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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  12/18/2014 10:36:21 PM
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Why do we treat our loved ones the worst

Why do we treat our loved ones the worst,
Reserving kind words and looks for guests;
But for the one who knows us best,
We are taciturn and impatient; terse.

Why take only our foul moods home,
Instead of letting them see our joy;
To the outer world we’re prim and coy,
But beside our own, often turn to stone.

The world exacts it's toil on being;
Keeping a pleasant face’s an act,
Taking our extra energy, for fact,
But who knows the truth of what it's seeing?

Those ones you're striving so to impress
Forget you, soon as the door slams shut;
And scarce could remember your name, if but-
For money or favors; or even less.

Someday you must bid goodbye your love
And one of you goes home, all alone,
And sits alone, while they turn to bone-
Don't slip your heart into a glove.

Be present with them, while you have the chance,
And do the small things, you know they adore,
And you'll have some sweet memories to store-
But the others won't save one single glance.
Patti Masterman



A Beautiful Man's Mind

Underneath it all begins to ripple,
beneath the accordion folds of a perfect afternoon,
the phosphorescent streets lost in rain
while falling from vision, a number of pearly clouds

Words silent, when it all begins to unfold,
how well I remember how it passed;
washing the skin on the body,
drinking in the feelings, the melting smiles

Igniting rare visions for numberless minutes-
praying before the stolen cenotaph
of a beautiful man's mind
Patti Masterman



Bad News, Good News

Sometimes I delude myself
Thinking I'm writing poems, but then I read somebody elses
And I get so blown away, and I realize again:
I'm not really writing poems; I'm just building houses out of cards;
Forts out of chairs and blankets;
Making an out of alphabetical order dictionary
Missing all the best words.
I could shrivel up from the white hot jealousy
But I also pay secret homage inside,
Kneel down to that other writing
Take off my hat because
That's real, that's soulful, that's full of vitality and meaning:
I'd pray for a blood transfusion with your blood
I'd beg for a brain transplant
Or at least a telepathic exchange for a fortnight,
Not that any of those can help with my problem-
Like Salieri, I'm not so lacking in discernment,
As to not recognize true genius-
Unfortunately my senses are fully intact there.
So even though I leave nice comments on your smoking stuff..
Never think for one minute, that I would not enjoy
Hearing news of your death.
Patti Masterman



Dust to Dust

Save me from hell
And save me from heaven
And keep far away from
People not living:
People who believe in
Far away gods;
And who think that heaven
Waits under sod
People who think sin
Owns the whole earth-
People who can't think,
Give them a wide berth
People who should know that man wrote the book
But swear god did it, don't know they've been took
Give only a few friends who value the truth
And give me contentment from old age to youth
This is my prayer from sun up to dusk
From the day of my birth until I am dust.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman