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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman  11/25/2014 2:33:27 PM
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I Try And Do Not Cry

Great losses in my life fast accumulate
To devastate my lie tries this ill-fate
Gate of success is closed to humiliate
I state my agonies with none to annihilate

Torture is born out of every venture
To capture my peace comes rupture
Puncture my soul worries giving lecture
Departure I feel is the very best stricture

Defeat is canceling every possible great feat
Repeat my failures and do not at all retreat
Greet me confusions to mainly cheat and beat
Complete doom unseats me trying to delete

Waver my emotions with severe fever
Offer me not Angels any tangible favor
Flavor of gloom makes life not safer
Weaver of my life is rougher and tougher

Again and again comes severe pain
Gain is never had in any bargain
Chain of upsets brings sorrow-rain
Disdain comes with a chill in the spine

Kicks from fate with cunning tricks
Bricks are thrown and time never licks
Gimmicks of demons come with sticks
Picks me up not peace, but agony pricks

Will is beaten to nil
Pill is used for being ill
To kill time comes with skill
Drill of daily life gives no thrill

Hits give fate canceling benefits
Sits in heart gloom erasing wits
Profits not mind as peace goes to bits
Visits to Temple may arrest all culprits

To hide sadness heart may decide
To provide sorrows, God leaves my side
To guide me, God has firmly denied
To divide my peace, fate has nicely tried

Cry not I but only still try
Why should I bring tears to eye?
High hopes I have to touch the Sky
Fly I will and not lazily on Earth lie!
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Indulgence In Useful Divulgence

With fine experience life may bulge
To produce countless internal benefits
But for the World to enjoy huge profits
All such experience we must divulge

Victory-flower is hard to pluck
But it possesses immense utility
So to get it we need a calm mentality
That will keep our emotions in check

Defeats’ deadly blow
Must not shatter our grit
Once our courage is split
Chances of winning are low

It is a badly wounded oyster
That mends its shell with pearl
Let one learn from that little soul
How courage one must wisely muster

So many cuts are made by the spade
But still resists that really mighty oak
But result comes through the last stroke
And at last spade’s power is displayed

Diamond is nothing but simple coal
That decides to live totally in exile
Its absence and patience are worthwhile
As it ultimately achieves its dazzling goal

Laziness is a disease like polio
That inflicts mind with inertia
Hard-work is the only panacea
Achieving goals in our port-folio

Mind can be one’s close friend or enemy
It depends upon how one views oneself
When the flame of defeat comes to engulf
It is the friend who forms a fire-brigade army

The gate of success is guarded by mind-dragon
In the entering scheme fear is the only snag
Tame the dragon by thinking great and big
Then successfully to the star hitch your wagon

By allowing efforts to flow like the Nile
Defeats can be successfully halted
And tough goals can be hopefully opted
Closing coffin of laziness with hard-work nail.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Is Rebirth On Earth A Myth?

Rebirth may be really true
In my most humble view
This concept is not new
Another birth is surely due

If sins all methodically commit
God will not simply leave it
To escape, God will not permit
Proper reasons, one must submit

If answers are not satisfactory
Suffering is made obligatory
Hell is a punishment factory
Rejecting our cock and bull story

A tiniest creature moves
God's presence, this proves
Life to it, God approves
Its life, a small touch removes

In cruelty, humanity excels
To kill, they conduct rehearsals
They carry hatred in body vessels
On graves, they build their castles

Millions of creatures exist
Invariably, death, all resist
Though God and Nature assist
To sin, circumstances insist

There is surely a hidden law
Which is balancing every flaw
It arrives at a justifiable draw
Justice Triumphs' is a holy saw

A new body, every soul acquires
Certain conditions, this requires
About a life, God enquires
Soul is shifted when life expires

Here soul has no voice
Everything is God's choice
Lives are to God toys
He will punish bad boys

Soul only makes the movement
If it does any wise improvement
It is given a nice compliment
By way of a rich increment

God knows how to interchange
Proper placement, He can arrange
This technique is not at all strange
God does finely a perfect exchange

Souls cannot at all protest
They are given a pucca test
They must do their level best
Via end God will at last arrest

Soul is on Earth permanent
A regular God-sent visitant
God's watch is consistent
Why souls are by God sent?

This question is unanswerable
But souls are by God transferable
This concept is very reasonable
This seems to be highly sensible

Perfect Justice is provided
Everything is by God decided
After in a body, a soul has resided
To enter another body, it is guided

A soul is by god monitored keenly
Whether it has lived very cleanly
Or if it has behaved very meanly
Will be judged by God mainly.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Jesus Alone Built Flesh And Bone

Deep love for Jesus in heart
As He ended for our rescue
He was crucified in the cross
And the cross is now holy

The son of God preached love
Violence was to Him strange
He was tortured in various ways
But, he never lost his cool

He performed many miracles
But did not thrive on that only
His intention was to save humanity
For which He underwent agonies

When all cried chanting His name
He did not use His colossal clout
Instead He obeyed all the orders
Of His murderers without grudge

Supreme patience He maintained
He criticized nobody for this fate
He mastered patience with grit
Greatest nobility He displayed

His name is now forever standing
Greatest souls on Earth in Him trust
He rescues souls in innumerable ways
Human beings love all only due to Jesus

He preached not to hate or slander
He never indulged in cheap gimmicks
He was followed by many great souls
All His disciples were trained to love

When He was double-crossed cruelly
He exhibited hatred against none
He was stoic and supernaturally calm
This itself is a proof for His holy nature

Jesus, my dear Jesus, please rescue us
Without your love we all are useless
Those who crucified you were careless
O- Jesus- The holiest- Please soon bless

Surely all the Angels will now come
And by them Jesus will be welcome
Really wonderful life will become
Using Jesus, troubles, we will overcome.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman
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