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Poems By Poet mary douglas  7/24/2014 11:34:46 AM
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The Beauty Of What Is Difficult

for Tony Dagnall

the beauty of what is difficult
flows far beynd our hands

it bubbles in streams
where there are no fish

no container can contain it
you don't even wish for it
you wouldn't know what to call it
and wishes must have names
to be pinned like butterflies
in a landscape where even
the clouds can't move

oh but it's not on anyone's map
or payroll

but descends like some green dream
dead-center in midwinter
and you, you were so drear

or like snow when you

thought, 'swelter'
swift and instantaneous
though you watched for it by
your sad windows long

unbidden by even

the quickest, dearest knowledge
eluding the heart to the point of
then doubling back the
difficulty of what is beautiful,
the poem, among other things, unsaid.

walking backwards into your new
life you thought with trepidation brighter
and better than before than

any precarious, quicksilver, late-lamented
but do not lament or brace
yourself for really bad news
it's too diamond-flecked it's marigold undimmed
this, ever after forever will be

spliced on a reel
that we're not turning

just this beautiful
just this difficult

my friend

mary angela douglas 24 july 2008
mary douglas



Beauty Asks For A Rose

to the Saviour of all saviours

only bring me the Rose of all roses
clouded pink in winter's storms
the Artic rose no one can comprehend

or reconfigure

the high serene silver
rose confounding moonlight
recovered by kings in flight

from their lost kingdoms

the one that is mirrored in
the starry triptich
whenever I close my eyes

only bring me the cardinal Rose, the rose of
hidden music, scrolled and scrolled the

wounded Rose
the silence of petals streaming

the heart within the heart within the heart

mary angela douglas 4 december 2009
mary douglas



I'm The One With The Ruby Slippers

I'm the one with the ruby slippers
I whispered to myself
in a scene of great


in a dream it all came back to me:
the captive feeling in the unfeeling

and the witch

green as new grass
sprung up again

I'm the one with the ruby slippers;
I'm not the one that melts
I muttered to myself again
under the witch's witchng stare:

fire cannot quench
nor water burn

the singular heart annointed
in this.

or any other nightmare

mary angela douglas 16 may 2008
mary douglas



Yours Is The Calla Star [Carol]

yours is the calla star
over the manger, bending

the diamond refraction
of ultimate stillness

mere breathing causes
the air to chime but angel feathers
cannot quell us
jangling childhood's mismatched bells
we stop bewildered, at the halo round
our footsteps in the snow and
looking straight up

we keep forever
all the lilies in the night sky
all the lilies-

mary angela douglas 3 december 2009
mary douglas

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Poems By Poet mary douglas