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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman  3/4/2015 9:14:03 AM
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Theory To Overcome Weary And Gain Glee

This sadness is only temporary
Do not conclude in a hurry
Give no room to worry
As usual life you carry
Hoping is absolutely necessary
As its influence is exemplary
No harm in feeling sorry
But, at a stage, worry you must bury
Never decide while having fury
The best cosmetic is having merry
Destination to all is cemetery
Regarding this all must agree
Take efforts without being carefree
God allows not fate to go scot-free
When God makes a detailed inquiry
Without sins you must be fully free
God alone is the final jury
If your life resembles that of a tree
To Heaven you will get an entry
Souls are given by God prayer-battery.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Access To Success

To attain a successful life-cum-career
You must be a non-stop warrior
Heart must be a confidence-career
To remove each hindering barrier

To achieve success you must have ardor
You must also persevere harder
Thoughts must be arranged in order
As they are rungs to the success-ladder

In a day Rome was not built
Let not initial failure give guilt
In time-river, experience is the silt
In future, life-boat will not tilt

Let not thoughts make somersault
As tears will flow from eye-vault
Human life without any fault
Is like a sea without salt

Life is a precious jewel
To end, one day, you must sell
Worry makes life a hell
To that hell say farewell

Through a carefully planned strategy
Everyone must become a prodigy
Worry is a soul-killing allergy
It will sap your whole energy

Whenever defeats are met
Do not fume and sadly fret
Success is in efforts I bet
Hard-work is the best outlet

Walk always on the right path
Live unto the last only for truth
Improper victory incurs God's wrath
Let 'Hard-work' be your only oath

Victory must dry tears, not produce
Power of thinking, do not abuse
World's burden every act must reduce
In a noble heart lives God, I deduce

Pray to the mighty Almighty
Have with peace a treaty
Let not heart feel weighty
As stars in the sky are plenty.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Adjust and Live with True Interest

Things may not happen as per our wish
We may be sorry, but extend not sorrow
Our sadness must at a stage fully vanish
Or else we will miss our precious tomorrow
Our worries must day by day surely diminish
Then only our peace of mind will finely grow
See the positive side to live very cheerfully
We must always be optimistic with true glee
The wisest soul gets happiness enjoying fully
All are born not to suffer, but to feel glad
Wall of fate rises higher only to make us sad
Small wins that we had must to our joy add
When all our plans collapse, we must be bold
We must not be terribly bothered by losses
To optimism and enthusiasm we must hold
When our life, fate without sympathy tosses
Enough guts and courage must be installed
He who is always hopeful never at all loses.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Begin Now and Then Win

Think thrice before any action
To avoid the happening of friction
When you do the final selection
You must get perfect satisfaction

Decide not in the last minute
Do not ponderously just sit
Try to practice to keep fit
Success is sweet, soon get it

Dreaming will not get great glory
Inaction makes you feel ever sorry
Carry on work without any hurry
Never worry as it is unnecessary

Plan and execute with great skill
Extract out of duty maximum thrill
Always perform the task with will
Your coffers, using efforts fill

When circumstances are adverse
Then do not despise the Universe
God and prayer are there to nurse
You can rectify if things are worse

Just believe in your full capacity
This belief will act like electricity
Increase via work your capacity
Keep intact your great creativity

Exploit your potential sagaciously
Ignore comments made atrociously
Taste this life viewing it preciously
Let holy time be viewed auspiciously
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman
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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman