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Poems By Poet Molly Breadcrumb  3/5/2015 9:58:12 PM
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Water and Me

swimming is the like the moon and the sun for me
the water's smooth fingers of bubbles dance on my summer tanned skin
the slashes of the water ring in my ear
the smell of chlorine awakens my soul
the water likes like a newly ice covered pound in the harsh winter weather but can quickly change with one move creating a wave of life braking all peace
the blue color so strong that no one can brake it's bond of beauty
so powerful it can eat though rock and tackle you with one wave but soft enough to wash a new born’s skin to a shin
my body cuts though the water like knife on ripe fruit
the main part of life
we live on the water and water lives in us
swimming for me is like the sun and the moon
By Molly Breadcrumb
Molly Breadcrumb



It's Just Me

I am Blue
From the deep blue sea to the color of my jeans
The endless sky
Roaring of the ocean against the sandy ground
Blue dances in my head
The smell of blueberry muffins,
on a summers morning
Salty sea water
Blue bird’s feather
Blue and yellow
I am Green
From seaweed to hot wasabi
Green is always smiling at me
A field of grass freshly mowed,
it smells so sweet
A young sapling in an orchard
Always changing
Smooth cucumbers
A frog living on a rainforest tree
It’s just me
Blue and Green
Molly Breadcrumb



Middle School Mayhem

six grade, oh boy
new places, new faces
here I come middle school
busy hallways and I’m already confused
scary teachers
heavy books
I was hook
on middle school
clueless and clumsy was me
s.s. projects and foam model earths, yippy
I loved my English class
it was a bast
my pencil always glue to my hand
I play sax in the band
new found friends surround me
it filled me with glee
my whole life written in English class and middle ages fair
I won student of the year, that’s when I learned that people really care
that was my six grade mayhem
seventh grade, hooray for me
new teachers and a faster pace
I’m still here in middle school
my nevers were like rubber bands
I’m so great full my friends were always there to lend a hand
drama club was so fun
but pushcart I hated
essays and homework doubled
science projects bubbled
art was fav
and math I hated
and gym and study hall
watch out flying kick balls
went to see a great play
and the whole year was filled with busy days
French was a bore
but I always came back for more
this was the year I turned thirteen
unluck for me
I do be smart don’t start
that was a bast
that was my seventh grade mayhem
eighth grade, finally
same places and same faces
I’m almost in high school
I’m the top dog
health was a night mare
i changed my hair
drama club was cool
I was always in the high school pool
wave, study circles, and GE
are only some
boys were gross
I was smart, I don’t want to bust
report card filled with 95 and 100
but what I loved the most were my buds
Casey, Katie (neigh, neigh) , Emily and Em Bradley, Julia,
Shelby (not me) , Sam, Jess, and Mother Ev
art was the coolest
Mrs. McDonnell was the bomb
Montreal and Great Escape
testing, testing, testing, but that’s not new
always looking for something better
English was so fun
I learned I like to talk
that was my eighth grade mayhem
Now the year is almost over
it reminds me of all the things I’ve done
I learn to speak up
I have a say
I hated middle school but hay
I loved being there anyways
the bell rings
I put on my backpack
then I walk into the hall
still trying not to ball
memories flood me
like the water on the Titanic
sixth grade, seventh grade, eighth grade have come and gone so fast
I can’t stop thinking of the past
I stand in the hall on the last Friday knowing Mondays not going to be the same
new faces, new places, new hall ways to learn
for my life will change
watch out high school Molly's on her way
that was my middle school mayhem
Molly Breadcrumb



I Feel So Me

I feel so…
Happy and overjoyed where I see colorful wrapped presents at Christmas
Peaceful and mellow in the warm summer sun
Wild and wacky wading in water
Frustrated and upset when I loose my homework
Stupid and confused when I can’t understand my math homework
Angry and outraged when I am treated unfair and unkindly
Delighted and surprised when Mom cooks my favorite meal
Worried and weary waiting through winter
Moody and depressed when it rains my whole weekend away
Hyper and excited when I eat too much sugar
Sad and melancholy when school comes to an end
Fearful and nervous when I stay home alone at night
Careless and free like a kite
Calm and peaceful when I go Slush in the cool pool water
Stressed and anxious like when I’m a busy bee
Blue and sad when I loose a friend
Crazy and loony when I run in to walls
Exuberant and ecstatic over winning my big race
I feel so…
Me! !
Molly Breadcrumb

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Poems By Poet Molly Breadcrumb