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Poems By Poet Mark R Slaughter  7/22/2014 8:42:18 AM
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Off-Chance Dream

I chanced a glimpse
And thro' the crowd I caught her eye;
A vision flamed in future stories:
Glorious nights, wedding vows,
Energetic children,
Growing old, together to part -
Rejoicing all we had before we bade our byes,
Drifting forth, a single melded soul...

A shove - the jolt had brought me to.
He warned me, 'Watch it mate! '
And even she had gone.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2010

dream dream dream dream dream
dream dream dream
Mark R Slaughter




As I view the egg that rests
Inside your head,
I catch the camouflage,
Marvel at the riddling colour –
Splashed, blotched –
How so? –

And oft my eyes adored you
Through that ovum,
Cranium holding oddities of thought
That sparkled blues;
And then I drift down towards
The fleshy, alien-like apparatus assembled there –
As if through randomness –
That constitutes the area
Between your legs.

The sight stared back
As if to say:
‘There are no metrics in the act –
Not if you, the man, would clear
Familiarity, and
Make her come through expectation, anticipation.’

My eyes drift upwards, returning to the shell –
It seemed to render her skull translucent.
Perhaps it was her brain.
Perhaps I need to make her come through a wish.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2013
Mark R Slaughter



Pleasant Night

So here we go again, another drink –
My seventh pint and now I'm glowing pink.
I roll around and laugh at not sure what,
But find myself a cosy little spot
To slump and vomit – grinning all the while.
And hurling up my final ounce of bile,
I start to squawk and crow a sort of song -
Unaware of my repugnant pong.
The bouncer grabs my shoulders fair and square
And hauls me through the door without a care.
I've had my fill and now I'm in the street,
Sprawled along the gutter, when I meet
Another loser, just the same as me.
We nod and murmur, full of drunken glee.
And so I place my life upon the fringe
In yet another night out on the binge…

Copyright Mark R Slaughter 2009
Mark R Slaughter




I kissed the rim:
Kissing me, a cool sophistication:
Cut glass; leaded class
Fashioned as a ballerina
Tilting in her obligation,
Out to please –
A woman readied –
Me to tease!

O! the dream:

A rivulet of garnet dawn
Now drawn thro’ lips of want,
Poised in deep anticipation…

For eons lay this vintage
(As it seemed)
Nurturing greatness
Under darkness of the cellar –
Until I found her dusty curves:
A sleeping beauty,
Waiting, luscious, ready for the drinking.

Now here I stand, pretentious:
Eyes half-closed, half-lit;
Reposed, half-stood –
Who knows the cast I here portray!
I took my blessing…

Shit! It’s corked!

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2011
Mark R Slaughter
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Poems By Poet Mark R Slaughter