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Poems By Poet Marvin Brato Sr  3/5/2015 5:56:47 PM
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Marvin Brato Sr   Best Poems From
  MARVIN BRATO SR (March 2,1960)

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The Fallen 44 (Special Action Force or SAF)

To die for you
is our pledge
oh Philippines...
my beloved country!

We were trained and tasked
to be strong and principled
mentally and physically...
to protect you, Oh Philippines.

We had faith and allegiance
to follow orders without complaint
obedience to superiors, loyal to the flag
and sacrificed our lives, family and future.

We fought with bravery
to subdue the terrorists
yet even our brothers
had mistook us as enemies.

On the battled field
we were overthrown
our body may had died
but our souls shall live on.

Justice may not come to us anymore
but may God enlighten those who lives
to continue pursue the dream of true peace
that all Christians and Muslims been seeking.

May our death be an inspiration
for every Filipino to become united
find peace under one country and God
that we the fallen 44 SAF had not died in vain.
Marvin Brato Sr



$ WorK $

Work is never easy
to do or accomplish

Yet many wish for it
As something very light
That don't need burden
In doing a work or two

Yet many wish for it
As a means to gain
That worth a fortune
In doing so little work

Yet many do not realize
That work need not be hard
For as long as you love work
Then it becomes easy to do

For work if done willingly
And with interest that persist
Then it will be the only solution
To obtain a meaningful and fruitful life
Marvin Brato Sr



(((((((( Dream Comes True))))))))

Everyone aspires for an education
Study the lessons is required action
Today after those struggles I have made
Eventually I got now my hard earned degree
Rendering a professional work is now for fee.

Best parents I do possess
Always back me in the process.
Now I am grateful for their support
Deep inside I'm proud of their effort.
Opportunities I await to get a fortune;
Jobs varies but I may hit the best tune
On this day I will do what I dare wish for.

Dream I have made is becoming true
Enthusiasm inside will help me through.
Life I foresee is now hopeful and bright
Moving to meet all challenges with might,
Onward to graduation becomes my delight.
Marvin Brato Sr



' Health Is Wealth '

Rich or not
We all have got
Chances in lifetime
To live quite sublime

More rich people become richer
And the majority poor more poorer
It's not how much money brings boost
But having enjoyed life not its cost

Healthy body makes an active mind
Once sick can't make good things rewind
Beware of taking too much of everything
Good health is wealth and the best thing
Marvin Brato Sr

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Poems By Poet Marvin Brato Sr