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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  2/27/2015 11:20:55 PM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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a path of no return

I'm walking down a path!
the path is now walking i dreamed that i was walking.
and found what looking for we where one and i loved the way i felt.
when i seen you so now I'm walking you with to find our destiny
we will walk together in love.
watching out for each other.now we will find our home to plaint our roots.
no one knows who you are no one knows who i am.
no one knows of our forbidden love we shear.
we will rise to share more then just a path we will share our hearts, soul, we will share even our mines!
our love will never end.
together we will rule over our lives and lead the pack of beast.
we ruled over all heart and soul we are angels of heaven earth we betrayed hell and hells demons.
they ask why did we betrayed our own kind we know we have done bad but now we have Ben forgiven.
we lead a life with god our heavenly father in mind.
we control our own lives and we help our god for he let us stay as a forgiven demon.

to: someone very sweet
from: some one who loves you sweetheart
Lisa Bray



a true tail of the darkness

the darkness swallows me into an deep black nonending room.
i trembel i cant see i cant hear there is presher in my ears.
where is it wheres my knife.
the darkness growls.
im not the only one in here there are many theres then just me.
i can feel them but they seem not to be breathing.
i feel a moiser under my feet.
i sream for help.
now im wishing i was dead then i feel something grabe me.
i frose unabel to move or speak.
then a big light comes out of nowhere.
i can see the endless room turn red and white.
bodys of men weman and children are scaterd every weres.
i hold my breath to look over my shoulder to my hand.
i find a white hand coverd in black and red blood from the bodys.
his eyes are blood red. he had claws.
i reached up to touch his face for i knew.
its him the sinner for the darkend ages.
i feel sorry for this man he can never turn around and find freedom.
freedom of a real life wife and kids and a family of his own.
hes was forgoten but now i shall help him find his way home to the heavens.
no one should be made to face this alone not like this.
he looked down with confusen then sadness.
a tear rolls down from the eyes of an demon.
hes eye full of sadness he carved the love of a family he needs a home.
his heart broken by other demons in our world.
he is someone who wants to be cared for not used.
the demon i once seen a killer.
turned in to a human. his musels coverd in blood and his hair it was full of blood guts and dirt......
hold on dirt where did this comefrom i ask.
his once red eye full of hate and useless past.
now a beautiful brown.
his face so smooth and soft.
he hold on to me and he screamed in happyness.
then he softly whisperd. dont you remember me.
then i began to thing about it and i realised where that was coming from.
its a dream i had as a child of the night.
i hungerd to be held and i seeked him. then he finally came.
he had came to me we had fun about the odds of the differnces.
i fell in love with a demon of the night.
he kept me safe when i was in danger.
he held me close when i was sad and when i felt unwanted.
he was my fallen angel and i helpped him get his wings back.
i had tears in my eyes when i realzed he was never going to hurt me he needed my help to be freed.
and i turned a sinner with no way of turning back into a human now we can live on to a life of freedom.
among our kind.
we will not be told we are not right for eachother.
becaouse i beg to differ on that i know we are one.
hes a fallen angel and im a resless child in the night what could change that.
we are who we are and what they say is not what i want.
the onl thing i want is to hold him and show him what he means to me.
i want to show him the love he showed me years ago.

to my love

the child of the night
Lisa Bray



a way of life ghost of 3lizabeth&her lost lover

deep in my vain's Ur love stayed even thought you left my hanging on to a memory.
you never told me why you left just that you had to go that you cant be here with me any more.
some times i wounder if i did something or did you find some other girl better then me.
was she pretty?
dose she look better then me i guess the world looks better then me for the truth.
i know im not that pretty but i can take care of you when you need it i can love you like no other can.
my love remains with you my love i need you
but i can just move on i guess scents you don't need me i guess i really don't have a chose.
just remember i love you.
and my soul calls for you with my heart you hold the key to my love and my strengths
tonight in the twilight sky i search for my new lover i walk down the road to the moon i see your face.
i smile thinking its silly to want some one who wants more
i dont blame you i hate my self for my looks every day even back then.
the man im searching for now i hope loves me like you did for i miss your kisses.
and how you held me close when the thunder rolled and the lighting crossed the sky every night.
you always had my hand even when our home had burnt down in the beginning.
i miss you i wish you where hear.
the blue lady visited last night she told me you have wings now and your with the once we lost in the past.
she had the look on her face my love what did she mean?
every one in my past had died?
love are you ok?
whats going on?
she said you left to keep me safe why did you leave?
2 hours after her ram page of thoughts
a police officer came to the door and asked for me he told me you were killed?
how why my love?
i cant live without you not when you dead?
never seeing you?
3days later
as i watched you be put in the ground i had told my self its ok ill be with you soon.
1hour later a call to the police was made.
199 emergency how may i help you?
my friend she has been shot?
hold on where are you?
what happen?
im now sure what happen we are at 1013 witched rd belle WV.
hurry shes not breathing.
i need help (the women cry's uncontrollable)
20mins latter a ambulance picked the girl up she was barely breathing.
the took her to the hospital and went right to work.
an hour latter
the 19 year old girl died and she and her lover was not the only one murdered that cold long year over 200 couples where murmured at random targets.
the killers where never arrested for the crimes but every year family's gather to mourn for the lost souls of the pure.

by Lisa Lynn bray
this could happen again don't be fooled this is a real problem today those people are still out there and 3lizabeth is not gone yet her and her lover now walk together around there old home wanting revenge for there murder.
Lisa Bray



alone in the dark

im here in this dark room wishing you were here and that i could hold you in my arms.
i want to feel the heat off of your body.
i want to feel the touch of your hand.
i want to know you fears and you deepest secrets.
but here i am alone in this dark room.
with the memoerys you left with me on that cold night on st.avn.
the words we spoke was words of the pain.
the looks we sheard was a call for help.
you held me close one time before you left that night.
but we both knew deep down it would only be the last.
for your famliy didnt want you around me.
and my family didnt want me around you.
but my wish on my sexteenth birthday was...
that i could have you in my arms.
so tonight i wright and with god i hope.
that i can close my eyes and wake up to your sweet smile.
in the risen sun shine.

to some one i love even if they dont know it yet: ]
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray