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Poems By Poet Necessary No Name  7/27/2016 2:43:49 AM
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Civil Rights

Word Art

do you know where i can find it?

what it's value-excluding monetary gain?

(excuse me-my phone is ringing)

it was A Curator calling

Word ART
is found at

Records Departments

*accuracy increases value
*multiple versions of same numbered pieces are in high demand
and the curator warned me that having such word ART can be very dangerous
*transcribed Word ART from audio tapes is a different ART form and
the curator referred me to a Safer depo called Box
Necessary No Name



Victory Bakery

save me a spot


i will die should i have to sit without food...

i am a big girl..............................

food a need......

oh and....

i am allergic to 'nuts', shellfish, strawberries (at times) as well as...do not try to 'trick' me into eating YOGURT or other foods that might have touched shell fish-just to 'see'.

My epi-pens have become quite an expense...

oh theme song

'yogurt, yogurt'
Necessary No Name



Bees Knees

someone taught me this
what this means
because he is and hangs with the bees knees

thats a place too
you will see

lots of learning about how to become
part of a better society

come on by
it is free
free Yes-
and when you do
know that the next time you come
its with a condition
to come back with Grace
The Flag gaurds this door
remember Our Nation
and what we stand for

*closed ALL National holidays
Necessary No Name




You are mine

better and better
will be

with me
Necessary No Name

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Poems By Poet Necessary No Name