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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  7/11/2014 9:16:48 PM
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  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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becaused you loved me

look deep in to my eyes tell me what u see pain or a bloodly bath of the lost souls stolen by my blind hate
look my child watch as i slowly die in a mist of changes and fire burning in a long run
we slowly move to the dark as i move in to the darkness of the devil
sliping into a deep slumber
a slumber of no return
now in slippng in to the darkness falling to the deep depts that call forth my soul of heart aches and pain that i have hadall my life and i can never retrnd.

i hear a mans voice calling me to rise once again to walk the earth.
but what the voice dose not know is im longing for you to hold my my loving chris
i need you too come to my and tell me you love me and you always will be with me
i wount be the girl who gets to fly up to heaven and talk to god and his son who gave him life for my own.
i cry every night wishing you were hear with me my luve.

six weeks after the voice of the devil

baby im not going to wake for t his devil only you can wakeme from my lumber of hell.

chris is that you?
love is it really you?
you fly down with your white wings and a glow og heaven around your and you len down to me oicking me up out of the darkness you tell me you love me.
you hold me close to your chest and you brang me from the darkness and take me into the light.
you tell me that the devil is now weak and the gods have him down now we need to hurry and get to the heavens before the devil becomes strong.
together we fly to heaven and together we we talk to god and him son.
they told me that you would not come to heaven with me because you loved me.

i love you
Lisa Bray



before me

the ground is weak and the world is in flames around me.
i weep for the world.i weep for my future.i weep for my sin.
but i dont weep for the life i have been given.
for i know my place in this world is with you in this dark room alone to gether.
we once dreamed of a powerful kingdom but we only have love in the end.
our dreams are not coming to an end here.
we will find a way to have our kingdom.
it might not be now not here but it will come we might have to be high
in the sky before we can see it again.
but my love we will see it again i love you deeply.
lisa bray
with deep wishes to become:
an a wrighter who touches the worlds hearts and changes our path we are heading.
We need help turn your life around while you can it wont be to much longer before its over with.
lisa bray wish me luck to get my way to the place i wish for.love u always an godbless you all with the wings of an angel.
Lisa Bray



blue angel eyes

your eyes so light blue
your so gentel with the touch of ice you can frezze hell over 100 times and more i love you prince my loving husky princey
Lisa Bray



blue angel in the deep forest of ryu wolf of the lost and abanden

i have a dream were one's you call blood suckers have wings made of white satin feather's.
the leader of a group with three members named 3lizabeth hellsting.
she has the biggest whites wings to ever be seen of them all.
she fly's in the night alone looking for the one she lost long ago.
(blue satin wings in the night sky)
she fly's in the blue night with only the moon as her guide.
she came to a pure blue water deep in the woods.
were the sky is black as the the sea and the moon it white as her wings brighter then the pure white snow that falls late December.
she spreads her wings an hovers over the water.
The moon shining on her velvet skin.
Only one sees the sorrow on 3lizabeths face.
a wolf named ryu seeing her above the water with her wings made him feel sad too.
being so far down on the ground there he sang a tone of sorrow slowly calling for the angel above the water.
others hear the lonely wolf ryu.
a pack of wolfs come to see whats the sorrow is about.
they come to see a beautiful women around late teens with a soul pure and untainted with evil.
she had a blue glow out lining every piece of her beautiful body.
with her pure soul she sang a tone of sorrow in her voice she sang.
her dream to fly with the angel she once loved.
his blue eyes and dark brown hair so dark it shined black in the blue moon night lit sky.with in the twilight she knows.
she will never return to her love for she is hells toy and she wished she could return to her home in heavens love heart to hold her closely so he will be safe again
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray