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Poems By Poet Lizzy Henry  3/2/2015 10:31:13 AM
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I Stand Alone

No matter if my life is hell
I will stand alone
Through thick or thin
There to shall I stand alone
Where ever I am
I will be alone
No one sees the world like I do
So in others eyes
I shall always stand alone
I am never truly alone
But in my head Ill stay
Alone with all my fears hopes and dreams
They all say to
That now and forever more I shall stand alone
Lizzy Henry




You were my everything
You lifted me up, held me there
One day I took a chance and jumped
Trying to get higher
You let me fall
I was high up
Nothing could slow the falling.
I just kept falling
It was a rough landing
I knew it too.
You left my heart in pieces
Just because I'm different.
I wish you could've helped me
But you stood so tall and watched
Then just Walked away.
You left me bleeding there
Dying on the floor
You left,
I never needed you again

Or so I thought...
Lizzy Henry



I Am A Living, Breathing, Suicide...

I am a living person
with so many hard ships,
my life so far has been horrible,
I don't know how I am going to go on.

so far I am breathing
but for how long
my mind wanders to suicide every day
I cant stop it
I have other options there right there
But I can no longer move from this position I am in
this place is filled with pain and misery

It seems that suicide is my only answer,
I have had a rough life
I held it so deer to me
why is this now happening to me
that one little mistake
now costing me my life

I cant do it
I cant kill myself
just because of him
I just cant
hes gone now everything will be OK...
that is what I'm telling my self
but it only brings heart ache

I am now a living, breathing suicide...
Lizzy Henry



Long Lonely Road

This is a dark and lonely road
We all walk
Its sometimes so dark
We cant find our way
We want to quit
But keep on walking
In the end it gets better
You just wait and see
Its hard
Trust me I know
But sometimes
We have to trust
We know where to go
And what to do
This road might be long
It may seem like your the only one walking it
It may seem so dark there is only one way out
Just keep walking
It gets brighter in the end
Trust me, I keep walking
But I'm not through just yet
But I know I will succeed
I will finish this long dark road
Alone I will be once more
But I will find one road
Where I can see
I am not yet done
It may take a while
But I can find other ways to walk
Take the walk alone and you will learn
That you can see better when you are scared
Stop and think even if death is right behind you
We will finish this dark road to find a brighter one.
Lizzy Henry

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Poems By Poet Lizzy Henry