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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  5/31/2016 2:58:04 PM
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Cinderella Limericks

Cinderella was a good girl who went with the flow;
When the clock struck twelve, she knew she must go,
As she followed the good godmothers advice
And she never even had to think twice:
'Don't stay out after midnight, or you'll turn to a Ho.'

Cinderella got kissed by the prince;
There was magic involved, before the kiss:
A pumpkin became a coach
And a cigarette, a roach
And then this whiskey turned into piss.
Patti Masterman



And The Elephant Played Ukulele

</>Got together with some friends downtown,
Played some songs, and we all got down;
Flamingo, and Lizard, and Elephant too,
Made some sounds that we thought were true-
We used to get down in the Brooklyn zoo-
And the elephant played ukulele.

Flamingo did horns with only his bill,
And the Lizard did zither, up and down the hill;
Only Lizard had an opposable thumb,
But we beat out the boards to sound our drum-
From miles away the people’d all come-
And the elephant played ukulele.

Flamingo was flashy in her drapes of pink,
And Lizard was faster than a sneaky wink,
While Elephant was broad, and sat on a tree,
And it was mostly him that you'd see-
With Flamingo and Lizard, one on each knee-
And the elephant played ukulele.

Those were the days I truly miss,
And sometimes Snake came to add his hiss;
He could hiss just like a tambourine,
And the people’s faces, you should’ve seen-
The sound was everything, when it got mean-
And the elephant played ukulele.
Patti Masterman



And The Evening And The Morning Were The First Day

Evensong: when even the world;
When ever the world must end,
And all the Saints and Angels ring,
Around the world, attend.

Morningsong: was when the world,
When the whorling world was new,
And all the planets axis' spun,
And Love was Master's brew.

So who can say which one was best-
At the ashes final glow?
The truth that such a world, exist
Is all we need to know.

March 6 2015
Patti Masterman



Future Plans

My child won a scholarship
Accompanied by many honors.
After hours walking, hurrying,
Through diverse airports and cities,
I fell into an exhausted sleep;
After much talk about
Colleges, degrees, time tables,
And what was the best path?
It was so necessary, important,
And confusing. How to sort it all out?
In my dream, we went out to eat
Perhaps to celebrate the trip.
Perhaps to celebrate the accomplishment.
Amidst the talk of what institution
She should attend, where and for how long,
She merely said, I plan to look at the face of God.
I plan to look into the face of God.
I was impressed with the simplicity of it.
I knew then that time and space
Would someday become her ally.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman