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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory  7/29/2014 11:59:59 PM
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'Whispering, I love you'


There is something you should know
Just like the stars that shine above
I sit in the dark and glow
Because of you, I am in love
Even though we are miles apart
I feel so close to you
You are always in my heart
My love for you is true
I want to hug, cuddle and kiss
I want you to be near
I want to tell you of the bliss
Of whispering, I love you, in your ear

Michael Micmac Mccrory



A Painful Experience

The most painful experience of all
Is to be made to wait
With no control, over one’s future
This pain is called expectancy

Expecting something entirely beyond reach
Expecting a happy tomorrow
If you’re there when tomorrow comes?
Expecting tomorrow to wipe out yesterday

If you could do that today
There would be no tomorrow
When tomorrow arrives
Yesterday would be today

If it’s tomorrow
Then you don’t have today
So live for now
Live for the present

Tomorrow may be
A more painful experience
Michael Micmac Mccrory



'A question haiku'


‘A question haiku’

Why can’t I ask a question?
I am a poet pedestrian
Walking on the wild side

Michael Micmac Mccrory



A Sonnet for Noireen

I saw you across a crowded room
I fell in love
I had to write you a sonnet
My heart went vroom vroom vroom
I asked for your hand
I won it

All the eyes were on us
As we glided across the floor
The ladies Cooed
The men cussed
All full of envy
As we danced more and more

We danced slowly
We danced swiftly
The ladies bowed so lowly
The men minced so shifty
We were too busy in love
Our steps as one so nifty

So let the music of love play on
Let the fiddler’s bow be long
As you danced like a swan
All the world stood outshone
As the crowd looked upon
At we two dancing as one

I thank the lord above
For being in that room
When I fell in love
As my heart went vroom vroom vroom
I asked for your hand
I won it

It’s been a few years now
My heart is still soaring
To you the perfect muse
I offer this humble sonnet
To one: in all ways so beautiful
To Noireen
Michael Micmac Mccrory
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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory