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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray  7/27/2016 11:43:54 PM
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  Best Poems From
  LISA BRAY (12/11/93-00/00/00)
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No Longer Mine

Blood falls from my gains 
Once warm now cold
My life is slowly drained from me
Pain is all I feel 
Suffering is all I can do 

My vision slowly turns to darkness 
My world turns into a nightmare 
My life is ending and it had barely began
How could this be my life was wasted

Little by little my life was no longer mine 

Darkness is all that I can see now 
I can no longer draw air into my lungs 
My heart don't beat it's song anymore 

My life is no longer mine
Lisa Bray



1 Falling

falling into a death of fire an ice leaving me with nothing but your shadow.
everyday i chase after you only to find nothing.
you left me blind like a dog without anything to live for anymore
breathless in the neon night only the moon light flows through my soul
keeping me moving forward to your love.
im waiting for your scent to flow throw my heart.
so i can find you an love you like i want to love you
when your around me im always chearfull when your gone im sad and gloomy please come home to me. ~LISA~
Lisa Bray



1 Hard Goodbye

sweetness is an addiction that's not always a good thing.
time is hard on a person and their spirit.
love comes to them through out their journey and helps guide them.
keeping them safe and loved.
giving them hope and never allowing them to get hurt gives them life...
sometimes the sweetness becomes a need a need that can be deadly to the loved on.
jealously can come in many forms...
they can cause one to bring harm to a lover...
taking over fear into anger...
pain and death of a miserable ending could become from jealously..

sometimes if you love some one you hav to say goodbye for both of your wellbeings...
lb 8-19-2011 109am: /
Lisa Bray



1 She Called You Where Were U When She Called

as the mist rolls across the street we see her shes calling for her love
looking looking for the key to her chains no one knows who she is Elizabeth hellsting my great aunt high up on the cross we watch her weep for her sins
look at the ones you have lost in the past she said
i looked at my past her eyes widen when she seen the blue glow my eyes had turn to then rapidly they changed to a bloody red and then to a multi-color
at one point i asked her whats wrong she said you the key you have power beyond the known now please release me from my chains
i looked at her and said dear Elizabeth u have been freed all along you could have left long ago
she looked at me and yelled

i jerked she looked talking to me thank you so much Alice you have freed me
my child you have freed me so i must tell you be for i go
at last i can be with the ones with i love so much
she said Alice you are the key don't miss use your power dont let any one know of it for when you die you wont go to hell nor heaven my child
you have to unlock your own Paradise
we will soon join you when you find our Paradise
my child call on me and our family when you need
we are the black dog in your dreams.
the demons are the snakes
and your sins are the man
the stranger is your soon to be fears and sins of hells greed for our Paradise dream my child we r with u
Lisa Bray
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Poems By Poet Lisa Bray