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Poems By Poet Necessary No Name  10/31/2014 12:44:18 PM
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Civil Rights

Word Art

do you know where i can find it?

what it's value-excluding monetary gain?

(excuse me-my phone is ringing)

it was A Curator calling

Word ART
is found at

Records Departments

*accuracy increases value
*multiple versions of same numbered pieces are in high demand
and the curator warned me that having such word ART can be very dangerous
*transcribed Word ART from audio tapes is a different ART form and
the curator referred me to a Safer depo called Box
Necessary No Name



Anthony Arias

Accept this as a bigger form of i am sorry

no words can detail

no life time will discover

just what went on while i was trying to hide undercover

i too so sorry i never said

many many things

i could not say

for all the times

and the ridiculous not goodbyes

i just wanted you to know

you were the one

and i fucking blame it on the county-

that you and i are done

and nothing else..
but keep your distance
they are calling out the dawgs
for my bigger
Necessary No Name




Flat line

blank pages
would have made

in trial
and Power driven Glory.

under One love
the abusive under the Color of Law.

Sara C. Nicola
Necessary No Name



excuse me- 'acting' Lt. Arata

i am so very sorry you ever came to write that well detailed an
accurate letter siding for me, a-the swear word named sara nicola.

something you may not understand
i am about
what i hear you are about

doing what is right
standing up
even if for an underdog
or something uglier like me

please know this
your kind and professional interest
will never end as you failing to meet your position-

accept my broken mispelled apolgy
not many days go by
that i haven't considered the position your honest act
has put you in.

having left you in scandal and more
maybe one day
i will send you a better
written with the help of a few more...
Necessary No Name

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Poems By Poet Necessary No Name