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Poems By Poet Lizzy Henry  10/1/2014 3:10:01 AM
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Battle field

We fight and we fall
We stood so tall
We were in the middle of a battlefield
This battlefield is called love
We have no armor
We have no one to help us
This battlefield
Is dark
Some fight just for a game
Others fight for someone
On this battlefield of
Lizzy Henry



I Stand Alone

No matter if my life is hell
I will stand alone
Through thick or thin
There to shall I stand alone
Where ever I am
I will be alone
No one sees the world like I do
So in others eyes
I shall always stand alone
I am never truly alone
But in my head Ill stay
Alone with all my fears hopes and dreams
They all say to
That now and forever more I shall stand alone
Lizzy Henry



And Yet I Still Love You...

You didn't know my name,
And yet I still loved you.
You annoyed me,
And yet I still loved you.
Rumors were spread
Lies were said,
And yet I still loved you.
You said no,
And yet I still loved you.
You broke my heart,
And for all its worth
I STILL loved you
I hated you
Yet in some ways I still loved you
I didn't see you much
I acted like I didn't care
But every time I heard your name
I still loved you
Now after some time
I see your face
Hear Your voice
I'm remembered
Of how I loved you
I remember what you said
But yet
Right now...
Lizzy Henry



i have felt the rain

I have felt the pain
Of people
I have felt the pain
Of getting hurt
Trust me I know
I have felt the pain
You know the kinda that's always there
When you least want it
I have felt a pain
That I can not even explain
I'm laughing
But cant you tell
I'm crying
The one I want to talk to
Is you
But your never
In the rain with me
The rain
Is my comfort
I can cry
And run all I want
There will always be rain
And there will always be pain to follow
Lizzy Henry

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Poems By Poet Lizzy Henry