They give you advice and peace of mind.

Here's to my friend Andrea. She's my girl and she knows it. She's always been there for me and won't ever let me down. We fight sometimes but we know were the kind who are friends until we die.

Here's to my friend Christopher. He's amazing! He's like the brother I never had and nothing can change that. And though you didn't want to be here, I put you here because I love you. And if I didn't you'd get all sad and you know it.

Here's to my friend Jacquelyn. She's hilarious but a bit of a spaz. That's exactly why I love her. If she weren't here I might die.

Here's to my friend Haley. She's a fighter. She misses out only lots of things because she's allergic to almost everything. But that's okay because she's cooler than Chris.

Here's to all my friends for they've always loved me and I'll always love them. So, without them I'd be a hopeless wreck. And the same to all of you, cherish all your friendships because for some there are very few.

(June 3,2008)
Leslie Briggs

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Poems By Poet Leslie Briggs