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Poems By Poet Nikki Addleton  3/4/2015 5:14:21 AM
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  NIKKI ADDLETON (25/07/86)

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My Angel

My angel is the one who looks over me
My angel is the one who cares about me
My angel who has beautiful blue eyes
My angel has brown hair
My angel will be there to hold me
My angel keeps me warm
My aggel is the one who is always on my mind
My angel is the love of my life
My angel is the one in my dreams
My angel has soft kissable lips
My angel will catch me when i fall
My angel will make me smile when no one else can
My angel will love me for who i am
My angel will be there untill the end of time
He is the angel god gave me
Nikki Addleton




Together we share our love
Together we share our future

Together we hold hands
Together we make love

Together we confide in eachother
Together we help eachother

Together we share our secrets
Together we cry

Together we feel eachothers pain
Together we smile and laugh
Nikki Addleton



** THE KISS **

Kiss me softly
Kiss me deep

Run your fingers through my hair

Kiss me passionatly
Kiss me like you mean it

Run your hands up my leg

Kiss me slowly
Kiss me fast

Run your hand over my breast

Kiss me with tongues
Kiss me, kiss me

Kiss me again

~ Nikki Addleton 06/06/10
Nikki Addleton



When We Meet Again

I miss you now your in a better place
I think of you everyday
I wear the locket you bought me
Keep it close to my heart
Hoping that you look down on me
That you are proud
I know you will think ive had a hard time
These past few months, im getting there Granda

When the heavenly gates open up to me
I want it to be only your eyes that i see
To see you standing there with a smile upon your face
Just like it was the last time i saw you

Opening your arms for that long hug
We have waitied patiently for
To be reunited with nana and share lots of stories
Is this what heaven is like?
Id like to think so
When we meet again

~nikki addleton~ 13/08/10
Nikki Addleton

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Poems By Poet Nikki Addleton