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Poems By Poet Lizzy Henry  10/25/2014 8:48:01 PM
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I Stand Alone

No matter if my life is hell
I will stand alone
Through thick or thin
There to shall I stand alone
Where ever I am
I will be alone
No one sees the world like I do
So in others eyes
I shall always stand alone
I am never truly alone
But in my head Ill stay
Alone with all my fears hopes and dreams
They all say to
That now and forever more I shall stand alone
Lizzy Henry



Lost, Alone In The Dark

I am lost, alone
Here it is dark
No light shines
Here I am alone
Alone with my fears
Here in this place
I know I'm alive
I can feel it still
Here it is dark
Here I am alone
No place to go
No one here to help me
I can see a light
I walk forward
But go no where
I scream and yell
But yet there is no sound
Now I know I'm truly alone here.
Lizzy Henry



And Yet I Still Love You...

You didn't know my name,
And yet I still loved you.
You annoyed me,
And yet I still loved you.
Rumors were spread
Lies were said,
And yet I still loved you.
You said no,
And yet I still loved you.
You broke my heart,
And for all its worth
I STILL loved you
I hated you
Yet in some ways I still loved you
I didn't see you much
I acted like I didn't care
But every time I heard your name
I still loved you
Now after some time
I see your face
Hear Your voice
I'm remembered
Of how I loved you
I remember what you said
But yet
Right now...
Lizzy Henry



Haunting Pain

This pain
Its haunting me
Every where I go
There is always something
To remind me
Of what happened
What he said
That one day
Those words
His face
The time
The place
And even how it happened
Still haunts me
I thought it was yesterday
But it was a while ago
Today it haunts me
Last month it haunted me
In the months to come
It will haunt me
Why does this pain follow me
I don't want to live with it
But it follows me
When I'm happy
Something always happens
And there's the pain
Its stuck on my heart
What happened
I will never forget
Why this pain is haunting me...
Lizzy Henry

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Poems By Poet Lizzy Henry