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Poems By Poet Lucy Gocher  7/25/2016 10:52:55 AM
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The Willow Tree

I am a Willow Tree, that sways gently in the wind
I am a Willow Tree, who has no limits.

I am a Willow Tree, who has long and beautiful branches
I am a Willow Tree, who provides shade and comfort.

I am a Willow Tree, who can be placed anywhere
I am a Willow Tree, I whisper in the wind.

I am a Willow Tree, you think I'm very free
I am a Willow Tree, don't ever want to be me.
Lucy Gocher



Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain please pour on me
Rain, Rain please set me free

Rain, Rain don't let the sun shine through
Rain, Rain my heart is now a pit of goo

Rain, Rain blow the ocean breeze
Rain, Rain sway the forest trees.

Rain, Rain don't wash away
Rain, Rain I wish you could stay

Rain, Rain don't let the birds chirp or the children play.
Rain, Rain please stop time today.

Rain, Rain Do you understand my sorrow?
Rain, Rain please be here tomorrow
Lucy Gocher



Beautiful Leaves

Beautiful leaves falling down,
Help me regain the sorrow in my eyes,
Beautiful leaves shimmering on a bright night,
Reassure me that I will laugh again,
Beautiful leaves changing colors,
Give the world a meaning of life
Beautiful leaves crumbling on the ground,
Let the birds chirp they're song once again.
Beautiful leaves tumble down,
Understand how I feel,
Beautiful leaves growing around,
Feel my sorrow and sadness
Lucy Gocher



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Poems By Poet Lucy Gocher