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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  10/24/2014 6:07:20 PM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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as we dance i survive

as i dance though the deadly cold
the lighting strikes the path beside me.
as if the lighting is walking with me i dance in a way no one could understand
the thunder sounds to the paths beat
as the strangers look at how i come and bypass them without a thought of kindness
my heart has began to grow
GROW cold and hard
my faith has grown weak
i don't look for my love for hes not coming for me and my haters.
im still unloved my life is hell
i don't see why im being treated this way.
when i seen a man he looked at me stopping me.
pulling me off my path.
for ever to never know why he did it.
but he loved me until his death it made me stand up and fight weather then dance to the thunders beat and the lightnings path i am a stray with my old beat and path just with more of a kick so close to my freedom ill soon have my new wings so i can fly to the heavens
and see me love one last time
Lisa Bray



at last

i walk far beond the roads
but my love still calls
when the power gets to stronge
i sceam o'most to my hearts comtempes
but god get gives the strangth i need
i thank him so
now im willing to give my soul
so my god can be stronge and help others like me so weak and gone.
my love has fillany come to my grave
is time he has come to stay
we will walk side by side hold hand
we stride down the path of the free and the blind

this is for the son of god he has helped me in so many way.he saved my life over 100 times and i wanted to thank both god and his son.
my mom

my sisters
ruby hancock
rose knapp
annie bray
ellie weaver
my brothers
james weaver
curtes weaver
my friends


sarah h


and last but not least
lawrence =)
and my pets missie capten and puppy
and most of all im thankful for my life and the safty for the ones i love so dearly
Lisa Bray



at night

We live in two differnt worlds..
Our hearts beats the same beat.
We dream the same dreams...
Falling in love with each moment that passes us by.
Time is something we have alot of for we are still young.
Baby i love you more then you realize.
I cant wait till im with you every night and day.
We live in differnt worlds...
But in time our worlds will become one.
Lisa Bray



becaused you loved me

look deep in to my eyes tell me what u see pain or a bloodly bath of the lost souls stolen by my blind hate
look my child watch as i slowly die in a mist of changes and fire burning in a long run
we slowly move to the dark as i move in to the darkness of the devil
sliping into a deep slumber
a slumber of no return
now in slippng in to the darkness falling to the deep depts that call forth my soul of heart aches and pain that i have hadall my life and i can never retrnd.

i hear a mans voice calling me to rise once again to walk the earth.
but what the voice dose not know is im longing for you to hold my my loving chris
i need you too come to my and tell me you love me and you always will be with me
i wount be the girl who gets to fly up to heaven and talk to god and his son who gave him life for my own.
i cry every night wishing you were hear with me my luve.

six weeks after the voice of the devil

baby im not going to wake for t his devil only you can wakeme from my lumber of hell.

chris is that you?
love is it really you?
you fly down with your white wings and a glow og heaven around your and you len down to me oicking me up out of the darkness you tell me you love me.
you hold me close to your chest and you brang me from the darkness and take me into the light.
you tell me that the devil is now weak and the gods have him down now we need to hurry and get to the heavens before the devil becomes strong.
together we fly to heaven and together we we talk to god and him son.
they told me that you would not come to heaven with me because you loved me.

i love you
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray