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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory  10/31/2014 5:05:09 PM
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'The Naked Poet'

I sit before the bare page
With just the lines protecting it's emptiness
My mind is also bare, bereft of words
The pen in my hand shouting
I am here with all the world's language's
Held within my ink filled lining
The pen goads me on, go on, you naked poet
Make me the empty one
Dress your bare page
With the words I have within
My ink filled lexicon lining
Go on if you dare you naked poet
Claim the glory for the words
That that stream from my innards
True poetry flows from my nib
True in every language
I am the almighty pen, the one truly gifted poet
Dress your page with my prose, dress your page with an ode
From my memory, the memory of the almighty pen
The one true poet, the poet master
The one who dresses your mind with words
The one who will dress you, until then you must remain
‘The naked poet'


Michael Micmac Mccrory



'The True Poets'

‘The True Poets’

Joshua Tracey said the poets that hates themselves are true poets
The true poets are the poets that hates the poetry they write
But they love themselves for writing them
They love to hear; your poem was brilliant so they can say not quite

My poetry is trite it doesn’t quite scan
My poetry is an abomination to man
My poetry is an extension of little old me
Sometimes in rhyme sometimes flowing free

The poet use words in clever ways
Then wants to take all the praise
But any old fool can make up a rhyme
I could do it myself if I had the time

Sometimes I wish I was like grandma
Then the words like the river would easily flow
But I’m not very good at grammar
So into the river; me; I will throw

Some poets think they are great wits
But they fail and collapse in bits
The real poets are the ones that know it
That there is no such thing as a true poet

Michael Micmac Mccrory
Michael Micmac Mccrory



'The unknown man'


I am the unknown man, well known to all
I am the unknown, all mankind knows me
Nobody knows I exist, but the whole world I enthral
I am invisible, there for all the world to see

I walk in darkness, always in the light
I speak in silence for the whole world to hear
Nobody see’s me, but I am always in sight
When you close your eyes, you will have me in sight

Hidden to the unseeing eye, but always on show
Always with you even when you are on your own
Outside your minds but you always know
I am right there with you in your zone

You hate me but rely on me as a friend
I am still the person you can’t abide
Cannot stand to be alone with me, you will love me to the end
You cannot stand the sight of me, but want me by your side

You do not want to know me, but will always seek me out
Of me, you will always want to be better than
You will want to be me, but always have your doubts
You want to get rid of me, but I am part of your plan

You do not want to meet me and my presence you ban
But I am not just an ordinary Dan
I am part of you, I am your clan
I am the unknown in each and every man

Michael Micmac Mccrory



Three Squirrels


I stood on my balcony
Gazed hopelessly at the skies
No poetic prose jumped out at me
Only three sets of two staring eyes
They swapped branches by a daredevil jump
Passing each other in mid air
Swapped trees, but one got the hump
I’m not jumping; so there!
The other two turned and gave chase
The third scampered to the ground
So at an almighty pace
Three squirrels ran round and round
They formed a continual circling rush
As round and round they twirled
Nothing left, not even a tail bush
As the vortex unfurled
Where oh where! Have the squirrels gone?
I looked low and high and everywhere in between
No squirrels, not a one
I wasn’t the only witness to the scene
A crowd had gathered to see, what I couldn’t see
What are you looking for?
I saw three squirrels disappear, where could they be?
They were just here, now they’re here no more
Searched and searched, they’re nowhere to be found
There where they formed a continual circling rush
They ran themselves into the ground
Nothing left, not even a tail bush
Once again, I stood on my balcony
To gaze hopelessly through the trees at the skies
No poetic prose jumped out at me
Only six mischievous staring eyes

Michael Micmac Mccrory
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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory