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Poems By Poet Marria Attar  7/13/2014 6:40:48 AM
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They have stolen our land
They’re trying to destroy it as much as they can
Killing every person alive
From woman to child to man
They’re bombing our homes
They’re weapons release such heat
And after the bomb has been dropped
Dead bodies lie there on the street
I can hear a father’s voice scream
I can hear a mother‘s deep cry
I can hardly sleep at night
Since I know that they’re all going to die
Israel has no mercy towards children
They don’t want to admit they’re wrong
Because they know that the Palestinian nation
Shall stand forever strong
It is time for us to stand up
It is time for us to be
The people that will destroy the enemy
And set Palestine free
Don’t you realize that if we all could just unite?
We can stop the whole method of this dreadful fight
It is time for us to stand
It is time for us to demand
A stop to this war
Then Israel shall no longer stay more
STOP! STOP! this pain
Children and many innocents are dying
Right there in Palestine
SO PLEASE! Stop pretending that everything is fine
Death rates are drastically increasing every day
What is there more for the nations to say?
STOP talking and let’s for once stand and fight
Against Israel, that thinks everything it's doing is right
Israel’s illegal weapons are used against innocent children
When the chemicals from their bombs land on a child’s skin, there is no cure
Destroying and ending the life of this child
That once was safe and pure.
Israel, the real terrorist shall not stay for long
We shall put you back, Israel, where you definitely belong
And when we do
We will set up the bell
That SHALL FINALLY ring Briskly
THE DAY you land in HELL! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Marria Attar



Mother, Can you Hear Me! !

I woke up one morning at 3 o’clock at night
And I saw this light surrounding me
I went over to wake up my sister
To make sure that she too could see
I tried waking her up
But there was no reply
I went to my mother’s room
That was close by
Before I could wake her up
She was already awake at sight
Then I heard her say to my dad
“Let’s go and check if the children are alright”
As she walked past our room
I looked at her and said “mother, mother can u hear me? ”
But then I look aside on the person on my bed
I asked myself who that person could be
And then I looked closer…
That person on my bed sleeping silently was me!
I tried calling to my mother while she tried waking me up
I could see her tears running down like hard rain
I could see her thoughts overwhelmed with pain
And there I found out with a startling shock
I had died exactly at 3 O’clock.
Marria Attar



Mysterious Girl

There is a girl
With long black hair
With her big grey eyes
People can’t help but stare
Her beauty leaves a trace
Every time she walks by
She’s filled with magnificence
Such splendor you cannot deny
With her tall and fit body
She can blow fire off
As she walks past a crowd
Others can’t help but scoff
Her loveliness is admired by everyone
But her charm is envious by most women
By the way she dresses and walks
Her features are adored and gleamin’
Everything about her is stunning
She’s every girl and woman’s wanna be
Yet people did not know
That that girl with long black hair
And big grey eyes
Is me...
Marria Attar



-Now I HaVe to Go-

Now I have to go
Don’t you ever try to apologize
My tears are left to show
But you never ever realized
The pain I was in all along
And don’t you ever come back to me
My tears won’t stay and wait for long
Although they were my cries you couldn’t see
you were all mine
But something changed that I can’t figure out
But I know now that you’ve crossed the line
Whenever you’d scream and shout
You really hurt me and made me upset
While I pretended that everything was all right
I’d want you to say you loved me but you hit me instead
And I would stay silent to not start a fight
I know that you didn’t mean to do all of this
And I certainly can help out whenever you’re prepared
It’s the great and wonderful times I miss
The devotion and love that we had once shared.
Marria Attar
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Poems By Poet Marria Attar