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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  10/31/2014 6:16:26 AM
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Palindrome - gardens flower in her blooming breath

gardens flower in her blooming breath
my faces trellis there, linger vines
faint rumors; fueled histories of death
stilled hearts cut from holy valentines
afternoons of stillness belie her quickened feet
image of her haunting silhouette
before that vision is complete
rays of sun disclosing her artless pirouette
female of species: a class apart
reach only once, that soft spectral voice
finding all her heart's incendiary art
loving your only choice
gentled spirit of her fails strength
whispered my latent downfall's story
catch too willingly that glory
hollowed slow, your soul will follow
will soul your slow hollowed glory
that willingly too, catch story
downfall's latent: my whispered strength
fails her of spirit gentled choice;
only your loving art,
incendiary heart's her all finding voice
spectral soft, that once only reach apart
class a species of female pirouette artless,
her disclosing sun of rays
complete is vision that before
silhouette haunting her of image
feet quickened her
belie stillness of afternoons valentines,
holy from cut hearts stilled death
of histories fueled rumors; faint vines
linger there: trellis faces my breath
blooming her in flower gardens.
Patti Masterman



Precepts of Mortality

Live ready to die,
be the benign force,
be the malignant force.
Be sweetly fierce
and posthumously saintly.
Use telepathy on crowds,
But approach a person like a weapon.

When the angel of death approaches another,
Invite him in for a spot of your blood.
Be the wild card; be wild,
Be surprised by your own acts,
learn to expect the unexpected.

Live indecisively, straddle the fence.
Fall deliberately, full-conscious, only to rise again.
When falling, be indefensible, indefatigable.
Surround yourself from the inside, like an enemy.
Be the opposition someday you intend to destroy.
Patti Masterman



The Totem Pole

On a sunlit desert day
Like the other thousands of days
Within the faceless sameness of mud-colored houses
One indistinguishable from the next
Which is considered upward mobility in this city between mountains
She told me of the first family canine
Smarter than the kids, he'd sit up
Perfectly at attention, like a soldier
In his own chair perhaps that very one-
As she pointed with wavering finger-
And better behaved too
The next one was crafted with a duller finish
Sort of a mnemonic clone,
Albeit a different color
He filled the mold well enough
He had soul, but not much chutzpah
He slowly dwindled till just a patch of hair
Remained on his kitchen seat of honor
The last mutt she called orphan
A single-parent dog
Lurking beneath the dishwasher
His random barking a fixture
Behind the bottomless telephone conversings-
Her maxim always that she could instantly replace him
With another duplicate copy, exact matched cell for cell
And true to pattern, like his step-mother
He bit other people who did not sufficiently
Impress; or whom he did not fear.
Patti Masterman



The Wind Is Air Personified

Who sings in the curtains,
by the window panes,
Who sings in the clouds,
pushing the rain,
Who sings in the yonder-
then comes close again,
Who sings in the night,
and at dawn, so faint?

Who sings in the mill blades,
turning and turning,
Who whispers the laundry,
gently yearning,
Who sings in the springtime,
when the flowers are darning,
Who sings round the fire,
when the leaves are burning?

Who sings in the storm
and splashes the tides,
Who lives in the air
and on high kites rides,
Who kicks up the dust
and throws it to sky?
It's only the wind:
air personified.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman