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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  7/30/2014 8:06:31 AM
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Sweet dark naked earth

Sweet, dark, naked earth
that the liquid light shines through and shines through,
on it's way to oblivion, on it's way to void,
down past the roots
where the wheel of life toys.

Try to be air, try to light
the sunlight that blinks, the beams that diffuse,
the perfect rings encircling your being;
time that sings in the moments you chose,
light that smiles on the naked truth.
Patti Masterman



Why You're Mine

You say your soul is not so clear,
You claim your thoughts too dry;
Your impulses, they did not rain
Upon us, from on high.

You can't forgive the errors
You were too blind to see,
But every man is human; flawed-
As he was made to be.

You can't exceed the maker,
Or imitate each trait;
Your strange and fitful nature
He did foresee, to make.

He knew that other humans
Must fear one so divine;
And so he put the flaws in-
And that is why you're mine.
Patti Masterman



Four Elements

An ocean I’m called, going to and fro
In the twin pipe organs that breathe and blow
I enliven all hearts
From the very first start
The first to come and the last to go.

Food is the fire at my hearth
Delivered through blood before birth
Life on it depends
To live you must expend
The price of living on earth.

The thick repository of all that is
Growing things must feel my kiss
Whether volcanoes spew me
Or earthquakes chew me
Always beneath I exist.

I float nine months in loves briny ocean
So gently rocked by each tiny motion
Fresh riptides of blood
My whole being flood
The painful entrance inspires devotion.

Four elements compose the whole
Each one plays it's very own role
But the deepest part fills
When the first breath instills
The self’s own select living Soul.
Patti Masterman



Once True

Are you sad when you're dead; all your cells
Still think they're working for you,
Though I went where you led, now you're
Gone, and there's nothing to do.

Do you lie in fetid silence, lids closed upon
Every tomorrow; is there nothing
To be left now, of whatever you once were?

Is the soul what a man is; more than snakes
More than snails, more than letters
In a string; can't make up what is real,
When matter finally finds its voice to sing.

Do you lie in fields of clover, smiling
At secrets, we can only dream,
Safe from sorrow, safe from fear?
Floating down on ethereal streams..

Are you sad when you're dead, all your cells
Still think they're working for you,
Drifted off, to some farther somewhere
But know: every life lived once was always true.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman