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Poems By Poet Mark R Slaughter  4/29/2016 8:32:30 PM
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I Have Antidisestablishmentarianism

The longest word I know.
It’s great for all the parties -
I use it just for show!

If I could only understand
The meaning of the word,
I’d come across more academic -
Rather than absurd…

‘Have you seen my
It’s quite the largest one –
I’ll show it to you if you like,
So long as you don’t run.’


‘Last night we had for dinner
You should try it soon:
It’s all the rage with veggies -
It’s really quite a boon.’

Or even…

We took the cat down to the vet:
Was diagnosed.
It’s very rare - we’re very proud -
But hopefully not exposed!


One night I went and blew it -
I was chatting up a chick:
‘Have you ever tried
Antidisestablishmentarianism? ’
I asked…
Her face turned red with anger
And she kneed me in the d**k!

Later at the party when asked
‘Why that funny walk? ’
I grimaced as I told them I have
Boy that made them talk!

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2009
All rights reserved
Mark R Slaughter



I Think I Need A God

I think I need a god – but whom to choose?
A raft of deities; I'm sure to lose
My sense in search. And what about a church?

And of their role – direct communication–?
Mediation–? that imbroglio; the
Rigmarole of what they call religion.

Will they tell me what I have to do–?
How to pray, obey the laws: construe
The mandate; follow fast in their tradition –
All the fundamentals? Much ambition
Is required, I think! Where's the drink?
A brandy please, for disconcerted minds.

Ah…warming…and indeed revealing…
Yes, I see – the reason for the many gods:
An anachronism; rationale from
Our primeval brains: When early Man
Evolved along the tree, a new survival
Tool emerged. We call it cogitation –
Cerebral aptitude for modelling all
We see in our environment – but then we
Started thinking of our mighty world,
How it all began, unfurled, and why?
It had to be the sun – no, the stars, no,
A special kind of entity:
Invisible, omnipotent, and, er…shy:
A god!

Dear, oh dear; so do I need a god –?
A legacy of early exposition;
Revelationary evolution:
Memes, enforced upon impressionable youth,
Variegating into multitudinous
Delusions, packaged into institutions;

Just an overwhelming whim from our
Imagination, all in effort for
An explanation – but all too much for me to
Understand. I think I need a god.
Mark R Slaughter




In vivid recall - 'gainst the many years -
That image captured by my eyes and stored
Upon that first and stunning view: your face.
Now deep inside my neural memory chest,
For me to glance a smile when time is tight,
Or study wildly – still in disbelief –
When life has paused and turmoil takes a break.
Who needs a photograph when I can blink?
And there you are: that blonde of twenty years -
Standing; smiling... at me, of all menfolk.

Copyright © Mark R slaughter 2009
Mark R Slaughter



Is This Poem Never-Ending?

You are locked in a never-ending poem;
Now take a breath before line three
And please continue from line one.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2009
Mark R Slaughter
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Poems By Poet Mark R Slaughter