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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  9/30/2014 10:57:28 PM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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blue angel in the deep forest of ryu wolf of the lost and abanden

i have a dream were one's you call blood suckers have wings made of white satin feather's.
the leader of a group with three members named 3lizabeth hellsting.
she has the biggest whites wings to ever be seen of them all.
she fly's in the night alone looking for the one she lost long ago.
(blue satin wings in the night sky)
she fly's in the blue night with only the moon as her guide.
she came to a pure blue water deep in the woods.
were the sky is black as the the sea and the moon it white as her wings brighter then the pure white snow that falls late December.
she spreads her wings an hovers over the water.
The moon shining on her velvet skin.
Only one sees the sorrow on 3lizabeths face.
a wolf named ryu seeing her above the water with her wings made him feel sad too.
being so far down on the ground there he sang a tone of sorrow slowly calling for the angel above the water.
others hear the lonely wolf ryu.
a pack of wolfs come to see whats the sorrow is about.
they come to see a beautiful women around late teens with a soul pure and untainted with evil.
she had a blue glow out lining every piece of her beautiful body.
with her pure soul she sang a tone of sorrow in her voice she sang.
her dream to fly with the angel she once loved.
his blue eyes and dark brown hair so dark it shined black in the blue moon night lit sky.with in the twilight she knows.
she will never return to her love for she is hells toy and she wished she could return to her home in heavens love heart to hold her closely so he will be safe again
Lisa Bray



Forgoten ... Sisterhood

the feeling is sad to think about
we use to be together unseperable now never together
we have forgoten the times of happyness we had together
how we use to laugh so hard we cried for hours
when we need one another we'd walk through hells fire if it was required.
we can't look at eachother for tolong without fighting
staying in one house is impossible
helping one another isnt even asked of each other
why was our bond borken?
a sister hood so great that it was over rated for most to stand.
now its nothing you never come around and i could care less of it
sometimes i miss the old times when we could laugh together
maybe we will one day wake up and our bond will be renewed once more
and our love stronge as it once was years ago
till then.
let's try our best?
Lisa Bray



in the dark he waits for her to come for him

i have waited a long time to see this sight
the one who seeked me and my black stalen
he looked at me with hungery eyes he wanted to be love for he has been unloved for to long
i was like him my life has been hared on me and my stalen
he asked me to walk with him and talk with him to his hearts contempt
i told him ill walk with him
as we walked with himme and the blackest stalen in the dark moon light nights
he asked me why im still hangen with him with hope and dout in his eyes he waited for a anwser
i looked down as i felt the bluching flowt to my face my eyes where wet when i realized i have started to cry i little he saked me what was wrong i said its becouse i love you dearly and i need you to stay by my side i dont want to lose you for i have just found you and your powerful blue eyes drug me out of the dark.

*i love you soo much i cant just stop *
life has fire and ice i guess i got the fire
for my heart is scared and you heart is clod with
anwsers in your eye i have let you go love ya: P
Lisa Bray



The sun is my friend....

The sun.....
The sun is my friend also warm....
Heating the earth and me....

The sun is my friend....
Also bright Showing my way through the day....
The sun is mystical....
Shining Down on the World...

Keeping the World alive....
Where would we be without the Sun? .....
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray