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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  7/24/2016 1:27:18 PM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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Deep Death

The death of my soul I am fallen to you I am slowly taken over by you
My soul screams loud to this world
My heart screams Run
My body can move I'm under your spell
Frozen on place I began a new life of your spell
If you wish it
It shall be
My death is for me an my soul
When your not looking I jab the dagger in my heart
The keeper of my soul
My body shall parishn ull sufer for enternity
Lisa Bray



Forgoten ... Sisterhood

the feeling is sad to think about
we use to be together unseperable now never together
we have forgoten the times of happyness we had together
how we use to laugh so hard we cried for hours
when we need one another we'd walk through hells fire if it was required.
we can't look at eachother for tolong without fighting
staying in one house is impossible
helping one another isnt even asked of each other
why was our bond borken?
a sister hood so great that it was over rated for most to stand.
now its nothing you never come around and i could care less of it
sometimes i miss the old times when we could laugh together
maybe we will one day wake up and our bond will be renewed once more
and our love stronge as it once was years ago
till then.
let's try our best?
Lisa Bray



I'M Home To Stay Forever!

i will not let this happen I'm not going to die like this locked up in this cage forst to kill the innocent.
for-st to burn and be come immortal.
as the venom goes through my blood I'm wishing i was never born.
i know ill never see my family again i guess wrong.i woke up with a burning itchy feeling in my throw.
i look over they are 2 men standing next to me asking if i was all right.
the erg to get up and kill them was so strong.
i barely ran past them to leave and get an deer of some sort.
after ate i came across my home i looked at it then i flow to the window of my room!
slipped into my old room i was on my bed with headphones on thinking if i should come home or leave before someone found out about the new me.
i was listen to my mom talk to some men and i heard a weak women sounding scared i heard the men yell at her that was it! ! !
i had decided that I'm home!
i walked out of my room into the live room and looked at the men they act as if they had seen a ghost.
my mom had a look up with worried face as if she had seen the dead walk again.
i smiled showing teeth that are very sharp.truthfully i was get hungry...
i walked to men and said come in i need to have a word with you about how to treat my family better yet my mother.
with worried eye and unmovable lips they walked in.
my mom asked me one thing what am i.
that scared me i just told her 'i am your daughter and I'm your worst fear but your life 'and walked to the men i told them to set or die! !
i told them that they are in my world and they crossed the line when they yelled at my mother. i tied one up in my room the other i took for walk!
we were out of sight in the woods my hunger got the best of me *hehe*
after my dinner i went home and yelled at the other man i asked him he name his said ryan is thy name.
i told him we live but he'll be in my shoe's.and among my kind he will be by my side or die in vain for thee has no soul.
i leand over and bit him on the neck it was hard to stop and not kill him i pushed the uncashes boy out the window and hid him in a cave up behind my home my mom asked me if i needed any thing i told her i wanted some food
Lisa Bray



Left Behind

Left behind in the brightness n fire burning bright
Do not run I hear in the light
Take the chance an break away I heard from the shadows
The darkness called my heart an my soul
I told myself that one day I'll break these chins n breakaway
Following no one leaven this place
Finding my place in the after life
In the flames is wings flaping with horror strangth
The man stood in front of me inside the fire
Be calm my love he whispers to me
My demon hafe is fallen to your strangths in heart n soul body n mind
We are here to save you love
My eyes could not beileve what I was seeing a man of horror strangth an beauty
His Wings so big his eyes so wild they call to me an my soul
The taest of blood on my lips an the point of my fangs pulled me to break away out of the bright flaming place
With a wild tug on my chains I broke them out of the light thru the fire I Run to him
He holds me as the. Bloody tears fall from my red eyes
My long curly hair wild n free once looking dead n black now n the sun light brown
My wings dark red with white fethers matching my ripped up dress
Together we break away out of the light in to the shadows we walk till the end
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray