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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman  12/21/2014 8:43:26 PM
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Next Step will Help Develop

Think of the next step
Then you can develop

If there is a problem
Solve it my dear chum

If the problem is terrific
Do not fall easily sick

Try your best to solve it
Cultivate not fearing habit

In case the problem eludes
Negatively if mind concludes

Salvation is not in the offing
Only confusion this will bring

No problem is really tough
In case you acquire the stuff

Do not feel agonized or confused
By them no solution is produced

Spring into action with positive verve
Believe that success you deserve

When you use your guts
Great profits, your life nets.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Ode To Mr. Alfred Bernard Nobel (Swedish Academy)

O- Alfred Bernard Nobel- My dearest inventor
For Himalayan progress, you were the mentor
Into man's mind if evil ideas very easily enter
Let not guilty conscience chase you like a hunter

Before your honorable cemetery
I stand not to indulge in flattery
Nobel Prize is not a lucky lottery
But a torch using prize as a battery

You proved your brain's might
By the invention of Dynamite
You toiled hard day and night
And, at last, won your foresight

T A Edison might have commented
That To kill nothing I invented'
If he lives now he would have repented
Regarding his inventions, he would have resented

Motion picture shows sheer sex cum violence
Destroying minds by erasing innocence
Because of artificial light's presence
Man shows to Sun God no reverence

Phone, plane, T V, Radio or Car
Might have made the inventor a star
They also do create in mind scar
Among creatures, takes place a natural war

To invent, an inventor carefully muses
Man uses, misuses and abuses
He offers through words excuses
The inventor's heart, his conscience accuses

Man indulges in total destruction
He violates every peaceful instruction
Nobel's Dynamite helps in useful construction
I tell this to his soul with the deepest affection

Mountains can be tunneled by Dynamite
Well can be dug bringing water to sight
O- Alfred- You had what an insight!
To sleep peacefully, to you, I lovingly write

Think of the position of God of death
Every second He kills beings in this Earth
He does His duty with or without mirth
Through labor pains alone takes place birth

To every one, thoughts will surely bud
Some are noble and some are crooked
All are in search of daily bread
All will be laid in death-bed

O- Alfred- Please shed no tears
My heart, your agonies pierce
I whisper softly in your ears
That you only bring to humanity cheers

My feelings, I cannot just like that hide
I do not commit an act of suicide
Because, one day, you may get me pride
Using hopeful thoughts, I faithfully ride

Your fortune is basically instrumental
In eradicating things that are detrimental
To humanity whose welfare is fundamental
I beg you not to be sadly sentimental

None escapes in a plane-crash
Thousands die if two trains dash
Over Mother Earth takes place clash
All are seriously going after cash

Using telephones, villains threaten
Parents' minds, cinemas frighten
Radios and T Vs advertise for a charlatan
In motor races, by death many are beaten

I want to heal and console
Your pure, but injured soul
In life you remained sole
The World still remembers your role

Only your name still lingers
Only for you write many fingers
You hate only those power-mongers
They can't escape Death God's angers

Sleep, peacefully sleep
My prayer for you is deep
Nobel Prize I may not reap
I will keep guts so as not to weep

Many geniuses are yearly honored
By hard-workers, glory is cornered
Your will's each and every word
Is throughout the World heard

This poem is to you only by me dedicated
The words are by my conscience dictated
World's miseries are by you only eradicated
To you, in Heaven, let my words be communicated

Great geniuses are compared
And Nobel Prize is declared
Noble ideas are seriously prepared
Holes in the World are repaired

On your birthday, decisions are taken
Ignorance of the World is broken
Sleeping World, your gifts awaken
You are not at all by anyone mistaken

On your last day, prizes are given
They number one less than seven
To attain it, stalwarts are driven
You bless them with God from Heaven

Thank your dear, for your nobility
I also thank you for your ability
You are caring World's stability
By identifying souls' capability.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Optimism Makes Enthusiasm Blossom

Never feel that you cannot do
That is in fact a wrong view
Anything can be done by you
This thought only will rescue

Hope that you can surely perform
Fear will do the maximum harm
Trust and belief one must form
One must face life by being calm

In case now you fail in your goal
Must not become upset your soul
Bring your mind under control
Make it play a very useful role

In case you develop self-confidence
That is the evidence for prudence
If you possess patience and tolerance
You can arrange for victory’s occurrence

Be an optimist who will always trust
In your efforts try to be very honest
Do your level best showing interest
Success can be had via zeal and zest

Any task that appears now tough
May be overcome by adding stuff
Fate may be now cruelly rough
We must put for it solution-cuff

Never feel disappointed by defeat
Let not your efforts be incomplete
With colossal faith try to repeat
Then you can achieve a great feat

A wise man learns from his mistake
Let not losses give severe heart-ache
If properly adversities you take
Surely success you can one day make

All the losses are only temporary
It is meaningless to weep or worry
Having guts is for peace necessary
Courage is brain’s main accessory

Just forget the past and now start
Applying fully mind and heart
Time available is very short
Be smart and play your part.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Peace Is Precious, So, Be Cautious

Your ideas you just write
In any way you truly like
In case they are supreme
Surely the World claps

Never make a meek compromise
When criticisms are leveled
Minds of people are very tricky
They behave always improperly

When you are damn worried
World adds to your burden
When you love to take rest
World goads you to be busy

World is about you least bothered
It will offer only unwise advice
And never consider your growth
It will after spoiling just leave

Giving importance to this World
Is the worst curse upon all of us
Neither hate nor love the society
Keep them at a very safest distance

Never render any inglorious act
That may destabilize the World
But, at the same time, remember
To save yourself against mischief.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman
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