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Poems By Poet ogunleye kayode peter  8/21/2014 1:00:57 PM
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  OGUNLEYE KAYODE PETER (20th April 1988)

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People call it a believe
Some call it tolerance
But faith justified a person
By faith we are sanctified
And experience joy
By faith we became
Free from condemnation
Faith gives us assurance and fulfillment
Cos faith without work is dead
Live by faith
Walk by faith
Continue in faith
Do everything by faith
Grow in faith
Demonstrate faith by good works
Combine faith with hope and love.
ogunleye kayode peter




Day by day
Every moment am awake
Birds and winds whistles pass by
Day by Day
Morning by morning
The thought of the past flashes me
To be loved and not to love
So lonely to sing
No one to love
Loneliness has chosen to love me
And now I dine and wine with
My shadow now my companion
My days are numbered
Will I ever be love?
Will shadow ever be my companion
Loneliness still love me
Day by day, morning by morning
I glance at my shadow
My friend, my companion
Oh someone is coming
Will I found love?
ogunleye kayode peter



Live for life

I thought I will die in my own house
My days as numerous as the grain of sand
My root will reach to the water
And the dews will last all night long
My branches, my glory will remain fresh in me
The bow will ever be new in hand
All aid shatter, when there is life
I belief there is hope
I belief is not the end of the world
I belief all things are possible
I belief aids will soon become a story
Yes I belief
All hope and dream seems shatter
Because of HIV
The cure is next to you
I belief even though my heart constraint
Let show love and care
Let us be an encourager
This will carry them through
They are just like you and I.
ogunleye kayode peter




Life is full of challenges
Which people do face
Life comes and goes
Just as the season changes
Life is all about time which
Which wait for no one
Life is so beautiful
Which is not appreciated by all
Life is a market place
Where people sell and buy
Life is a journey
Where people travel pass
Life is up and down
Where people struggle
Life is all about you
Life life life life
Ever existing
ogunleye kayode peter

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Poems By Poet ogunleye kayode peter