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Poems By Poet Lizzy Henry  11/22/2014 10:12:46 PM
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Never More

Never again
Will I fall in love
But that's easier said then done
Why oh Why
Why did you put me here
Just to go through this?
Never again
Will I go through that pain
Of being hurt
Id rather just keep adding the scars
To my arms
Never more will I love
Never more will I feel that pain
Never more can I see it
But now
I see you
I know I cant
But I do anyway
And every days the same
I end up cutting away
Not on the out side
No one can see these scars
That I'm talking about.
Never more will I feel that way
Never more will I make these invisible scars.
Lizzy Henry



Brown Eyes

I will remember you
Not for what you said
Not because of how you looked
But because of the memories we shared
And what they have newly became
From way back then
When neither of us wanted to grow up
When neither of us really knew each other
To now
When we talk everyday
And when ever we see each other
I'm reminded of how
Your brown eyes shone
And how you just made me want to smile
And you still do
When I look into those brown eyes
I can still see the boy you were
Way back then
The boy with those brown eyes
That little boy who never wanted to grow up
I can see you back then
I cant help it
Its been so long
What about 7 years now
Since I last saw you
You've changed so much
Yet some how so little
Now you hide your eyes
And I cant see you for who you were
But for who you are now.
I still know that little boy
With those big brown eyes
That never wanted to grow up.
Lizzy Henry



For A Friend

My dearest friend
It may be the end
But you can still remember
The times you had with him
He may be gone
But I will always be by your side
you are my best friend
I cant tell you I know how you feel
I don't,
No one ever really cared for me
But you, you are different
My friend don't give up
It may be the end for you and him
But I am Always there.
So say no one cares if your gone
That's a lie your telling
I will
Because I'm always there
By your side through thick or thin
I am by your side,
you'll get over him soon...
Lizzy Henry



My Version Of Love

What is love?
Love is pain
Love is nothing more
Love is nothing less
It is totally and completely
Pain, suffering and hurt
You love and get hurt
You carry the pain in your heat
And with it comes suffering
Suffering of the heart
The soul
And of the mind
Why do we go through this?
Because no one truly knows
What its like to make a big deal
About one guy
That could care less about me
That cant see me
I'm invisible
And he just cant let her go
He broke her heart
Then gave her another chance
He has a heart
She just cant realize that...
But I can see it...
Lizzy Henry

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Poems By Poet Lizzy Henry