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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  7/26/2016 7:09:30 AM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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What I Stand For

look my child o'child of mine
look at life its self tell me what you see
look my child what have you done in your life you wish you could undo but deep down know you cant change what has happen in your past.
look deep down my child what do you hold on to in life that you cant live without?
is it your family your friends or is it your own pride?
dose that get caught into your life alot?
my child take a step back for just a min.
look out your windows and tell me what do you see?
can you see the tree swaying back and forth or side to side?
in life you cant see where the corners are coming
i want to tell you this my child so you can find your fears
my child deft your fears
i dont want you to fail me
i want you live your life free and wise
i want you to know what is real
and what is not real
watch me my child fallow my footsteps
now show me what you have
look forwarth to life
show those haters what you got
dont let anyone tell you that you have no power over you self
because you do just beilve
Lisa Bray



Withen Time

within time i see the ruths in life.
most still seek the truth an only finds lies.
covering over the truth an creating its own barrier.
our lives are planed out through out our history.
my wwish was to leave my schooling behind but when i did i realized how bmuch school had impackted my life on its own.
Lisa Bray



'You Said'

you said hi to me.
you showed me how to look ahead and to never look beck at my past.
but with out you there im can't look forward to the day's i have left on the hell that we call earth.
i can't feel any thing.
when you told me you loved me i feel like i could do any thing!
but when you told me goodbye my heart stoped and i lost hope in my soul and have never feel so hurt befor.
i have had many men but you kept me from falling flat on my face.
you told me you can wait as long as i could but i guess i put up to much faith into one person.
now im falling and i know this time im not going to try to get up and onto my feet.
i rather pearish then to stand up with what strangth i have left.
i have told my self that i don't have to be with you but my heart has shown me to much pain in my life.
from my father to my veary life.
i guess this is goodbye my sweet love.

from lisa bray
to someone veary sweet
Lisa Bray

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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray