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Poems By Poet Marria Attar  10/22/2014 4:36:52 AM
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HeLp mE Go bAcK........

Is it time for me to go
The little girl wondered if she had a chance
Is it time to go
As she started packing her travelling bags and pants
Is it time yet
She wondered with great hope
But as her hope was slowly fading away
She felt like she could'nt cope
Please tell me is it time for me to..............
She thought and thought to find the right solution for her concern
But as she kept on thinking, her mind tended to burn
I want you to answer my question please
I want it right now, i'm on my knees
Tell me if i have a chance
Tell me if i will live through this journey away from my country and land
Tell me if i will still have the dignity to keep my head up high and stand
Tell me if i will ever go back to my country and race
Tell me if i'll see my countries glories and grace
All this beauty was stolen, when will they let me be
I have lost my country, i'm about to lose me
Is it time yet for me to go back
Is it time yet for me to pack
Is it time for me to see my country, my people, my reflection and whom I sought to be
Is it time to find that long lost person hidden inside of me?
Marria Attar




I think about you every day
I dream about you every night
I always pretend that you are there right beside me
I want to believe that you love me
I want to believe that you dream of me too
I want to say that I’ve always needed you
I also want to say that I love you
Although the distances between has kept us apart
The love I have for you will never depart
I am literally addicted to you
I always wish to be with you
I want to remember all the good times we had
I want to remember the first kiss we had
I want to remember everything we had together
But the thing is I can’t
Because to you, I never really existed...
Marria Attar



I'm Self-confident

With your self-confidence, you will succeed
No longer will your heart painfully bleed
As humans, we have our twists and turns
However, from these problems we always learn
Life has its own road and way
But you have your opinion, actions, and your say
Although life may bring you down
Don’t ever respond with a frown
Instead of giving up and letting go
Just cope with the problems and let them flow
In the end, a solution will be made
And no longer will fear and doubt be your shade
Perfection is a fictitious word you should never follow lead
If you seek perfection, you will never succeed
Just take a step at a time to regain your confidence again
However, along the path there will be pain
You will make mistakes along the way
But never let your faults forever stay
Wisdom will guide your every step
And will erase all the bad memoirs that you have long kept
You will regain your self-confidence bit by bit
The worse may happen but you mustn’t quit…
Marria Attar



I'M SoRRy...

I’m sorry
I’m sorry for breaking your heart
I thought I was being smart
Thinking that ignoring you would do any good
But I would take it all back if I could
I’m sorry for hurting you all this time
Maybe you thought I was pleased but in fact I was never fine
I’m sorry for not being there
But this didn’t mean that I didn’t truly care
Every morning I woke up all alone
Hesitating if I should pick up the phone
To talk to you or even say hi
But then I’ll put it down and start to cry
I thought that you’d never want talk to me again or even want to hear my voice
I tried to do everything I could until I had no other choice
But to try to completely forget about you
And later realized that that was totally impossible to do
Will you ever forgive me for being so unfaithful to you?
And will you ever believe that the love between us was true?
Marria Attar
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Poems By Poet Marria Attar