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Poems By Poet Marria Attar  12/17/2014 6:42:37 PM
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Yes, I am a PALETINIAN and I’m proud to be
I don’t give a damn on what people think about me
A strong and fearful PALESTINIAN, yeah that’s who I am
If you wanna insult me come say it to my face...That’s if you can
I am a PALESTINIAN the fire is burning inside of me
The brightness of this fire makes the whole world see
What PALESTINIANS are made of
And we aren’t just made of flesh and blood
We will destroy our enemies…we will create a flood
Israel, , just wait we shall come
Where you won’t see the blue sky not even the sun
Don’t think that by killing and torturing us, you’ll ever reach the top
Because our courage and bravery that lies deep beneath us will never stop
Try taking our morality and honesty towards our country and people away
Do whatever you want…Say whatever you say
This is my country and I’ll defend it no matter what it takes
A fight that is not acted a fight that cannot be faked
We- PALESTINIANS- do not fear death
It’s death that fears us... Even from the sound of our breath
PALESTINIANS… a PALESTINIAN where you Israel will never be
And if you deal with another PALESTINIAN then you’re dealing with me
Ohh yes, I am a PALESTINIAN, a PALESTINIAN from head to toe
Something you Israel even if you try will never ever understand or know…
Marria Attar



Mysterious Girl

There is a girl
With long black hair
With her big grey eyes
People can’t help but stare
Her beauty leaves a trace
Every time she walks by
She’s filled with magnificence
Such splendor you cannot deny
With her tall and fit body
She can blow fire off
As she walks past a crowd
Others can’t help but scoff
Her loveliness is admired by everyone
But her charm is envious by most women
By the way she dresses and walks
Her features are adored and gleamin’
Everything about her is stunning
She’s every girl and woman’s wanna be
Yet people did not know
That that girl with long black hair
And big grey eyes
Is me...
Marria Attar



' The River of Blood

It’s the river of blood
Initiated by the enemies of God
And when advised too or told to stop
They just give you the nod
The nod of ignorance and cruelty
The nod of no life and no feel
As they are told about they’re evilness
They believe that none of it is real
It’s the river of blood
That flows down a dark and red stream
And as I dip my hand in, it feels like sour, bitter cream
It’s the river of blood
The river of cruelty and pain
The river of blood
The river that flows in vain
The river that will never end
The river full of the dead
The river where they remain silently hopeless
The river where the majority of them bled
It’s this river of blood where I inject my power and strength from
It’s this river full of blood where my victory will soon come
The river of blood, the river that will soon contain me
It’s this river where my blood has long sought to be
The river of blood that shall soon end with an atrocious fight
The river of blood, the river that will no longer stay at sight.
Marria Attar



..I wiSh..

I wish I could do everything right
I wish I were this perfect person
I wish I were whole and ideal
I wish that I’d live life with no cries
I wish I could hear the birds sing as they fly
I wish life was just a half-an-hour game
I wish I were a person who is never to blame
I wish life was full of happiness with nothing to hinder the laughs
I wish life was just flawless and a single path
I wish I could sleep at night with no worries to overwhelm me
I wish people would for once stop hostility and unite
I wish everything could be solved without a brutal fight
I wish the road to success and infinite happiness was never that far
I wish the world was perfect as I wish I were…
Marria Attar
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Poems By Poet Marria Attar