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Poems By Poet Necessary No Name  12/19/2014 11:07:19 PM
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Civil Rights

Word Art

do you know where i can find it?

what it's value-excluding monetary gain?

(excuse me-my phone is ringing)

it was A Curator calling

Word ART
is found at

Records Departments

*accuracy increases value
*multiple versions of same numbered pieces are in high demand
and the curator warned me that having such word ART can be very dangerous
*transcribed Word ART from audio tapes is a different ART form and
the curator referred me to a Safer depo called Box
Necessary No Name




no More

no More

no More
Necessary No Name




do i look like one?
do i see as one?
do i appear as one?
do you smell one?

strange as it is i have just now come to understand
fear in this form and thank you clatsop county. Now I finally know, that fearm it can appear in this form and smell something awful and in all my time being connected to that county-not a single advocate bothered to tell me-
a damn thing. *And in that I say thank you

it was bliss for a minute
even taking me serious
offering to keep me
a name nameless


just as i started to find a center
and tear it apart
it became about the bigger
associated party
and its okay
its nothing you did
but do tell me

i pause

no do not tell me a thing

just hail to the county
a County called King
Necessary No Name




You are mine

better and better
will be

with me
Necessary No Name

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Poems By Poet Necessary No Name