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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  1/31/2015 7:06:25 AM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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broken under presher the wolf of the creaters fangs :)

fire burns withen my soul
thirsting for your blood
killing your dreams and your familys memory's of a normal human life.
taking your life is my soul's fire and my hearts blood.
watching you as and keeping you in pain.
i take my toung and slowly move it around my lips.
my fangs grow and my fur stans on tip.
my lips are pulled up by my up lip musels.
i grawl with an endless 'Grrrrrr'
i jump you scream and i pounce on your throught ripping your fleash.
you are in pain and i dont feel athing.
your life is gone you cant scream you cant feel.
you use to be my love keeping me alive i this big world.
but you broken my heart so i broken your fleash good bye my love.

ppl i hate and they broken my heart
charles persinger.
chris raver.
..............> to be countenued
Lisa Bray



deep cuts and lost love

you cut me deep
leaving me to bleed
I'm slowly dieing
so now my family's crying: (
now you realize what you have done
so you take Ur own life because you know with that sin you cant live with out me
when i felt your pain i finished my thing!
i got my blades and sliced deep in to my veins i watched as the blood went running down my arms and hands into the water
my family finds me and we got put to rest at the same time same day!
Lisa Bray



hidden lies

the night sky so dark just as the blacken sky,
together we fly high in the sky the cold wind wipping around us in the night
we seek the truth but only find more lies in the days light.
wishing for a bright night we will never find the truth which lys beneth our lives we cry for the we know had died.
we fight for the once we love to the night of the kingdom lies
we seek the truth to find more hidend lies
Lisa Bray



i will cry tonight

tonight i will cry for my sins.
for i love someone so sweet.
i have the family most don't even have.
ill cry for what i don't have
i don't have my father standing beside me.
i don't have a best friend to tell goodbye when i die.
i don't have a child to stand bye my side just yet any ways.lol
ill cry for the ones that r gone.
ill cry for the one who died in war
the ones who are lost in hell
for Little Kelly who's family murdered and put in the river to never be found.
ill cry for every reason i can find in the world.
ill cry just by being happy to hear the ppl at war r coming home to us.
we will cry at the welcome home party's we will rise in a party of sorrow
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray