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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  5/25/2016 9:52:46 AM
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  Best Poems From
  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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Only One Key!

its so dark and cold in my dreams some times i feel regret in the fears i hold within my wounded heart.
im unable to heal for the key is no longer mine to have.
only one key out of many keys can heal this wounded heart of mine.
i asked god for help to heal my heart once more and keep it heal.
he told me you are the key my love.
please come and lets go high in the sky and heal without and problems to deal with.
no pain no one to harm us.
just me and you loving each other forever.
we will have the children you dream of.
i will give you all my time if you will come my love.

i love you more then any thing in this world!
Lisa Bray




losing feelings for the past..
realizing theres more i look around the darkest of shadows.
trying to break the chains the had bound me he for so long.
with each tug more and more pain is inflicted on my skin.
The pain was not as bad as you'd think it would be..
but the fact of change of heart and soul changed a person like me.
after years lingering in the shadows with hate with in my heart.
i am so close to freedom of my hate and these shadows.
the thought sent tears to my eyes.
Still these chains will break and when they do..
I will trade me horns in for a set of wings and a halo.
i will beg for forgiveness for i have wondered away from the light.
i know i will pay the price for having such hate against everything.
Everything that made me who i am.
i had you'd my past as a reason to not face the change.
yes change hurts sometimes you don't realize how something has changed.
everything changes for better or worse...
For me my change is for the better of all of us.
My hate was too strong i couldn't fight it by myself.
One person gave me the strength to fight inner demons and come out of the hell i was in.
He showed me that my past was just another step to what is ment to be for me.
He showed me the was more then hate.
But there was love. he showed the love i couldnt find in the past.
Lisa Bray



Power Of Hellsting Book 2 (Sneek Peek) Copy An Die!

When I got to the tree that the branch broke from I saw it the two-tailed wolf.
His fur so black you would believe he’s not real but his eyes so golden you think you hit jackpot.
With those eyes even Lisa can lose her very life. The strength this wolf withheld was so powerful.
My heart beat without fear but with hate. Lisa always loved wolves then this one came to me she seemed to be here to help me.
But her eyes remind me of Lisa’s face. With wet eyes as she sleeps a scream when she awakes.
Tears fall from my eyes knowing deep in my heart that my heart is cold.
But my spirit is free to be me had given me my world of hate an love even confusion.
My child the wolf speaks to me. When is she I cant pick up her sent what I can pick up is old.
The night wind blew across my face. And the search has began.


Tonight the rain is falling just like the night I lost her the first time. The thunder is roaring at my feet.
The ground is shacking. My cold heart is beating fast and fearlessly.
My screams of there names are so cold but worried.
LISA…..ZACH ….BLUE Lisa…Zach ….Blue
The more I yelled the louder my voice rang to the area around me.
The trees are thin but hard to get there for my heart once fearless are now scared to see that night here again..
Lisa Bray




i run
i run from the lies
i face my past
i face my pain
i face the truth
we run
we run from the lies
we face our past
we face our pain
we face the truth
u run
u run from the lies
u face your past
u face your pain
u face the truth
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray