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Poems By Poet Marria Attar  5/27/2016 7:20:07 AM
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Oh Dear Child...

Do not worry dear child
Have faith in what you have left to believe in
You have been deprived from all the goodness in you
Now you lie in nothing but an immortal sin
Your worries no longer exist
All the pain and agony that you’ve once suffered will never take place
Your cries have not been heard
It was the path of pain and sadness you had to chase
Your heart lied in hopelessness
Every hour and day
And now you live in despair
In loneliness and misery that will never be taken away
Your happiness was stolen for no reason at all
Never have you known the meaning of childhood
Never has anyone answered your desperate call
Working all day just to support your family
Was something you knew you had to do
Never have you felt the taste of freedom
You’ve always been someone else other than you
Have you ever asked yourself why?
Why everything turned out wrong?
Have you ever wondered, oh dear child?
Where you truly belong?
Many children out there are being trapped under abuse and war
No one really knows what happens behind these closed doors
If we look deeper into the world
We will discover what we never knew
Now imagine that that poor child was you
How would you feel?
What would you do?
Marria Attar



Ooh God

Oh god I believe in you
In every circumstance and day
Oh god you are just
In every manner and way

Oh god you are there
And listening to every sound
Oh god you retrieve the lost
Where they undoubtedly are found

Oh god you are the creator
Of every human and tree
You made the people unique
Including the individuality in me

Oh god you created everything alive
And there you speak and say
How do you humans believe you’re greater?
In view of the fact that you were created from clay.

It is true that people are cruel in different ways
But all inhabitants know that you are fair
Since there is no evil and brutality for anyone
As long as you- oh mighty- are there.
Marria Attar




Oh Prophet Muhammed
You are the dear one to me
There was always faith in you
And you made the people see
What an honest man you are
And you’ll always be the one
What a great heart you have
That shines like the sun
They have hurt you
And given you names
But as clearly as we all know
That these are terrible shames
They’ve even drawn pictures
And put a fake man
They’ve even written about you
As much as they possibly can
But who will believe in all of this
And who will claim that it is right
With gods grateful and powerful will
He’ll destroy all of their sight
Oh prophet we believe in you
And followed you along
Because your heart and your words
Will always stay where they belong
We love you oh dear prophet
While the birds flew
And after we recite your name
We say… Peace Be Upon You.
Marria Attar



Reflection Of Pain...

The pain that has been bared
Was hoping for once to be shared
But it stood all alone in the dark
Waiting for a bright, new start
The pain that still stood there
Yet, no one was aware
The pain that calls for someone to see
The pain that will always be
Waiting for a miracle to happen soon in time
Waiting for success to start the climb
No one hears the cries shrieking from a distance away
When will it be the day
Where relief is absorbed by the heart
Never will pain break it apart
The pain that still calls for someone to reply
The pain that is waiting to die
This world of agony that’ll never end
The suffering and pain that seems to extend
Pain leaving no clue
Where the reflection of pain will be the only view…
Marria Attar
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Poems By Poet Marria Attar