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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory  7/10/2014 8:09:01 PM
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Killing Remark

Here I sit
With a lack of wit
Cause what you said
Is going round my head

I just cannot understand
Why we let it get so out of hand
It didn’t take long
For it to go wrong

We got married today
Then you had to say
What you said
Our first night in bed

You tore my heart asunder
But I still wonder
Why my head's still full of thunder
Why did you say
For an Australian millionaire
I wasn’t very big down under
Michael Micmac Mccrory




Just like jungle boy Tarzan
Animals brought up the child Lardzan
Tarzan’s adopted ape parents were so big
Lardzan’s adopted parents were the humble pigs

Just like the jungle boy
Lardzan had his Jane
But his was a short lived joy
About hygiene Jane was a pain

Tell me why oh why
Won’t you come and live in my sty
The truth to you I will tell
I Just can’t stand the smell

Why oh why do you have to moan
Why do you run down my ancestral home
Smell this a family heirloom
At that she turned and left the room

The smell got worse as the weather got hotter
But this didn’t deter Lardzan Trotter
He wooed Jane with flowers and wine
She just said man-ure a swine

Off Lardzan and Jane’s romance
Which is a loving shame
Jane never gave Lardzan a chance
Snout from it never came

Poor old Lardzan was down on his luck
Jane went off to live in the city
All Lardzan had was muck
So he didn’t smell too pretty

It been a year since Lardzan lost Jane
Now he doesn’t give a fig
He lives a life oh so plain
Happy as the proverbial pig
Michael Micmac Mccrory



'Last Words'

Your puffing up the pillow
For me to rest my head
Your puffy eyes tell me you know
It won’t be long before I’m dead

I know I should say something witty
Some Wilde type retort
Either that wallpaper goes or I do
But I’m not the witty sort

So here they are my last words
I will state them real quick
Get rid of that wallpaper
It makes me feel sick

But seriously darling
I really don’t want you to cry
Could you put my head between my legs
So I can kiss my ass goodbye

Michael Micmac Mccrory
Michael Micmac Mccrory



'Lonely Teardrop'


Millions of teardrops did fall
The day my love died
The total teardrops I couldn’t recall
I just cried and cried
Of all the teardrops, I remember only one
It fell on your cheek and rested
I remember everything that teardropp done
I’ve forgotten what the rest did
It gently kissed you goodbye
And bade you a fond farewell
I had a good cry
Thoughts of a life of hell
Without you my love, life will be such
I can’t imagine a future
I will always remember that teardrops touch
A lifetime in my dreams for sure
A lonely teardropp that made it’s way
As it passed from me to you
For on your cheek it rested and lay
Until it rose to heaven like the morning dew
As it formed a cloud for you to ride upon
On your journey through the ether
Together you travelled on
I won’t forget either
That memory will never leave me
Tears enough to fill a river
I will love our lonely teardropp for an eternity
I will love you for ever

Michael Micmac Mccrory
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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory