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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman  1/29/2015 6:19:31 AM
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Crimes of Fate Bring Hard Times

Tough times often are born
Before life spreading thorn
There will be none to warn
By them heart will be torn

Every step will bring a loss
Always we will lose the toss
Surely will be cruel our boss
Acute agony this will cause

All our attempts will at last fail
God will not care our prayer-mail
We will have none to with love bail
Fate will not allow us to smooth-sail

Success will never choose us
God will also refuse to bless
We will often miss the last bus
Our marks will be only in minus

God would have lost our address
Our efforts, fate will cruelly suppress
Doom will occur to severely depress
The entire World, we cannot impress

Devils will ever give a deadly blow
In failure there will be a constant flow
Every one will view us as his foe
His love, God will refuse to show

We may not be everywhere welcome
Very strong our enemies will become
If we call, God will not at all come
Real torture will be the final outcome

If we love, World will only hate
Time will continue the sad state
All our hopes will totally dissipate
To destroy us, fate will dedicate

To hell, we will be pushed
By sadness, we will be flushed
By agonies, we will be crushed
In a gist, we will be smashed

Death will at last cancel,
To God, time will sell
Our soul in body-parcel,
Hard-times are Universal.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Disgrace During One Of Those Days

I express love with hope being high
My heart loves her I know not why
Try I hoping she may love this guy
To deny me she decides as she is shy

Deep love for her I eagerly keep
To reap her love I hopefully sleep
I heap my love, but she calls it cheap
Leap I, but her position is so steep

Wonderfully she is made by the sender
Thunder will to her beauty surrender
To render love-service I hopefully ponder
To hinder me she feels I seriously blunder

Near her I go with anxiety cum fear
With clear love thoughts I appear
To cheer her I plan when she comes here
O- Dear, that deer rejects me giving tear

Today I will meet her on my way
To convey my love I plan a way
I pray and with deep hope stay
To obey not she plans and goes away

Fun is life with her under the Sun
None can stop me as her love will be won
To stun the World we will soon be one
To run away from me she has begun

Fine beauty of her is Divine
Mine is pure love from heart-mine
To confine her to me, I take love-chain
To pain my heart, she puts rejection-fine

Beauty of her stuns the mind of even deity
The Almighty has excelled in his duty
Creativity proves God's remarkable capacity
She is haughty making our relation a brevity

To trigger my heart appears her figure
Bigger hopes I develop with vigor
Her dagger-like eyes make me a beggar
Meager is joy as she is a tiger not sugar

Spent were days getting no love-consent
I will invent deep love and at last repent
I lament as one of those days away now went
Adamant is she today ignoring me cent percent

The list is given in a gist
Mist is love says this optimist
Fist of fate is making the twist
But just is love and is a must.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Dissimilarity In The Society

All hearts are in shape similar
But all thoughts are dissimilar
That is why some are peculiar
And their actions are full of valor

Every bird cannot sing like nightingales
Again with breeze we cannot compare gales
All the fish are not massive whales
All the products do not enjoy equal sales

Everything possesses some hidden originality
Everyone possesses to a certain degree charity
In human intelligence there will be disparity
Superiority arising out of servility is a nullity

Good things will win at last
Forever Justice will surely last
If someone thinks Justice is lost
His thinking power is not vast

Though all the runners take steps
And successfully complete all the laps
Only three win finally the cups
Only three sip victory-syrups

Always we cannot have favorable odds
Because odds are decided by the Lords
Who know how to fine-play their cards
Surely Lords will not at all be frauds

Injured souls prayers surely mollify
To Gods, your problems, prayers notify
Fate’s role only God can firmly nullify
Deify not fate, but through prayers defy

In hearts if kindness appears
In eyes will not appear tears
Absence of arrears of cheers
Results in no peace-arrears

If hearts go into disrepair
Those hearts we must repair
For this thoughts we must prepare
So that souls will not feel despair

It is conscience man must obey
For a pure conscience sincerely pray
Human mind God alone can x-ray
Only in a noble heart, God will stay.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman



Fetch Hope Through Positive Touch

That which fetches you riches
Must be done with real honesty
It may have innumerable hitches
But, view those hitches as tasty
Your soul's hole when a job stitches
To leave it be not at all hasty
Every profession has setbacks
Worry not and melt like wax
Carry on though the job may tax
Enthusiastic approach is welcome
As it gives you real zeal and zest
Optimistic ideas must come
As they provoke your interest
Realistic your goals become
If you work by being robust.
Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman
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Poems By Poet Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman