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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  11/26/2014 5:07:00 AM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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A regret

Broken to millions of  parts 
Life is reckless and miss understood  
Time dont wait for you to make things right
You ether make it right or leave it be 
Let your mistake remain a regret 

Show your loved ones you love them today 
Don't wait till it's to late
Don't give them a reason to doubt on how you feel for them 
Show them how amazing they make your life
Don't hide your heart in unreachable places 
Don't keep your life hidden from anyone 
Show them you got everything you could ever have
You got what you need 
Your family is all you need even the hardest of times they are all you need
Show the world your not scared 
That you can face anything this world throws at you 
Be all you can be and remain happy with even the smallest of things 

Things don't always go as planed 
Travel the world and. Be what your enemy told you  that you could never be 
Become Your Own Person 
Take control or regret not doing what you want to.......
Lisa Bray



Deep death

The death of my soul I am fallen to you I am slowly taken over by you
My soul screams loud to this world
My heart screams Run
My body can move I'm under your spell
Frozen on place I began a new life of your spell
If you wish it
It shall be
My death is for me an my soul
When your not looking I jab the dagger in my heart
The keeper of my soul
My body shall parishn ull sufer for enternity
Lisa Bray



Left behind

Left behind in the brightness n fire burning bright
Do not run I hear in the light
Take the chance an break away I heard from the shadows
The darkness called my heart an my soul
I told myself that one day I'll break these chins n breakaway
Following no one leaven this place
Finding my place in the after life
In the flames is wings flaping with horror strangth
The man stood in front of me inside the fire
Be calm my love he whispers to me
My demon hafe is fallen to your strangths in heart n soul body n mind
We are here to save you love
My eyes could not beileve what I was seeing a man of horror strangth an beauty
His Wings so big his eyes so wild they call to me an my soul
The taest of blood on my lips an the point of my fangs pulled me to break away out of the bright flaming place
With a wild tug on my chains I broke them out of the light thru the fire I Run to him
He holds me as the. Bloody tears fall from my red eyes
My long curly hair wild n free once looking dead n black now n the sun light brown
My wings dark red with white fethers matching my ripped up dress
Together we break away out of the light in to the shadows we walk till the end
Lisa Bray



No longer mine

Blood falls from my gains 
Once warm now cold
My life is slowly drained from me
Pain is all I feel 
Suffering is all I can do 

My vision slowly turns to darkness 
My world turns into a nightmare 
My life is ending and it had barely began
How could this be my life was wasted

Little by little my life was no longer mine 

Darkness is all that I can see now 
I can no longer draw air into my lungs 
My heart don't beat it's song anymore 

My life is no longer mine
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray