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Poems By Poet Mark R Slaughter  7/9/2014 9:45:42 PM
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Ever Had a Nine-course Meal?

Ever had a nine-course meal to set you on your way?
Perhaps to start, a glass of wine aside a cheese soufflι.
The second dish could be of fish, so how about Paella?
Check with Chef to see it's cooked – you don't want salmonella!
Now for the third we'll hot it up with spicy beef kebab –
You know we wouldn't want the feast to feel a little drab!
Before the fourth, you'll need a lager – taken from the keg.
And in this cooling interlude, enjoy a chocolate egg
Before the launch of number five: a roaring Indian curry –
And since our table's near the loo, you'll have no need to worry!
But now to take the heavy stuff: a whopping great lasagna;
However, this is rather special – a recipe from Romania!
Risotto makes the seventh course with red Italian wine,
Then you'll benefit from dessert, with chocolate mousse divine!
Oh - and afterwards a stretcher as we serve course number nine!

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2009
Mark R Slaughter



Fantasy I

Hush! I see a fairy -
Pretty wings and all -
She's flitting thro' the undergrowth
And teasing me to call:
'I beg you, dainty creature,
So tiny, sweet and fair,
To let me blink and gaze again
For truth you're really there! '

Her eyes return a twinkle
With complimentary smile,
Before she ups and disappears
To leave me in denial!

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2012
Mark R Slaughter



Fantasy II

Such lovely hands
You pretty thing! -
And finger blessed
With telling ring

To scoff at me
That you are wed! -
What lucky man
Might share a bed

Upon the nights
When lust abounds
And he in rhythm
O'er your mounds.

"If that were true
My cheeks would flush, "
She cooed in answer,
Then to gush
In wantonness -

Her consummation
Drought aware
That I now tout
To ply repair …

Desire replete
Her smile of eyes
Assured our secret
Bears disguise.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2012
Mark R Slaughter



Fantasy III

Should I lean to my advantage,
Dare appose my lips? -
Would she hers?

What sips from that delicious wine
Might do for me?

Cleavage, snug in black,
Taunts a thought -
Plains of areolae
Wait in for evening,
When she relents to blood-filled hands
Hankering, restless;
I'd render her as art,
Track her curves
Like pencil over tracing paper;
Be her pioneer,
Charting out the waves
That silhouette her form…

A signal -
Glint of eye -
Flash of moment,
Teasing, telling play of naked forms,
Euphonic moans tuned to sleuthing fingers:

Therein the jolt; I move,
Accommodating balance.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2012
Mark R Slaughter
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Poems By Poet Mark R Slaughter