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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  9/2/2014 4:12:28 AM
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Ordinary Nightmares

Ordinary nightmares
That hardly bear repeating:
Like wolves, in sheepish clothing;
You can scarcely hear the bleating.
And hands that rise from graves,
Grab your ankle, as you're leaving;
Your staring eyes can't fathom
How well they could deceive you.

The dreaming world's not ordered
Like the library of mind;
Where, recall but the emotion,
Or the time frame, of the line
And the book pops up like magic,
Small trouble there, to find.
But subconscious minds an ocean
No one's figured how to mine.

Ordinary nightmares
Can't make me lose my breath;
They can frighten me with illness,
They can frighten me with death;
They can show unearthly triage,
With no hope left there, to stay:
But the nightmare's just beginning
The day you go away.
Patti Masterman



Orphans of some eternal night

When lightning lights up the sky,

All the babes in the bone-yard cry;

They've seen their mothers still on earth

And wonder why they were given birth.

When lightning strikes the very trees,

It shakes and rattles the bones of these

Orphans of some eternal night,

Hid from loving arms- and light.

When lightning rushes to the ground,

And deep inside their graves, goes down,

It starts their wan hearts; one more beat-

But still can't wake them from their sleep.
Patti Masterman



Other Kingdoms

Wandering lost through all the days
Wondering where the summer went
Now the dead can't hear their praise
And faded flowers hold no scent.

Wishing stars so far away
You cannot stretch enough to touch
Nothing comes and nothing stays
When you hold on to them too much.

With magic childhood's kingdom brings
The children play in nightly dream
Asleep, they rule the same as kings
And nothings real as it might seem.
Patti Masterman



Other's Time is Not Your Time

Other's time is not your time to fill;
Spare hours not privy, to your will,
For time is money, and money's power
But you are just a time-sink flower.

If they want to drown to death their mind,
Be sure, they'll pick their place and time,
To drown upon own thought and word-
Why should they drown on yours; absurd.

Go drown yourself, and then you'll see
How much better life can be.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman