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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  12/19/2014 6:48:45 PM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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tear's of pain tear's of death(more of a story then a poem)

i'm sorry i dont know what had happen.
love are you ok?
........after 5 Min's he realizes she's not going to wake up..
the tear's of pain and death stream down his face as he thinks...
he notice that there was a letter under the table.
the letter said goodbye my love I'm leaving this world to night..
then he goes to the back bed room where she had all ways laid down her head.
he got a sharp blade.going into the deeps of hell he cut away the memory of her and the life he had be for he got in to a trubbled clan of gangstas.
he knows he has done wrong and the only way out is to die as he deeply cutes in to his vines.
he looks over and sees that a little girl was standing there in the hall with a little bear he stopped cutting and got a bandage for his arms and put her to bed he called the cops and finished his bloody-death when he heard them pull up in the cars.he had killed him self not even regarding any thing.
he knew even if he lived he would not be with his 3 year old daughter.
he would be prisoned for his crimes and he would but in pain for nothing but the death of his wife.
17 years later his daughter had been killed after having birth to her son Leo.
the father was at war and the child had no wheres to go but to a strangers arms.

by lisa bray
Lisa Bray



withen time

within time i see the ruths in life.
most still seek the truth an only finds lies.
covering over the truth an creating its own barrier.
our lives are planed out through out our history.
my wwish was to leave my schooling behind but when i did i realized how bmuch school had impackted my life on its own.
Lisa Bray




falling into a death of fire an ice leaving me with nothing but your shadow.
everyday i chase after you only to find nothing.
you left me blind like a dog without anything to live for anymore
breathless in the neon night only the moon light flows through my soul
keeping me moving forward to your love.
im waiting for your scent to flow throw my heart.
so i can find you an love you like i want to love you
when your around me im always chearfull when your gone im sad and gloomy please come home to me. ~LISA~
Lisa Bray



1 hard goodbye

sweetness is an addiction that's not always a good thing.
time is hard on a person and their spirit.
love comes to them through out their journey and helps guide them.
keeping them safe and loved.
giving them hope and never allowing them to get hurt gives them life...
sometimes the sweetness becomes a need a need that can be deadly to the loved on.
jealously can come in many forms...
they can cause one to bring harm to a lover...
taking over fear into anger...
pain and death of a miserable ending could become from jealously..

sometimes if you love some one you hav to say goodbye for both of your wellbeings...
lb 8-19-2011 109am: /
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray