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Poems By Poet otteri selvakumar  11/22/2014 9:19:00 AM
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  Best Poems From
  OTTERI SELVAKUMAR (25-07-1970)
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face book

you see

your face

not about

face book...

in mirror also

you did not see


you see

your face

on sick

on smile

on angry

on hungry

on sex

on silent

also you see your faces

in outer only

you see your

inside face

that is tell about you

true face...

that is not simple

try again and again...

one day you see

your real face...

that is not about in face book...
otteri selvakumar




Leave faith

Today and


Not only


Human making

Always for


Faith is making

Faith full

For you...

With full man...!

Faith less

Making for

Healf man

For you...!

Try to understand

Live Happley by

Faith full life...!
otteri selvakumar



Family life

At home
And wife...
Some time fighting...

Word's to words...
With bad words...
Sometime hit
The husband wife

Wife was crying...
Husband was woory...
Wife also

Lovingely hit...
Husband also take easy...
At night husband
Wanted wife

For sex...
Wife will say
Backpain acting
Going for

Hear with life
Every day
At familylife...!
otteri selvakumar



Father also mother

Father was
Mother was

Thats all
For children....

Father with out
Not mother...
mother without

Not father...
All are same...
Father's works

Mother doing...
Mother's works
Father doing...

Father also
Mother also

Male... female
No for husban and wife...?
Or for children...!
otteri selvakumar
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Poems By Poet otteri selvakumar