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Poems By Poet Marria Attar  3/3/2015 8:50:16 PM
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...CrY a liTTlE...

A cry is a word the heart can't say
A cry is a tear let down by pain
Caused by despondence and dismay
A cry that is left to flow in every vein

A cry from being hurt for no reason at all
A cry from being left behind
A cry from a drastic fall
After being the top and only there was to find

A cry from being ignored
A cry from being treated unfair
A cry to ask help from the Lord
Since he- the all mighty- will always be there

After so many cries
You start to realize
That crying is only a way to relieve the pain
But a cry does not solve the problem
........does not throw all your faults down the drain

A cry is let out to relieve the heart from words it cannot say
So the best thing to do is to cry a little
And solve the problem that’s been caused the very next day.
Marria Attar



...You as My Problem...

He was mine
Before he got to know you
He was mine
And I know that you knew
But you just couldn’t leave us alone
I know it killed you inside
Whenever you saw him close to me
Your hatred just tended to collide
To the point that it made you lie to him
By telling him that my love for him wasn’t true
But now I know the problem that happened between us
And that problem is definitely you
You couldn’t stand seeing me happy
You couldn’t control your jealousy
You just wanted to get whatever pleased you
Not caring if it hurt me emotionally
Your intentions are predictable
Don’t think I’ll never know
About all the bad you have done to me
The emotional injuries that cut me deep below
I will never forgive you
For all the bad you have done
He was mine... and only mine
And don’t you dare think you have won!
Marria Attar




Many teenagers think
That being popular should be with the way you dress
The way you walk
The way you attract the boys
And the way you make the noise
Many teenagers think
That being popular is by the way you treat the others with full disrepute
Or by being very thin and cute
Many teenagers think
That being popular is all about the way you talk about the others
Or if you’re wearing a silky top or shoes made out of leather
Many teenagers think
That being popular is by despising the quiet ones and making fun of the weird
And also to show that they can never be scared or feared
Many teenagers think
That being popular is by showing of your new jeans and vest
And many teenagers think
That being popular is a way to prove that you are the finest and best.
Marria Attar



HeLp mE Go bAcK........

Is it time for me to go
The little girl wondered if she had a chance
Is it time to go
As she started packing her travelling bags and pants
Is it time yet
She wondered with great hope
But as her hope was slowly fading away
She felt like she could'nt cope
Please tell me is it time for me to..............
She thought and thought to find the right solution for her concern
But as she kept on thinking, her mind tended to burn
I want you to answer my question please
I want it right now, i'm on my knees
Tell me if i have a chance
Tell me if i will live through this journey away from my country and land
Tell me if i will still have the dignity to keep my head up high and stand
Tell me if i will ever go back to my country and race
Tell me if i'll see my countries glories and grace
All this beauty was stolen, when will they let me be
I have lost my country, i'm about to lose me
Is it time yet for me to go back
Is it time yet for me to pack
Is it time for me to see my country, my people, my reflection and whom I sought to be
Is it time to find that long lost person hidden inside of me?
Marria Attar
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Poems By Poet Marria Attar