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Poems By Poet Marria Attar  11/28/2014 8:24:15 AM
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A Killer's Mind...

Killers, killers
Killers think that what they’re doing is right
Always wanting to start a fight
Thinking that that’s a way to show they’re strong
Encouraging people to follow along
Showing that the others deserve to die
And oh... who cares if they weep and cry
That’s a symbol of their weakness, they’d say
Having full pleasure as they walk away
Leaving all those families with no hope to survive
And leaving no expectations for a child to stay alive
They’d walk amongst the others and laugh with full joy
Not caring if they’ve killed a man or even a little boy
They’d destroy every house around
Demolishing it entirely to the ground
They’d think that they had finally reached the top
While the others don’t know when they’ll finally stop.
Marria Attar



..I wiSh..

I wish I could do everything right
I wish I were this perfect person
I wish I were whole and ideal
I wish that I’d live life with no cries
I wish I could hear the birds sing as they fly
I wish life was just a half-an-hour game
I wish I were a person who is never to blame
I wish life was full of happiness with nothing to hinder the laughs
I wish life was just flawless and a single path
I wish I could sleep at night with no worries to overwhelm me
I wish people would for once stop hostility and unite
I wish everything could be solved without a brutal fight
I wish the road to success and infinite happiness was never that far
I wish the world was perfect as I wish I were…
Marria Attar




What is love?
And what does it mean
Is it fidelity?
Or is it more than what people have seen
Love is a character
That can never die
Love is the spirit
By which is impossible to buy
But is love found everywhere?
Far and wide indeed
It grows and flourishes in the heart
Like a thriving and promising seed
I was once loved
And it had the most unbelievable feel
It felt so warm and tender
And it was almost impossible to be real
Love comes in all shapes and sizes
But physically it is not thought about this way
It has the most intense belief
And it’s more than what people say
Love is like the dove
That is perpetually white and fair
It is primarily the vital wisdom
And it is further than what a human can bear.
Marria Attar



...CrY a liTTlE...

A cry is a word the heart can't say
A cry is a tear let down by pain
Caused by despondence and dismay
A cry that is left to flow in every vein

A cry from being hurt for no reason at all
A cry from being left behind
A cry from a drastic fall
After being the top and only there was to find

A cry from being ignored
A cry from being treated unfair
A cry to ask help from the Lord
Since he- the all mighty- will always be there

After so many cries
You start to realize
That crying is only a way to relieve the pain
But a cry does not solve the problem
........does not throw all your faults down the drain

A cry is let out to relieve the heart from words it cannot say
So the best thing to do is to cry a little
And solve the problem that’s been caused the very next day.
Marria Attar
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Poems By Poet Marria Attar