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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  9/30/2014 12:51:44 PM
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Four Elements

An ocean I’m called, going to and fro
In the twin pipe organs that breathe and blow
I enliven all hearts
From the very first start
The first to come and the last to go.

Food is the fire at my hearth
Delivered through blood before birth
Life on it depends
To live you must expend
The price of living on earth.

The thick repository of all that is
Growing things must feel my kiss
Whether volcanoes spew me
Or earthquakes chew me
Always beneath I exist.

I float nine months in loves briny ocean
So gently rocked by each tiny motion
Fresh riptides of blood
My whole being flood
The painful entrance inspires devotion.

Four elements compose the whole
Each one plays it's very own role
But the deepest part fills
When the first breath instills
The self’s own select living Soul.
Patti Masterman



A Bear Came To Dinner

A bear came to dinner;
He ate before the bell,
He didn't use his napkin,
I am here to tell.

He didn't cut his steak,
Neatly; with the knife,
And licked his mashed potatoes
Off the plate- it was not quiet.

He didn't wait for prayers,
He didn't pass the bread-
But balanced it, most perkily,
Atop his brown-bear head.

His manners more atrocious,
Than any I have seen;
But heavens, I'm so grateful
He didn't just eat me.
Patti Masterman



Why do we treat our loved ones the worst

Why do we treat our loved ones the worst,
Reserving kind words and looks for guests;
But for the one who knows us best,
We are taciturn and impatient; terse.

Why take only our foul moods home,
Instead of letting them see our joy;
To the outer world we’re prim and coy,
But beside our own, often turn to stone.

The world exacts it's toil on being;
Keeping a pleasant face’s an act,
Taking our extra energy, for fact,
But who knows the truth of what it's seeing?

Those ones you're striving so to impress
Forget you, soon as the door slams shut;
And scarce could remember your name, if but-
For money or favors; or even less.

Someday you must bid goodbye your love
And one of you goes home, all alone,
And sits alone, while they turn to bone-
Don't slip your heart into a glove.

Be present with them, while you have the chance,
And do the small things, you know they adore,
And you'll have some sweet memories to store-
But the others won't save one single glance.
Patti Masterman




Some words hold magic
Phrases to other dimensions-
Where you are going now,
There is no need of keys.

Many pauses can fill an entire silence;
Too long empty makes a fullness of nothing.

Some passages go quiet
Down eternities of stairs,
Darkness proceeding darkness,
To the deafest of ears.

The trapdoor is opening, now closing again,
A trick of the trade: look up while you can.

The hat could hold rabbits, handkerchiefs, time;
Here's a beautiful maiden, being sawed in two.
The eyes can plays tricks; so forget the mind-
Heaven and hell unseen by the blind.

While the audience searches for what is known,
The stars wander where time has blown.

We are lost, we are found;
Not one can do the sums.
In a lucid dream,
It will all come undone.

There is nothing to find; there is nothing to see,
The Magician steps back, with a flourish of cape:

Nothing new is under the moon,
Just graves and shadows and resting clouds;
So give us one day, untied from the rest-

Abracadabra- only death is allowed.
Patti Masterman
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