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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory  10/1/2014 7:19:13 PM
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Tantric Poetry

Phone: Ring, ring, ring

Him: There goes the phone
Hello who’s there?

Her: It’s me darling
Are you on your own?
I’ve been lying here on my bed
With thoughts of you in my head
I want you to please me
With sweet loving words of poetry

Him: Oh alright; here goes
I’ll start at the bottom
At the tip of your toes
I’d like to kiss each one
Then rub you all over with my nose
Show love: like the Eskimos

Then there’s your dainty feet
Small and ever so sweet
Up to your ankle
Caressing gently with a tickle
I hope this doesn’t rankle
I aim to please you

My tongue ascends up your leg
To the upper reaches of your thigh
Stopping at your knee
To acclimatise as I get high

See as I massage your back
Turn you over to lick your tummy
On to your chin and cheeks
Then kiss your lips so yummy
Ending with a gentle blow in your ear

A little rest on your shoulder
Start, on my way down again
On the other side
Caressing, licking and kissing
All the bits I was missing
On the way up

I haven’t mentioned your naughty bits
Cause that would be obscene
I want the world to know that
Tantric poetry if practised right
Can be kept clean

I hope this poetry
Has pleasured your ears
I hope you get what I mean
This poem is for you my love
The most perfect human being

Now I am finished, I hope you love me
And I’m the one who you’ll always want
To be with you in your bed
But, please get it into your head
I love you but, heavens above
I like us to be in the same room
When we are making love

Michael Micmac Mccrory
Michael Micmac Mccrory



'The Elder's Corner'

Heaven's waiting room
Is in the corner from hell
The corner of the pub
Where, the elders dwell

Whose going to be next?
Only time will tell
Politeness prevails
After you; I yell

It's called heaven's waiting room
But not for me, cos I am bound for hell
Last orders! one for every road in town
Before you ring that bell

Surprise, surprise, up to heaven; what joy
St. peter's is standing behind the bar
Is that you Micmac me boy
Will you have a little jar

Then the landlady wakes me up
Will you ever go home; will you empty your glass
Come on now you, take that last sup
Drinking with St. Peter… you were me ass! ! ! !

It'll be hell for you me lad
The flames will make you sweat a load
Won't your ugly face be sad
Cos the devil don't serve one for the road
Michael Micmac Mccrory



'The Tadpole and the Comma'


The tadpole is the lowest
Bottom of the range
The comma can be important
The words to arrange

Tadpoles wriggle on a leaf
One of the surviving frogspond
Comma wriggles on a page
To help the words flow on and on

The tadpole develops
Into a frog or a toad
The comma helps the sentence
Shorten a wordy load

Whilst Tadpoles are getting bigger
On a watery manger
Comma’s police the written word
So becomes the tone arranger


The difference between the tadpole and the comma.
The tadpole is sentenced to a short run.
The comma is there to help run the long sentence.
Michael Micmac Mccrory



' I missed you '

You’re the centre of attraction
Everyone is mesmerised by your eyes
They all adore your charm and wit
They pay attention to your every word
Watching your kissable lips
And I am left completely out of it

They listen attentively
Waiting for you to get around to them
And I just stand around
I close my eyes but I still see you
Cover my ears hear your every sound
We came to this party together
I wait patiently for you
To say the most beautiful words to my ears

It’s time to go home dear
It been a long night
I’ve missed you
Where were you all night
I say I was here by your side
I never moved away
I say; I missed you too

Lets go home to our house
Where once again
We will be together
Where you can be the centre of attraction
You can mesmerise me with your eyes
Amuse with your charm and wit
I will hang on your every word
And show you how much I missed you
I will kiss your kissable lips
Michael Micmac Mccrory
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Poems By Poet Michael Micmac Mccrory