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Poems By Poet Oussama samouna  10/31/2014 7:16:32 PM
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  OUSSAMA SAMOUNA (09/09/1991)

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Happy 17th birthday, Rania

***** ^.^ (Dedicated to you, my sister Rania) ^.^ ******

1 prayer to bless your moments
1 wish to lighten your way
1 smile to make your day perfect
and only 1 poem to say HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY

Well, this is the first time
I wish you a happy birthday
and this reminds me
that I really want to say.

I'm very happy I know
you and I wish you
all the happiness
each day, just to make it true.

Happy 17th birthday I must say
you are kind and clever I can say
For today I wish you all the best
it's your special day, so do it your way.

for your birthday I wish you happiness
that only true friendship can bring
I wish for you the best day
that makes your heart sing.

For you I wish all the beautiful things
that makes your life so bright
full of fun, joy, success and happiness
every morning, evening and night.

I send you this special poem
in a very friendly way
So you will know that someone
is wishing you ***A HAPPY BIRTHDAY**

http: //super23man.skyrock.com/
Oussama samouna



Always believe in yourself

You have to know yourself,
when you can do
and what cannot do.
For only you can make
your life happy.

Believe that by working,
learning and achieving.
you can reach your goals
and be successful.

Believe in your existence
trust in yourself and do it
your way.
you can be the best.
just take it one day at one time.

Believe in love,
love your friends,
your family, yourself
and your life.

Believe in your dreams
and your dreams can
come a reality.

http: //super23man.skyrock.com/
Oussama samouna



When Im lonely

When Im lonely
i think for bit,
why do i feel
this bitter loneliness

When Im lonely
I see people around me
more lonely & everything
still seems the same

When I'm lonely
I sit at home
hold my pen,
take my copybook
& start writing poems
writing what sad life i have

When I'm lonely
I scream at the world
why people become more
selfish & betrayers
Why do I have to be lonely,
Is there no one can understand Me

When Im lonely
I imagine there is Only
Me in this world,
Just me being lonely
it's better than being with people,
Cause there is no one
Can understand Me

When Im lonely
I close my eyes,
and I hope to wake up
To surprise,
I hope to find
Some one who'd truely understand Me
Not loneliness to guide me

When Im lonely
I Come close from God
and then i find that
there is nothing better than
being close from God,
Cause there is no one can understand
except the God,

.................When Im lonely
..............I put a fake smile on my
.......Face and cheat the
.........................whole world by it.

http: //super23man.skyrock.com/
Oussama samouna



...trust yourself

Trust your self, don't be afraid
to reach out to something new.
Go ahead get your hopes up even
if things turns out differently than
you have imagined.
You will have tried, you will have learned,
you never have to live with regrets.
It seems to me what wears us down
the most in life aren't the chances
we take but the ones we don't take,
the dreams we put aside,
the adventure we push away.
So what ever you want in life go
for it and always remember no matter
when you

http: //super23man.skyrock.com/
Oussama samouna

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Poems By Poet Oussama samouna