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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory  10/30/2014 1:56:39 PM
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Standing On The Edge

Standing on the edge
Today yet again
Here I stand in the rain
The soil beneath me
Turns to mud
Standing alone
With just memories
Of a fruitful past
The fruit now fallen
On the mucky grass

Standing like a smoking gun
All my bullets spent
Looking down a loaded barrel
Like a blind man in the glaring sun
No damage left to be done
All faculties have slowed down
All strength has flown away
At life I have tried
But yesterday I died
They bury me today

A dear friend
Someone just as old as me
Is by my grave today
Standing on the edge
Tomorrow who will it be
I’m lucky
It won’t be me
Michael Micmac Mccrory



Tantric Poetry

Phone: Ring, ring, ring

Him: There goes the phone
Hello who’s there?

Her: It’s me darling
Are you on your own?
I’ve been lying here on my bed
With thoughts of you in my head
I want you to please me
With sweet loving words of poetry

Him: Oh alright; here goes
I’ll start at the bottom
At the tip of your toes
I’d like to kiss each one
Then rub you all over with my nose
Show love: like the Eskimos

Then there’s your dainty feet
Small and ever so sweet
Up to your ankle
Caressing gently with a tickle
I hope this doesn’t rankle
I aim to please you

My tongue ascends up your leg
To the upper reaches of your thigh
Stopping at your knee
To acclimatise as I get high

See as I massage your back
Turn you over to lick your tummy
On to your chin and cheeks
Then kiss your lips so yummy
Ending with a gentle blow in your ear

A little rest on your shoulder
Start, on my way down again
On the other side
Caressing, licking and kissing
All the bits I was missing
On the way up

I haven’t mentioned your naughty bits
Cause that would be obscene
I want the world to know that
Tantric poetry if practised right
Can be kept clean

I hope this poetry
Has pleasured your ears
I hope you get what I mean
This poem is for you my love
The most perfect human being

Now I am finished, I hope you love me
And I’m the one who you’ll always want
To be with you in your bed
But, please get it into your head
I love you but, heavens above
I like us to be in the same room
When we are making love

Michael Micmac Mccrory
Michael Micmac Mccrory



The Empty Page

Here I sit and stare
At the empty page
Because it’s empty
I am in a rage

Here I sit and stare
Trying to empty my mind
To find the words
To write poetry of some kind

Here I sit and rage
I need more booze
Still looking at an empty page
Searching for a muse

The muse had always been there
The thing that made me rage
At it I did stare
My muse was the empty page
Michael Micmac Mccrory



'The Fighter'

‘The Fighter'

I was the fighter
I fought and beat the best
They chose the wheels
I was left with no choice

We looked at each other
A few feet apart
Raced towards our goal
The chicken fell off

Couldn't stand the pace
I beat them with miles to spare
I was the first one there
I got to the tills first

I'll get the chicken tomorrow
It'll be trolley's again at dawn

Michael Micmac Mccrory
Michael Micmac Mccrory
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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory