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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  10/31/2014 5:47:42 PM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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alone in the dark

im here in this dark room wishing you were here and that i could hold you in my arms.
i want to feel the heat off of your body.
i want to feel the touch of your hand.
i want to know you fears and you deepest secrets.
but here i am alone in this dark room.
with the memoerys you left with me on that cold night on st.avn.
the words we spoke was words of the pain.
the looks we sheard was a call for help.
you held me close one time before you left that night.
but we both knew deep down it would only be the last.
for your famliy didnt want you around me.
and my family didnt want me around you.
but my wish on my sexteenth birthday was...
that i could have you in my arms.
so tonight i wright and with god i hope.
that i can close my eyes and wake up to your sweet smile.
in the risen sun shine.

to some one i love even if they dont know it yet: ]
Lisa Bray



break down on her way

i sleep at night and dream of you coming back to me i love you
i wish i could help you some how im not sure how
it is my fault
all i know is that your gone to place ill never be i love you your the best i hope you return to my arms again soon love Lisa bray and Kristina Knapp

its not u i dont even trust my family bc the one i did trust the most let me down big time she was my hero but she turnd out to be what i look in the mirror and hate what i see that makes me not trust
Lisa Bray



broken under presher the wolf of the creaters fangs :)

fire burns withen my soul
thirsting for your blood
killing your dreams and your familys memory's of a normal human life.
taking your life is my soul's fire and my hearts blood.
watching you as and keeping you in pain.
i take my toung and slowly move it around my lips.
my fangs grow and my fur stans on tip.
my lips are pulled up by my up lip musels.
i grawl with an endless 'Grrrrrr'
i jump you scream and i pounce on your throught ripping your fleash.
you are in pain and i dont feel athing.
your life is gone you cant scream you cant feel.
you use to be my love keeping me alive i this big world.
but you broken my heart so i broken your fleash good bye my love.

ppl i hate and they broken my heart
charles persinger.
chris raver.
..............> to be countenued
Lisa Bray



DEMONS DUST! (story)

time flies when you have fun but time stops when to much fun.
but demon zio have a time of him life be for death!
with the humans he played a game.
that he called demons dust.
object of the game is to survive.
reward strength of hell....
at age 21 zio was known best as bobby.n. jones
he had 01 friends named emily, zack, josh, ryan, lisa, sarah, tyler, kristina, jessi, jossie, angel.
his friends all where the same age as he.
they went on a trip to Black Mamba.
what his friend's did not know was Black Mamba was an old indian camp site.
where millions where slaughtered for strength and youth.
that every one who goes there gets killed only one will make it out alive.
one by one gets sloterd and bobby did not care for he was the one who killed them.as picked them off one by one by one.
he became stronger and more hungry for the blood of the weak.
he got down to one person it was ryan.
ryan was face to face with the killer of his friends and love one's
bobby was close to his agreement with the demon of hell.
but ryan was so disturbed to not realize what type of man the beat is and he was disturbed how his friends where one bye one picked off like animals.
what bobby did not know is that ryan was a great god of the heavens.
he was a son of a war god named hellrazor.
ryan did not know his self he knew some thing was within his soul but he did not know what.
and he knows hes not going to die here and now.

to hear more go to part to war of zion!
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray