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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  9/20/2014 6:55:44 AM
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Cinderella Limericks

Cinderella was a good girl who went with the flow;
When the clock struck twelve, she knew she must go,
As she followed the good godmothers advice
And she never even had to think twice:
'Don't stay out after midnight, or you'll turn to a Ho.'

Cinderella got kissed by the prince;
There was magic involved, before the kiss:
A pumpkin became a coach
And a cigarette, a roach
And then this whiskey turned into piss.
Patti Masterman



They say we stand on the shoulders of giants

It's said that we stand on the shoulders of giants;
Of ancestors ceding to us their genetic heritage, their traits:
I feel the truth of it, each time I walk to the garage
And stumble again over that pile of ashes; by the tipped over bucket
I could almost swear it's great great Grandpa,
Caught in the barn fire and burned too badly to keep living;
But he'd already passed on his genes.

And next the old well; grows some ivy, thick along the bricks-
Great Aunt Florence it must be; escaped from her nearby plot
Over by the Lilac bush;
Must have been Granny Bennett, planted that purple monstrosity
To make herself more at home on the new homestead-
Taken there against her better judgment, she felt at the time;
Though if she planted flowers, their bulbs are long since wizened away.

And the scraps of her silky embroidery thread
Lie scattered over the floor of the shed
Where their old belongings were once stored;
Rat and moth-eaten because after so many years
Nobody could figure out who should have what;
And some leftover blackened jars of canned vegetables and fruit
From extinct gardens and fruit orchards.

And underneath all that, ancient dust of their shoes
And pollen from long ago plants:
They, who still repose in their once-fine Sunday best
In the little walled-off lot at the back; no doubt happy
To be free at last, of the never ending work with the hands;
Complacent as forget-me-nots, in snug earthen pots,
Probably would be glad they can't see the weeds now.
Patti Masterman



A Bear Came To Dinner

A bear came to dinner;
He ate before the bell,
He didn't use his napkin,
I am here to tell.

He didn't cut his steak,
Neatly; with the knife,
And licked his mashed potatoes
Off the plate- it was not quiet.

He didn't wait for prayers,
He didn't pass the bread-
But balanced it, most perkily,
Atop his brown-bear head.

His manners more atrocious,
Than any I have seen;
But heavens, I'm so grateful
He didn't just eat me.
Patti Masterman



Beautiful Darling of My Secret Heart

Beautiful darling of my secret heart;
Secret of secrets, held apart-
Under lock and key, a whole world wrought:
Beautiful darling of my secret heart.

Beautiful darling of another place;
There’s secret longing in your silent face-
Half in hiding, like unfinished thought:
Beautiful darling of another place.

Beautiful giver of beautiful songs;
Songs sung in secret, all night long-
A candle'd altar, quiescent flame:
Beautiful darling- I can’t speak your name.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman