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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman  8/28/2014 10:28:19 PM
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Let Us Deal To Fully Heal

Calmly think and then execute
To prove that you are astute

Never quickly try to act
Before that gather fact

Wrong steps take you to doom
So please give them no room

Positively proceed with hope
Give for all a very long rope

Always obey the truth
For life to be smooth

Give respect and then bend
Proper signals you try to send

Never hurt anyone deliberately
Please take this oath resolutely

Helping alone is wholly sacred
Let taking revenge be fully dead

By fighting with each other
We only lose a kind brother

All are correct in their own way
Let our decision go not astray

Kindness when is exercised
Devil in mind is exorcised

Through proper understanding
Let our ideas be outstanding

Salvation must be our goal
For which let work our soul

Let us neither blackmail
Nor in true love fail

Let us never double-cross
And cause to someone loss

We must depend on kindness
And deal with divine calmness

By thinking with wisdom
Let us glorify God’s kingdom

The golden path let us choose
So that peace we can produce

Hurting requires no guts
Instead it creates regrets

Love is a lovely weapon
Which helps hearts open

Love all policy is golden
The best act is to pardon.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman





My poems if you can kindly read
A happy life you can surely lead
It is your welfare I really need
For that only I do poetic deed

I love to contribute my level best
So that I can infuse into you zest
Like the Sun from East to West
I love to show in you deep interest

Only your joy I love to gain
From this holy poetic bargain
If I can reduce your heart’s pain
I will have enough bliss to entertain

My aim is not to establish my supremacy
Greed will at last land me in the pharmacy
If I can supply you via my poems ecstasy
Then God Himself will pat my noble policy

If my poem can show you bright light
By escalating your mirthful delight
I will peacefully well-sleep in the night
I will truly marvel at my being right

If you can just go through my write
Useful ideas you will definitely sight
May become golden your heart-site
And vastly improve your brain’s might

Will you please give to my poem attention?
As my poems will reduce your tension
My poems are written with golden intention
In a way, your thanks, you may kindly mention

Positive ideas my poems soundly promote
For optimism only time I hopefully devote
Hundred percent you will sanction your vote
On life-ocean will safely cross your boat

Rhyme and rhythm will be superbly intact
Meanings’ placement will be finely compact
Your mind will start to favorably react
Poems will act to give an optimistic impact

Your life will take a miraculous turn
Plenty of peace you will start to earn
Poem will be to your soul a lantern
Bliss and joy will come never to return.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Mission Must Be Innovation

Putting for ambitions foolish ceilings
Amounts to killing constructive feelings
If reaching the Sun is our golden aim
A place in Moon we can surely claim

Great men in their respective fields
Initially gained totally no yields
But they continued their pursuit
And their confidence did not dilute

James Watt could rightly imagine
Which brought to the World steam-engine
Wright brothers conceived the right plans
That ended in the birth of aeroplanes

Such persons are the real architects
Through whom the Almighty constructs
A super World that is ultra-modern
But in preserving Nature, He is stern

Such persons are by Nature gifted
By them the World gets uplifted
Their actions reflect in pleasantries
For which we are the sole beneficiaries

In creations their minds were submerged
To them forever the World is obliged
They were the torch-bearers of civilization
Giving lessons in brain’s optimum utilization

All the present comforts and luxuries
Which the World now proudly carries
Were brought under misery and poverty
To benefit the entire humanity

Having a very high spirit
Is in itself a great merit
Such a spirit is essential
To make our dreams real

So let not brains badly starve
Something useful let them carve
Let every brain contribute its mite
Before undergoing inevitable respite

May be, God is to some extent partial
As He puts in some brains special initial
Let us pray to come under that category
Let His grace supplement our industry.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Moderation Stops Botheration

How to exercise perfect moderation?
This question needs due deliberation
Just because we enjoy fine liberation
Indulge not please in over-celebration

Bring in life proper moral restriction
And give mind strong construction
Body must follow mind’s instruction
Moderation is the best prescription

Napoleon was very over-enthusiastic
Hitler was hypo critic and jingoistic
Idiameen was foolishly idiotic
A greedy mind is always chaotic

In life be a reasonable critic
Mind must regain like elastic
Learn flexibility from plastic
Love will do every fine trick

In life never be too rigid
As stand will become invalid
Moderate approach is splendid
Men lost because they overdid

Be cautious in being candid
Remember, tongues often skid
Over action spoils even a kid
Moderation is the best bid

People who are too venomous
Exploit those who are magnanimous
God that is why remains anonymous
His power continues to be enormous

If Nature shows her real prowess
It will stop the World’s progress
God alone must help redress
And save the World from distress

Too much causes only severe damage
So, skillfully, life one must manage
If is available God’s loving patronage
In life no harm in being only average

Despite injustice must one control one’s rage?
Then will end evils at last at what stage?
For helping God only demands no wage
Against evils, a war, God does really wage.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman
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