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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman  1/27/2015 4:20:47 AM
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All Need Peace Indeed

On hope mind is depended
By courage mind is defended
By failure it is offended
By prayer it is fully mended

Happy moments may be fewer
But each such moment is a rescuer
Failure is not at all a wrong-doer
It is a concealed courage-supplier

To death none is immune
This fact none can impugn
Before heart stops its tune
Let noble actions be sown

Lament not over failures and cry
With sincere hope work hard and try
All our tears only sweats can dry
Take efforts and do not simply lie

That which poisons mind is greed
The worst of all desires indeed
If a happy life you have to lead
Expect not more than your need

There should be a life-long campaign
Against pessimism which inflicts pain
To optimism if we ourselves confine
A fine life we can surely obtain

Great rewards are reaped by being silent
First, towards us none will be indifferent
Then misunderstanding will be absent
We can smell the aromatic peace-scent

An atmosphere full of noise
Where adults behave like boys
Should never be our choice
As it will spoil our equipoise

“How nice will be if we are kind”
Should be remembered by mankind
All our hatred if we totally wind
True and real peace we can find

Being a human-being is the greatest privilege
Conferred on us by God who will ever assuage
All our complaints to God we must lodge
All our difficulties via prayers we must dodge.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Behave Brave, God Will Save

There will be surely a fine solution
Think it over without any confusion

A remedy is there definitely
Try for it with will resolutely

Thousand attempts you make
Not bothering about any ache

Efforts with hope you now take
Let your ambition be not fake

Honestly you do the given work
Automatically follows the perk

God will arrange for a reward
So have deep faith in that Lord

Just do your duty with love
Expect not anything now

One day success will come
Surely great you will become

Wait for that glorious day
Glad news time will convey

God will never disappoint
Please note this fine point.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Demerits of Bad Habits

Protect your health by following good habits
Eliminate bad habits firmly from your life-style
Those habits that are injurious to body and mind
Must be driven away without any second-thought

Acquiring a bad habit is a very easy one really
As that will entice us by giving immense joy
We will be lured by its power like a true fool
We may not study the badness of that habit

That habit will be initially like a flimsy thread
After its regular practice, it becomes a cable
Then slowly it will show its devilish attitude
Afterward, we will be caught in its bad net

Gradually it will take the upper hand cruelly
Its dangerous effects will come one by one
We will be in a soup due to its deadly grip
Its iron hand will crush us with its weight

Wise people will escape in the initial stage
Coming out of it requires great determination
Strong will combined with Godly blessings
May help one escape from its dirty clutches.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Duty Is Loved By The Divinity

Always opt for proper adjustment
By ignoring anger's inducement
Do your duty with commitment
Live with a positive sentiment

You are well-paid, so, you toil
Make peace grow on heart-soil
Your efforts, fate may spoil
Allow not your blood to boil

To jealousy, be not vulnerable
Opportunities are innumerable
If you are simple and humble
At no time, you will stumble

If working hours increase
Let not your joy decrease
All problems will soon cease
From agony, fate will release

Enough money if a job supplies
Proper reward, it then implies
With lethargy, if a soul lies
Hell is sure if its body dies

My body, let sweat decorate
To work means, to celebrate
Love to work, do not hate
Start before it is too late

Sun provides services singly
I respect Him praying adoringly
I follow Sun working amazingly
Sweat will glitter dazzlingly

The Moon is also educating
Rest period, it is calculating
By loyally and lovingly circulating
It is emaciating and rejuvenating

Stars give their regular attendance
Illuminating Sky with resplendence
The World upon them has dependence
God is there to give great defense

Nature works without duty-stoppage
Supplying boons in enough dosage
If you must enter History's page
Do toiling before reaching old-age.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman
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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman