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Poems By Poet Marvin Brato Sr  11/29/2014 12:01:14 AM
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Marvin Brato Sr   Best Poems From
  MARVIN BRATO SR (March 2,1960)

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' Health Is Wealth '

Rich or not
We all have got
Chances in lifetime
To live quite sublime

More rich people become richer
And the majority poor more poorer
It's not how much money brings boost
But having enjoyed life not its cost

Healthy body makes an active mind
Once sick can't make good things rewind
Beware of taking too much of everything
Good health is wealth and the best thing
Marvin Brato Sr




A mentor...

Is a master
who molds
his student
to become
a master like him.

Have you meet your mentor?
Marvin Brato Sr



Simplicity is Beauty

What is beauty?
If it is not real
When it cannot last
A day in memory
Cannot lit an ember
Or quench a thirst.

What is beauty
If it is real
When it can last
A lasting memory
Inflame an ember
And quench a thirst.

True beauty
Is in the eyes
Of the beholder
It strikes from within
No matter what
A simplicity is beauty!
Marvin Brato Sr




Two heads or more are better than one
truly prove a cooperative effort if done
which will enhance the productive output
of a section and control any possible fault
through consultative coordination of the mind
better than employing a closed type paradigm

Each member in a group should contribute
eager to take an active part without dispute
by learning when to listen or speak with reason
only then a concerted endeavor excites a solution
to attain any goal which is set for service satisfaction
especially when the team working in a public institution

Indeed, through every one's dedication and love of work
surely makes hard work more easier no matter if its in bulk
even enthuses camaraderie among the group as being together
indulge in decision making with the guidance of a credible leader
act as one moving in single direction to accomplish the objective
depicts the essence of teamwork as key to becoming productive
Marvin Brato Sr

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Poems By Poet Marvin Brato Sr