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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  9/2/2014 6:33:39 AM
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  Best Poems From
  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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No longer mine

Blood falls from my gains 
Once warm now cold
My life is slowly drained from me
Pain is all I feel 
Suffering is all I can do 

My vision slowly turns to darkness 
My world turns into a nightmare 
My life is ending and it had barely began
How could this be my life was wasted

Little by little my life was no longer mine 

Darkness is all that I can see now 
I can no longer draw air into my lungs 
My heart don't beat it's song anymore 

My life is no longer mine
Lisa Bray



normal not lol

racing time racing faith showing the gods whats wrong and whats right we are here to prove them wrong me and my black stalen
we march one by one falling like flys we march the pain in our throught for they are so dry
but that dose not stop us proving the wrong aginst all odds
our horses racing across the sand and the time we wast is leting the devil catch up with us we run fighting with all our power and wisedom
we are stronge stronger then normal humans
Lisa Bray



o, my child

i see black walls
they are crushing down on me
i feel the emptyness
i see nuthen i sight
the world as i knew it is gone
they crushed it into darkness
i can hear the crys of our familys they are in pain
but i stand my ground my heart beating away
so i wait for you my love to save me from this life i live
to change my ways and save the human race
we are dying yes shall we fight yes
fight to the grave fight out the the heavens
dont let them win watch my back and ill watch yours
i see an light floting to our sides its him the one who saved us and created us
the one who started it all
hes in books on tv and we love him and worship him dearly
you dropp to your knees and began to look at the ground
but me i stand there then slowly walk to him and hold him
to see if this was real or not.
he holds me and looks down with a smile of love and care in his eyes
he begans to speak
my child o, my child please for give your father he has fail you
then he looks around pulling up his cane and slaming it into the ground and he shouted.
after that all i rember is waking up in a bed to you my love pleas ehold me like our lord did.
please tell me you know what happen that night
please tell me its not just me.

Lisa Bray



only one key!

its so dark and cold in my dreams some times i feel regret in the fears i hold within my wounded heart.
im unable to heal for the key is no longer mine to have.
only one key out of many keys can heal this wounded heart of mine.
i asked god for help to heal my heart once more and keep it heal.
he told me you are the key my love.
please come and lets go high in the sky and heal without and problems to deal with.
no pain no one to harm us.
just me and you loving each other forever.
we will have the children you dream of.
i will give you all my time if you will come my love.

i love you more then any thing in this world!
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray