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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory  10/31/2014 7:20:16 PM
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'Together we shall overcome'

‘Together we shall overcome’

‘Poetry for the Deaf’
Eh! What
What Eh!
What did you say?

‘Poetry for the Blind’
It’s called Performance poetry
It’s loud; so real
It’s written down
But only in Braille

‘Poetry for the Dumb’
For their eyes only
Read only

Poetry for the Deaf, Blind and Dumb
We will work it out between us
Please don’t make it:
Evil; no hear
Evil; no see
Evil; no speak

Once it is explained
The words the pen did lay
We will all understand in our own way
Yes, once the words are written
In addition, the reasoning is known
We three together will decipher the poem
‘Together we shall overcome’.

Michael Micmac Mccrory



‘Parallel View'

‘Parallel View'

I dropped a mug of tea
The mug broke into pieces
The tea formed a puddle
Pieces of the mug were floating in the tea

I thought what a waste
My shattered life
Adrift in my mind

Michael Micmac Mccrory



'Ali's Alibi'


It was only a little white lie
I didn’t mean any harm
I provided Ali’s alibi
She sure could turn on the charm

I didn’t know what she had done
I said what she told me to say
I thought it was a bit of fun
With me, she could always have her way

Michael Micmac Mccrory



'All the beats of my heart'

‘All beats of my heart’

All beats of my heart beat only for you
I’m drawn in the purest love
The purest love for the immaculate you
The immaculate woman so perfect
So perfect a woman made for the purest love
All beats of my heart beats only for you

The daylight was made to highlight the beauty in you
The beauty in you is made to love
To love the whole night through
Your eyes that sparkle so that the drummer can see
Can see to play all the beats of my heart
All the beats of my heart that beats only for you

Michael Micmac Mccrory
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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory