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Poems By Poet Mark R Slaughter  7/11/2014 4:05:57 AM
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An Image Of Your Gaze

my flowers flush

Sort of dancing
in the bleach of sun

Beaming back in blaze

We sprawl across each other's limbs
A verdant orgy
spoiling for disorder
coming colour


turgid greens

splay out
silky foliage

we wrestle
in our jewels


be the trees within the wood

A baby blue lobelia face
dinky hat
singleton of mind
inside this mighty picture



I'm the lonely

an image of your gaze
to hone your beauty
err it fades


Brown eye catches
blue-blush cry
to read ‘I Miss You'

My centre-face
flares the message


About me

The chorus ruptures
blows in Turner tones

Shattering your reply
Mark R Slaughter



And How We Die!

Kiss my breast
For we are death

Run your aging fingers thro’ my hair
Bleed for me
Your blood
Drip upon mine eyes
Undress my life
Curse not the wrongs

The lady bends
Hovers o’er my flowered form
To sing our songs

And how we die!
Copyright © Mark R Slaughter
Mark R Slaughter



And I Shall Share Your Face

I study your art
Of eye,
Line of neck,
Lips across the mouth,
Delineating psyche;

Balance in the clavicle
Augments, symmetrizes
Beauty in the surface of the skin.

Shy stance atop
Reluctant waist
Partners with a reticence;
Small of back betrays potential,
Elegance along the leg, disguised
Lest attraction daunts -
Of this, I see -
Believe -
In me:

To build upon
Relies upon the will
To persevere!
And as your glass
I'll share your face -
Inside I'm always here
To crush the pill
Of nagging pain -
In song for you ‘tis my refrain:

Relationships are gems.

Reflect upon
Reflective thoughts -
Let's mull across a Pinot
In a metaphorical bar -
In me for you, an open door -
In brain, I'm never far -

We'll stay the beast
Of deeper fears -
The play of bκte noire
That plots the threat
Of brimming tears.

Yours -
Is in your house,
Yearning bed,
The solo mind;

We'll kill the dread;
You'll up and find
A match for life;

You'll have the calm
Your whole deserves -
Body -
Slender curves.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2012
Mark R Slaughter



And I was All

Not in here
the carbon field

Somewhere though
perhaps in mind

Upon a yielding
of the heart

A verticality
of trees

Roughly-hewn bark
Nature sculptured

She gnarled up my innards
at the crawlies

I render


And so my heart
and I became the air
of night

Wrought from pain
we yawn out!
borne of brutal evolution

As wind wrestled
‘gainst her pangs of death

Our paucity of stars

Gave to waxing of the


Smoothing out a path
along the satin black

And I was all

For I was air

And all of clear chill


Mark R Slaughter
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Poems By Poet Mark R Slaughter