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Poems By Poet Lizzy Henry  12/22/2014 5:22:31 PM
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I Stand Alone

No matter if my life is hell
I will stand alone
Through thick or thin
There to shall I stand alone
Where ever I am
I will be alone
No one sees the world like I do
So in others eyes
I shall always stand alone
I am never truly alone
But in my head Ill stay
Alone with all my fears hopes and dreams
They all say to
That now and forever more I shall stand alone
Lizzy Henry



For A Friend

My dearest friend
It may be the end
But you can still remember
The times you had with him
He may be gone
But I will always be by your side
you are my best friend
I cant tell you I know how you feel
I don't,
No one ever really cared for me
But you, you are different
My friend don't give up
It may be the end for you and him
But I am Always there.
So say no one cares if your gone
That's a lie your telling
I will
Because I'm always there
By your side through thick or thin
I am by your side,
you'll get over him soon...
Lizzy Henry



Dying Words

My words to her
There dying
It was a warning
I made that so clear
But every time
She Ignores them
I don't want to help
But I must
I don't like to see her in pain
So I listen
No matter what its about
I will listen
These dying words
Where a warning
That I didn't want to
But these words
I spoke of
Are dying
I may say them again
But I cant handle seeing her in pain
Why could you just see
That I warned you
You did it again
And now these words
are dying
Just lost in the past
So these are my dying words
I'm not helping you
If you get hurt this time'
You just laughed at the now dying words
I guess now you must learn
There are no happy endings
At least not yet
These are my dying words...
Lost in a memory...
Lizzy Henry



Her Angel

I am her angel
I am always there
Helping her
Through the toughest times
And picking her up when shes down
When someone hurts her
I am there to help
When she wants to die
I turn her from that thought
I need help sometimes
But I am her angel
I take her pain
I help her
No matter what or who it is
I will be there
I can help you
I can show you a better way
You just have to let me help
I can,
Ill show you I can
Just give me a chance and see
What your life is then
If you look back
I am there
If you can read the future
I can guarantee that I'm there
I always was and always will be
I may have hard times
But I can handle them alone
You might need help
I am her angel
Here on earth
Call me at 3 am crying
Ill pick up
Ill help you though that pain
Ill show you how to carry yourself
Make the right choices
I may not always help you
Your old enough you can make decisions
But for when you need me
I am always there
I am your angel
And I can help
Lizzy Henry

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Poems By Poet Lizzy Henry