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Poems By Poet Marria Attar  2/27/2015 4:41:14 PM
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..TEll mE WHy..

Why do people fight?
Why can’t they just unite?
Why is the world a mess?
Why can’t people confess?
Why are people faultily tough?
When they pretend to be friends but intend to bluff
Why is the world on a string and ready to fire up?
When you know that it’s drinking each step through every sup
Why can’t the world be single flagged?
Instead of its occupation like a being plagued
Why can’t our people assist and be kind?
Why is the call for equality amongst humans hard to find?
When people unite and hinder the fall
People can reside together, in which in every state
There is no country too great
And no nation too small.
Marria Attar




Being alone is not just a word
Being the one that just can’t be heard
Is an elevation of loneliness inside
That makes a person’s outlook almost impossible to find
Being alone is not a principle act
Being alone is a factual fact
Being alone has an intense feel
That can’t be ignored since it is real
Being alone is a colossal mistake
Being alone just can’t be faked
Being alone is an emotionless sense
By which makes a person feel expressively dense
Being alone is living in a single solitary side
That makes this person want to always be secrete and hide.
Marria Attar




What is love?
And what does it mean
Is it fidelity?
Or is it more than what people have seen
Love is a character
That can never die
Love is the spirit
By which is impossible to buy
But is love found everywhere?
Far and wide indeed
It grows and flourishes in the heart
Like a thriving and promising seed
I was once loved
And it had the most unbelievable feel
It felt so warm and tender
And it was almost impossible to be real
Love comes in all shapes and sizes
But physically it is not thought about this way
It has the most intense belief
And it’s more than what people say
Love is like the dove
That is perpetually white and fair
It is primarily the vital wisdom
And it is further than what a human can bear.
Marria Attar




I wish I would always be with you
But I don’t know if you wish that too
I don’t know what you wish anymore
Or maybe it’s her you wish for
Why, why her? Why not me?
What, did you think that our relationship was never meant to be?
I have always been there for you
But it seems like you never knew
I have loved you like I have never loved someone else before
So tell me… do you love me or do you love her more?
What have I done wrong for you to do this to me?
I’ve always been the person you’ve wanted me to be
Love is a word that connects two people together in one knot
You’ve always said that to me but I guess you forgot
You always said that this knot was attached between me and you
But now I realize that whatever you said to me was never really true.
Marria Attar
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Poems By Poet Marria Attar