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Poems By Poet Marria Attar  7/28/2014 7:32:33 PM
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Have you ever wondered?
About life and how long it’ll last
Have you ever thought of the years?
And how fast they have passed
Have you ever asked yourself?
Will I be alive for another day?
Have you ever considered thinking?
Of controlling your life span in a certain way
Have you ever wished to accomplish something?
And achieve it as you should
Have you ever hoped to change the bad?
And replace it with the good
Have you ever wondered?
If your dreams would finally come true
But only realize
That the dreams that came true were a few
Have you ever thought about change?
And how it can save you from hate
Then later think about doing the good
But couldn’t since it was too late.
Marria Attar



Your *So-Called* Liberation

your democracy and liberation
Is an act of condemnation
your so-called liberty and freedom
Has led to the Arab suffocation.
Yet, you claim resistance as terrorization
Whereas, your act as justification
The world powers seek nothing more than gaining wealth
On the expense of Arab dehumanization
Look at Palestine and the occupation
Israel's genocide of an entire population
Yet, you claim it to be self defense
And a form of Israeli identification
The killings, the torture, the evacuations
Yet, reisitance is called terrorization
And terror is called justification
Standing up against injustice is an act of hypocrisy
And the call for freedom is an act of infidelity
You occupy our land, and yet you call us the terrorists
You murder our families, and yet you go home and receive your many medals of honor
You kill our sense of freedom and feed our frustration
You call us terrorists for our confrontation
You torture our prisoners and blame them for an expectation
Yes, I see, your whole goal is for an Arab annihilation
And after all you have done, you ask why we, Arabs, are incapable of being civilized
Why we, Arabs, are incapable of being patient and modernized
Least do you know all the pain you have caused, all the deprivation
Our own voices have been removed as an act of detoxication
The truth has been concealed to hide all forms of dehumanization
You strip us off of our identity
you manipulate us with all aspects of our lives
you force us to evacuate from our lands
you kill our men and imprison our sons
you torture our prisoners without an explanation
despite all that, you show the world the other side of this criminalization
oh and finally you claim the occupation to be a form of westernization
a form of liberation, and a form of Western civilization!
Marria Attar

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Poems By Poet Marria Attar