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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  7/25/2016 3:03:33 PM
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Before Good-Bye's Good Bye

I forgot the stars above
Even look out for you,
I forgot the moon and sun
Reflect in eyes so blue.

I forgot my homemade sail
Goes out upon your wind,
And how the church bells, ringing
To you their tidings send.

I forgot old photos yellow
And tear drops fade away,
As older love grows mellow
And can't say, what it should say.

I'll forget the limits
Bound by the four-walls lie
But we had more, than minutes-
Before good-bye's good bye.
Patti Masterman



Count The Stars

Count the stars across your journey,
Count the stars you've yet to face;
Curling round the world, so tiny,
Countless stars have left their trace.

Count the stars from birth to dying,
Shooting stars that won't return;
Lucky stars that once you wished on:
Life extinguish, while they burn..
Patti Masterman



The Care And Feeding Of The Heart

Don't leave your heart to scrounge old garbage bins,
Looking for things, discarded by others-
No, gently feed your heart with sustaining joy;
Like old yellowed books, with secret compartments
Where distant lovers left their notes and trinkets,
Or just-dried tears, on a wildflower posy.

Nourish your heart on some once living lilac;
A few rose petals, from a faded bouquet;
Bits of hope, for two, far apart,
For love survives on barest scraps of hope,
And long-ago proof of certain caring;
Kindness uncalled for, and least expected.

Your heart could gorge happily
On eyes of true love, or some hand written prose;
Maybe a valentine, lost then found,
Unrestrained delight, in a child's voice;
And the shyest kiss; fluttering eyelids in surprise-
Two hearts will always live better than one.
Patti Masterman



We Are Who We Are

We are very much who we are
From the beginning breath
But will you remember who you were
When the body's dead?

We are distinct in every way
Not one like any other
Everybody born to life
From one single mother.

We are very much who we are
And will remain so always
And our soul still speaks it's name
Even through many doorways.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman