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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman  9/16/2014 12:27:39 PM
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Few Tips to Stop Slips

My dear soul, be ever smart
Always wear the best dress
Exhibit a cheerful heart
All will reach your address

When your face is fresh
And kind is your word
Toward you all will rush
As joy is by you delivered

When broad is your mind
Where Angels ever dwell
God in you all easily find
And regard you as a jewel

When smile you bear
And love you show
When you truly care
To live well you know

Life is a sheer brevity
All activity will cease
So show magnanimity
To gain in life peace.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Fight And Write Victory Story

From the gloomy past you escape
To proceed towards the point of safety
Difficulties come in rapidity
And make you again hopelessly gape

Due to the emergence of a new difficulty
Your plans may face severe troubles
If your tension unnecessarily trebles
You pay a very costly penalty

Attainment of Universal glory
Cannot be very easily made
Cutting mountains with a blade
Will cause them never any injury

Defeats ruthlessly plundered
A man's hope and courage
With meaningless rage
His time, he squandered

Such a man never teaches
His thoughts cannot be torches
Glorious status he never reaches
As only pessimism he preaches

Even mighty Emperors
Who ruled vast Empires
Were shocked by defeat-wires
Because of petty errors

Take steps resolutely
And grab all opportunities
Do sincerely all your duties
You will be the winner absolutely

Real bliss you get finely
If God's grace comes along with
You to reach the Zenith
Of your career finally

So man, try to be very brave
In life very foolishly indulging
In a disparaging grudging
Cannot save you from the grave

You may be now alive
But your heart is a cemetery
If kindness has no entry
So make it soon arrive.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Fine Love Is Truly Divine

Love has the power to cure
It greatly helps one endure
It makes mood jovial
Problems appear trivial

Love always gives succor
It blesses like the maker
Love alone will ever triumph
It gives light like bright lamp

With love when heart is full
Soul never feels ill or dull
Love will make mood light
Showing to soul bright light

Love is a splendid torch
Like Sun, it will march
Love is superior to God
As its approach is broad

Loveless heart is a big desert
A loving heart gives a concert
A heart with pure love excels
Hearts with no love are Hells.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



For Achievement Life Is Meant

In life what we at last hopefully harvest
Depends upon what we sincerely invest
In efforts if we are sincere and honest
We will be the first to reap success-interest

Great ideas that we conceive
May not be initially impressive
Appreciation we may not receive
But let us be persistently progressive

Something concrete, one day we will achieve
Until that day let us not foolishly grieve
To depressing thoughts if we are submissive
Then mentally how can we grow massive?

Whatever we may now surmise
Future is surely a surprise
But let us not become mice
And get trapped in worry-device

The beauty of the morning Sun-rise
Cannot be enjoyed through covered-eyes
Coward’s eyes get covered by cowardice
Forcing him to sacrifice paradise

The worries which we entrust
To the Almighty out of pure trust
Will definitely suffer arrest
Thereby making us the strongest

Every star is an asset
Which we get after Sun-set
So let us never get upset
As we have stars to offset

Constant good use is a must
Unused things attract dust
To make a thing suffer the worst
Give it rest to totally rust

Conditions may be conducive
But if one remains passive
Results will be totally negative
One cannot successfully live

But a constructive discontentment
Will release thoughts from imprisonment
Improvement through hard-work’s involvement
Will replace resentment by nice enjoyment.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman
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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman