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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  7/28/2014 1:26:21 PM
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A Dream For You

A dream for you
And one for me;
A mermaid's blue,
A symphony,
A secret house
Inside a tree
The dreamworld's full
Of company.

At night we go
To places rare,
Where no one knows
That they are there;
And every dream
A hidden stair,
That takes us to
A new somewhere.

If only dreams
Could overlap
The sleeping seams
Within our nap,
And precious streams
Not on a map
Then other lives,
We could unwrap.
Patti Masterman



Amusement Park

In falling worlds I shudder,
Twitch and grimace
Shoved first this way, and that
By fate, by momentum
Twisting and turning in vain attempt
To oppose gravity;
A tiny sliver of molecules
Holds me in open space
Defying now sky, now ocean
The stars like distant beacons
Unaware of my flight beneath them
My foot cannot reach firm ground
Dizzy, I reach out in the whirlpool
Trying to take hold of the air,
It's thinness unyielding as ever
Showers of exploding fireworks
Sparkle through the brains corridors
As it crowds the skulls finite dimensions.
Then welcoming silence and stillness:
The ride has ended; but not yet this life.
Patti Masterman



Ancient Fishes Speak

The clouds are furry blunderbusses
Where the water meets the sky,
But down where all the fishes live,
They live for fear: the fateful Eye.

Eye of raptor, eye of swan
Albatross or sea snake;
The eye that presage death is coming
The poor fishes, to partake.

There is no lightning swifter as
The eye that fills horizons;
Though waves that trundle can't keep up
With watery regions denizens.

The darkness of the sharks own belly,
The startling passage down the beak;
Of these, the fishes ancient forebears
Tell the tale- if they could speak.
Patti Masterman



Before good-bye's good bye

I forgot the stars above
Even look out for you,
I forgot the moon and sun
Reflect in eyes so blue.

I forgot my homemade sail
Goes out upon your wind,
And how the church bells, ringing
To you their tidings send.

I forgot old photos yellow
And tear drops fade away,
As older love grows mellow
And can't say, what it should say.

I'll forget the limits
Bound by the four-walls lie
But we had more, than minutes-
Before good-bye's good bye.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman