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Poems By Poet Oussama samouna  12/19/2014 4:40:00 PM
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  OUSSAMA SAMOUNA (09/09/1991)

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Happy 17th birthday, Rania

***** ^.^ (Dedicated to you, my sister Rania) ^.^ ******

1 prayer to bless your moments
1 wish to lighten your way
1 smile to make your day perfect
and only 1 poem to say HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY

Well, this is the first time
I wish you a happy birthday
and this reminds me
that I really want to say.

I'm very happy I know
you and I wish you
all the happiness
each day, just to make it true.

Happy 17th birthday I must say
you are kind and clever I can say
For today I wish you all the best
it's your special day, so do it your way.

for your birthday I wish you happiness
that only true friendship can bring
I wish for you the best day
that makes your heart sing.

For you I wish all the beautiful things
that makes your life so bright
full of fun, joy, success and happiness
every morning, evening and night.

I send you this special poem
in a very friendly way
So you will know that someone
is wishing you ***A HAPPY BIRTHDAY**

http: //super23man.skyrock.com/
Oussama samouna



Always believe in yourself

You have to know yourself,
when you can do
and what cannot do.
For only you can make
your life happy.

Believe that by working,
learning and achieving.
you can reach your goals
and be successful.

Believe in your existence
trust in yourself and do it
your way.
you can be the best.
just take it one day at one time.

Believe in love,
love your friends,
your family, yourself
and your life.

Believe in your dreams
and your dreams can
come a reality.

http: //super23man.skyrock.com/
Oussama samouna



******God, save me! ! !

I trust myself
I know i can reach out my dreams
I trust my parents
I know how much they care and love me
I trust my friends
I know what they can do for me
I trust the night
I know the stars that shine
I trust the moon
I know its inspiration remains forever
I trust the wind
I know its winding ways
I trust the sky
I know its wonderful days
I trust the sun
I know its rising light
I trust the things I love
God, I know that all that trust may
disappoint and betray me one day.

But, only your trust save me.

http: //super23man.skyrock.com/
Oussama samouna




To hear what is unspoken,
to see what is invisible,
to feel without even touching...
it is the miracle called 'friendship'

Where there is friendship,
There can be no loneliness;
How lonely can we be
in the existance of a friend?

Where there is friendship,
There can be no poverty;
How poor can we be
when we have a friend
to share us our life?

Where there is friendship,
There can be no sadness,
How sad can we be
when we have a friend
to fill our life of joy,
fun and happiness?

Where there is friendship,
There can be no failure;
How loser can we be
when we have a friend
to encourage and comfort our hearts?

Where there is friendship,
There is hope for everything.
How hopeless can we feel
when we have a friend
who stands by with us and lightens
Our ways?

Where there is friendship,
There is life,
how dead can we be
when we have a friend
who makes our life
worth living?

Friendship is a gift that
can't be bought or sold,
a blessing that's rare & true
A hand that makes us
laugh our cares away
And brings us courage
to face another day.
it's a treasure that we should
all fight for it.

I love friendship, But will friendship ever love me in return?

http: //super23man.skyrock.com/
Oussama samouna

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Poems By Poet Oussama samouna