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Poems By Poet Marria Attar  1/26/2015 8:23:24 AM
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Oh Prophet Muhammed
You are the dear one to me
There was always faith in you
And you made the people see
What an honest man you are
And you’ll always be the one
What a great heart you have
That shines like the sun
They have hurt you
And given you names
But as clearly as we all know
That these are terrible shames
They’ve even drawn pictures
And put a fake man
They’ve even written about you
As much as they possibly can
But who will believe in all of this
And who will claim that it is right
With gods grateful and powerful will
He’ll destroy all of their sight
Oh prophet we believe in you
And followed you along
Because your heart and your words
Will always stay where they belong
We love you oh dear prophet
While the birds flew
And after we recite your name
We say… Peace Be Upon You.
Marria Attar



Reflection of Pain...

The pain that has been bared
Was hoping for once to be shared
But it stood all alone in the dark
Waiting for a bright, new start
The pain that still stood there
Yet, no one was aware
The pain that calls for someone to see
The pain that will always be
Waiting for a miracle to happen soon in time
Waiting for success to start the climb
No one hears the cries shrieking from a distance away
When will it be the day
Where relief is absorbed by the heart
Never will pain break it apart
The pain that still calls for someone to reply
The pain that is waiting to die
This world of agony that’ll never end
The suffering and pain that seems to extend
Pain leaving no clue
Where the reflection of pain will be the only view…
Marria Attar



ThE BelOveD LanD...

Ohh Palestine
You will never be alone
Your people are fighting for your free will
And that is undeniably shone

Your truth and your pain
Has stood enough
Your tears and your bane
Has made us tough

To stand for your independence
And to stand for your pride
And all we want you to know
Is that we are for eternity on your side

We intentionally forbid your grief
Thus we work hard to be
The people you intend us to subsist
The ones that will set you free

We pray for your loved ones there
We pray every single day
That God will help them reside
With no pain and despair all the way

May your freedom and liberty
Assemble in every person’s hand
And at last live with autonomy
In your devoted and beloved land.
Marria Attar



The Lost Key to Equality

Through the rain and snow
Where the water drops and flakes flow
As the drops for the sky glow
People will finally let out their feelings to show

As we walk past the street
Where people of all colors and faiths meet
Where there is no longer any reason to cheat
As there are more individuals and faces to greet

A sudden of happiness from everyone is found
That even it makes the sky quake to the ground
A beautiful and striking sense of sound
The equality amongst humanity was finally found

No more wars and differences to find
That even the whole aspect of variation escaped our mind
And no one is any longer left behind
Just a mixture of good feelings combined

And from there we shall see
How the aspect of fairness will change you and me
Unfortunately we lost the key to equality
The stance of beauty and equivalence that will never truly be
Marria Attar
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Poems By Poet Marria Attar