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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  7/12/2014 3:42:01 PM
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Dead Porno Stars

They can lie, but never lay,
All bright lights have gone away;
They're just the money shot
Of yesterday.

Left are pictures in a magazine
Beside the road, some obscene-
Or the stills from movies made-
Their myth of potency, all fade.

Now they're cold,
Where once were warm,
And no one's clutched
In rigor’d arms.

They can't speak
And no one peeks;
Once they were tops-
But now just props.
Patti Masterman



Deep down in your lodestone soul

Deep down in your lodestone soul
do you really feel, can feelings reach
the seething magnetite that's there?

The id's a sedimentary self,
brain's current of book-keeping;
is the cloth rent now, is the battle nearly won-

Does it see only what the gatekeeper permits,
or are there holes shot through, rivets of shining light;
can anything penetrate without permission,

Deep in your ravaged countries, your sublimated populations.
And who are all those tiny cells working for,
those nameless trolls, laboring in service of you-

You, their only god, remembered bravely second to second,
their steady fires burning tiny holes
deep within the veils of your sleeping.
Patti Masterman



Doppelganger in a Store

I saw my mother again in a popular store,
She was languidly exploring aisles.
She was the true doppelganger, if one had ever existed.
I wanted to run up and stroke her cheek,
Wanted to hear her voice, look into her eyes..

I did not stare blatantly, but was coy;
Perusing useless things to my left and right,
Casting the occasional glance, in her direction.
My heart was downcast, paying my paltry bill.
Leaving, I knew I would never see her again, anywhere.

I felt both bitter and guilty at my withdrawal
From her magnetic presence.
For she had no more to do with my own mother,
Than a bird has to do, with a hallowed rosebush-
Or a cloud has to do, with heaven.
Patti Masterman



I am That

Behind the movies scenes, behind the protagonist's smiles,
Beneath the orchestra's strings, back of the ticket booths,
There is a message found in all of this;
That this is the now, and you are here alive,
As alive as anything that ever lived,
Furthermore, this is not a dream;
Though if it were, it would be the most wonderful dream imaginable,
Even though it's impossibly, unbelievably true,
And you want to keep on having it-
This dream- for as long as you can,
Because being alive is such a splendid
Once-in-a-lifetime, first-run, no-repeat event;
It's worth everything it has ever cost you or anybody else,
Because you're now one of the wealthiest creatures on the planet-
In all your improbable aliveness.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman