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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  7/28/2014 1:26:41 PM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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1 she called you where were u when she called

as the mist rolls across the street we see her shes calling for her love
looking looking for the key to her chains no one knows who she is Elizabeth hellsting my great aunt high up on the cross we watch her weep for her sins
look at the ones you have lost in the past she said
i looked at my past her eyes widen when she seen the blue glow my eyes had turn to then rapidly they changed to a bloody red and then to a multi-color
at one point i asked her whats wrong she said you the key you have power beyond the known now please release me from my chains
i looked at her and said dear Elizabeth u have been freed all along you could have left long ago
she looked at me and yelled

i jerked she looked talking to me thank you so much Alice you have freed me
my child you have freed me so i must tell you be for i go
at last i can be with the ones with i love so much
she said Alice you are the key don't miss use your power dont let any one know of it for when you die you wont go to hell nor heaven my child
you have to unlock your own Paradise
we will soon join you when you find our Paradise
my child call on me and our family when you need
we are the black dog in your dreams.
the demons are the snakes
and your sins are the man
the stranger is your soon to be fears and sins of hells greed for our Paradise dream my child we r with u
Lisa Bray



A live no one trust for me

as i sit here in the darkness of my home.
im deep into thought for im now a dropp out.
im being put down for trying something no one else has.
they yell at me my spirit an heart becomes cold an heard.
my tears fall as they put me down.
cant they trust me that i know what im doing?
is my life always going to be controled by them?
why do they do this to me.
i fall to the floor an my tears fall faster an faster with each beat in my heart.
i try to hide my hurt heart but it shows like the lie im living.
my world is going black tonight.
for i will not awake in the morning.
i have disappointed my family.
branging shame to this home.
tonight i cry alone with no one to hold.
the one i loved the one i let into my soul abaondoned me like i was trash.
even now i love him i miss him so.
i wanted to give him everything i had to offer.
my heart body an spirit.
my blood with fall to the ground stainging the floor.
no one screams or crys the watch as my body slowly dies.
no on trys to show they care i lay there with my soul being sucked out of me.never to return.
Lisa Bray



A regret

Broken to millions of  parts 
Life is reckless and miss understood  
Time dont wait for you to make things right
You ether make it right or leave it be 
Let your mistake remain a regret 

Show your loved ones you love them today 
Don't wait till it's to late
Don't give them a reason to doubt on how you feel for them 
Show them how amazing they make your life
Don't hide your heart in unreachable places 
Don't keep your life hidden from anyone 
Show them you got everything you could ever have
You got what you need 
Your family is all you need even the hardest of times they are all you need
Show the world your not scared 
That you can face anything this world throws at you 
Be all you can be and remain happy with even the smallest of things 

Things don't always go as planed 
Travel the world and. Be what your enemy told you  that you could never be 
Become Your Own Person 
Take control or regret not doing what you want to.......
Lisa Bray



alone in the dark

im here in this dark room wishing you were here and that i could hold you in my arms.
i want to feel the heat off of your body.
i want to feel the touch of your hand.
i want to know you fears and you deepest secrets.
but here i am alone in this dark room.
with the memoerys you left with me on that cold night on st.avn.
the words we spoke was words of the pain.
the looks we sheard was a call for help.
you held me close one time before you left that night.
but we both knew deep down it would only be the last.
for your famliy didnt want you around me.
and my family didnt want me around you.
but my wish on my sexteenth birthday was...
that i could have you in my arms.
so tonight i wright and with god i hope.
that i can close my eyes and wake up to your sweet smile.
in the risen sun shine.

to some one i love even if they dont know it yet: ]
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray