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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory  3/5/2015 2:13:39 PM
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'The Alphabet of love'

‘The Alphabet of Love'

A boy meets a girl
Both fall in love
Cupid performs his duty
Days getting to know her
Eyes only see her beauty
From morning to night
Girl tells boy
He is the one
In sickness and in health
Joined in matrimony
Kiss the bride
Love's young dream, matures
Mummy and Daddy
Nappies and noise
Old before their time
Parents don't do parties
Quick growing family
Ruining their waking hours
Sleepless nights, days and weeks
Tough times, more ahead
Utopian love was just a dream
Veritable nightmare
Wishing they had never met
X husband and wife
Young enough to fall in love again
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….sleep on it, is it worth the hassle?

Michael Micmac Mccrory



'Hot Loving Siobhan'


What you need is
Hot loving Siobhan
To switch your love light on
Hot loving Siobhan
To really turn you on
What you need to carry you on
Is your hot loving Siobhan

My hot love is deeper
Deeper than an ocean
Just like an ocean
My hot love will flow
Will flow on forever and ever
Your warm hands tells me
You have a cold heart
But hot loving Siobhan
Will melt your ice-cold heart

The ice will be so hot
Just right for loving
You’re hot loving Siobhan
Hot loving for supper, breakfast and lunch
With some, more hot loving for brunch
Hot loving Siobhan
Has hot loving for every meal
And for every mood you feel
Hot loving Siobhan

What you need is
Hot loving Siobhan
To switch your love light on
Hot loving Siobhan
To really turn you on
What you need to carry you on
Is your hot loving Siobhan

Michael Micmac Mccrory



'Protestant Catholic'

All ye that enter the church abandon all hope
You may want to marry but the rules says nope
However, you can have all the children you can grope
And you will get protection and cover from the pope
They make you take orders and wear a frock
Then they get all-uptight and go into shock
When in front of children you produce your cock
Then they hide you away in amongst the flock

They deny it; they really do it so neat
You do wrong and they put you in retreat
But the children you molest and even beat
Lose the will to live and end up on the street
It is a mystery to say the least
How some people turn into a beast?
The animal within them is soon released
All because they made them a priest

These people are supposed to be our rock
We all know that is just a crock
When the devil within is unlocked
Another child’s life goes into hock
Next time you go to mass
Ask them where they get the brass
To stand and spout such crass
That makes their religion look an ass

Hey pope, you, I don’t want to worry
If you don’t want your religion to end up in the slurry
Do something now, and in a hurry
You have to let your priest’s marry
Michael Micmac Mccrory



'Endangered Species (Part One & Two) '

I walk along the broken streets
Leaping o’er the cracks beneath my feet
Trying to stay on solid ground
But! the money people want to keep me down

By creating their financial earthquakes
Then producing their usual earaches
These are hard times, tighten your belts
Easy; my hungry body is now a starving svelte

One day the rich will come to see
Their wealth will no longer come free
They may have get their hands full of faeces
Cos; the working class is an endangered species

‘Endangered species (Part two) ’
‘The Appeal’

Let’s be truthful
Let’s have some clarity
You’ll have to work hard
Or donate to this charity

It’s not the fault of the working man
That profits are your only drive
Improve the lot of the working person
Or they won’t be the only ones to strive

Improve the economy, create more jobs
Improve the lot of the working class
Redistribute the wealth, give a little to everyone
Or the world as you know it, will come to pass
Michael Micmac Mccrory
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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory