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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  9/23/2014 1:23:42 PM
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Palindrome - Cliffs Overhanging Death

Cliffs overhanging death,
the ever lonely
only climb, to touch only
the face of god;
the lightning lights burning trees,
our trembling fingers
of hope in fears, faith revealed and flesh
forsaken the trail that we walked
before we said goodbye together,
final summit to plunge
will death of eyes open doors
elusive while alive?
soul caught my heart of prayer
my prayer of heart
my caught soul, alive
while elusive doors open eyes of death
will plunge to summit final, together
goodbye said we before walked we
that trail: the forsaken flesh,
and revealed faith,
fears in hope, of fingers trembling,
our trees burning lights,
lightning the god of face,
the only touch;
to climb, only lonely
ever, the death overhanging cliffs.

(written to Dead Can Dance - The Host of Seraphim)
Patti Masterman



Palindrome - Do We Waltz in Soul's Loving

Do we waltz in soul's loving
Because only dancing, my patterned heart
In love, dizzy counterpoint
Feet flying past strangers envious eyes,
Of feeling your heart beating close by;
I disappear then, starburst swirls of kaleidoscope
Inside I flame, bright rose dropping petals
Following, following as you lead;
Lead you as following, following,
Petals dropping, rose bright flame I inside
Kaleidoscope of swirls starburst, then disappear
I by close beating heart, your feeling
Of eyes envious strangers, past flying feet
Counterpoint dizzy love in heart
Patterned my dancing, only because
Loving soul's in waltz we do.
Patti Masterman



Palindrome - dreams in which they come again

dreams in which
they come again
feel that love of them
living presence that never left
guarding my days their gift
farther than dreams
as still they cleft
watching my step
the clouds their sea
their souls so free
never bereft
never free so
souls their sea
their clouds the step
my watching cleft
they still as dreams
than farther gift
their days my guarding left
never that presence living
them of love that feel again
come they
which in dreams
Patti Masterman



Palindrome - Eyes those that say to soul

eyes those, that say to soul:
then love me, for love I am that
for was given unto you
for days beneath sun, there comes price
the heavenly days of sun, is earth of delight
come love me for days, hours beneath
sky storied, around us bent:
I was made for love, and loving of eyes
my soul clothed by starred skies;
starred by clothed soul,
my eyes of loving, and love; for made was I;
bent us around, storied sky
beneath hours, days for me; love come
delight of earth, is sun of days heavenly
the price comes there; sun beneath days
for you unto given,
was for that, am I love;
for me, love then soul,
to say that those eyes..

(written to Dead Can Dance - Yulunga)
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman