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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  8/29/2014 7:13:21 AM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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riding on the black horse

The black horse haunts me every day i breath.
i see my reflection with in the deep dark soul of his hate for human kind.
he looks at me like im one of his kind.
he wants me to ride on him and fly above the odds.
i run with all my might to keep up with him.
i did not see this coming i have ran from my home.
to what i feared most the love of a man.
he looked at my like my reflection showed the day i found the black horse.
the man showed my my past and he helped my find my way to my pack.
he showed me ' that my heart needs to open back up and well come all to see what i see.
i found my love thanks to the black horse we forever ride on the shadows and above the light i cant see why i did not want to be within my powers.
not agents them my love is deep
but my hate is deeper.
my mom im coming home with my pack.
i love you so and my family my pack and me with protect you until we are dead and gone.
the lighting strikes and our blood falls to the ground like red paint uncared for
i run and fight off you demons as my pack and his clan falls with out hesitation but me my strength comes fro m you as long as Ur here ill fight until my bones are dust in the wind flowing with each shifting of the wind
as long as you her ill shine with the night sun hopping i get to tell those 3 words once again my love
i will dance with the devil of your path way home
until your home your going to be protected by the black horse of darkness my love.
you are the light you must go on.
i love you i need you to move on and go forth to our god pray for my sins my love for im not coming home to night
i might fall tonight fall harder then pained i need you to fly high in the sky fallow the light don't do wrong for i have and look at me
i don't care for my self any more i want you to fly above all the demon who wanted you dead my love i have danced with the devil for you so fly home my love i need you to do that for me you are my strength and i will fight until i get to come home love love
i will be home soon don't worry
im glad i was your savior because you have saved me so many times your more then a savior my love
Lisa Bray



A New World

Hello I M. here to tell you the story a story that you will not believe. One when I was asleep returning to a world this world be of everything. Where the light is the darkness we are in pain but this world is filled with happiness and but we all have different lives to live and dreams to dream wolves run wild and free eating anything they crave killing what they wish to kill together and me an my wolves rule over America waiting for our King to arrive till he arrives we will cast pain over the nation America criminal's will pay for their sin's my mighty fangs will rip the skin and flesh from the bones leaving nothing up on the ground in the cold you'll see the blood stained snow by Elizabeth Hellsting a new beginning will arise from the ashes of the pride within the wolves. Spirit leaving humans defenseless in the darkness of my soul flames will send pain and fear into their bones and they shall perish in the deepest and darkest parts of hell burning for eternity never to be saved a savior because my soul will devour all of them to forever be in pain Lisa B. I'll be in your night mares tonight that promise I can keep this source is anonymous
Lisa Bray



a way of life ghost of 3lizabeth&her lost lover

deep in my vain's Ur love stayed even thought you left my hanging on to a memory.
you never told me why you left just that you had to go that you cant be here with me any more.
some times i wounder if i did something or did you find some other girl better then me.
was she pretty?
dose she look better then me i guess the world looks better then me for the truth.
i know im not that pretty but i can take care of you when you need it i can love you like no other can.
my love remains with you my love i need you
but i can just move on i guess scents you don't need me i guess i really don't have a chose.
just remember i love you.
and my soul calls for you with my heart you hold the key to my love and my strengths
tonight in the twilight sky i search for my new lover i walk down the road to the moon i see your face.
i smile thinking its silly to want some one who wants more
i dont blame you i hate my self for my looks every day even back then.
the man im searching for now i hope loves me like you did for i miss your kisses.
and how you held me close when the thunder rolled and the lighting crossed the sky every night.
you always had my hand even when our home had burnt down in the beginning.
i miss you i wish you where hear.
the blue lady visited last night she told me you have wings now and your with the once we lost in the past.
she had the look on her face my love what did she mean?
every one in my past had died?
love are you ok?
whats going on?
she said you left to keep me safe why did you leave?
2 hours after her ram page of thoughts
a police officer came to the door and asked for me he told me you were killed?
how why my love?
i cant live without you not when you dead?
never seeing you?
3days later
as i watched you be put in the ground i had told my self its ok ill be with you soon.
1hour later a call to the police was made.
199 emergency how may i help you?
my friend she has been shot?
hold on where are you?
what happen?
im now sure what happen we are at 1013 witched rd belle WV.
hurry shes not breathing.
i need help (the women cry's uncontrollable)
20mins latter a ambulance picked the girl up she was barely breathing.
the took her to the hospital and went right to work.
an hour latter
the 19 year old girl died and she and her lover was not the only one murdered that cold long year over 200 couples where murmured at random targets.
the killers where never arrested for the crimes but every year family's gather to mourn for the lost souls of the pure.

by Lisa Lynn bray
this could happen again don't be fooled this is a real problem today those people are still out there and 3lizabeth is not gone yet her and her lover now walk together around there old home wanting revenge for there murder.
Lisa Bray



becaused you loved me

look deep in to my eyes tell me what u see pain or a bloodly bath of the lost souls stolen by my blind hate
look my child watch as i slowly die in a mist of changes and fire burning in a long run
we slowly move to the dark as i move in to the darkness of the devil
sliping into a deep slumber
a slumber of no return
now in slippng in to the darkness falling to the deep depts that call forth my soul of heart aches and pain that i have hadall my life and i can never retrnd.

i hear a mans voice calling me to rise once again to walk the earth.
but what the voice dose not know is im longing for you to hold my my loving chris
i need you too come to my and tell me you love me and you always will be with me
i wount be the girl who gets to fly up to heaven and talk to god and his son who gave him life for my own.
i cry every night wishing you were hear with me my luve.

six weeks after the voice of the devil

baby im not going to wake for t his devil only you can wakeme from my lumber of hell.

chris is that you?
love is it really you?
you fly down with your white wings and a glow og heaven around your and you len down to me oicking me up out of the darkness you tell me you love me.
you hold me close to your chest and you brang me from the darkness and take me into the light.
you tell me that the devil is now weak and the gods have him down now we need to hurry and get to the heavens before the devil becomes strong.
together we fly to heaven and together we we talk to god and him son.
they told me that you would not come to heaven with me because you loved me.

i love you
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray