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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  9/18/2014 4:37:19 AM
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Helen Keller's Dream

Helen Keller had a recurring dream,
That she described as the sensation
That something heavy had fallen in the dark,
Shaking the ground beside her.
Her early world was composed of only
Darkness and vibration;
No light, no sound, no faces;
No words to explain the unknown,
Just the feeling something had changed,
Irrevocably and mysteriously.

Crawling, groping in her blindness,
With no way for anyone to communicate with her,
The greater meaning of the world at large went missing.
She became like a young, crazed animal
Because there was no subtlety to her understanding.

When everything around seemed to be falling,
Going down into the eternal blackness,
All that was left to do was to run,
And even then there was no real sanctuary to be found;
No way to confirm that your worst fears weren’t busy
coming true.
Patti Masterman



Some Ruff Conversation

I went for a walk in the meadow
And spied an old dog in the hay;
Now old dogs know old tricks much better-
And none is so tricky, as they.

I walked close, to peek at him sleeping
But nary a word would I say;
Cause when old dogs are sleeping dogs, dreaming-
Well it's better to let sleeping dogs lay.

I left him un-bothered and sleeping,
I left him passed out in the hay,
And went on my way, till the night time-
And hope every dog had his own day.

And should every day have it's own dog,
In this dog-eat-dog world where we be,
Just remember who lies down with dogs
Is bound to get back up with fleas.
Patti Masterman



Too Many Sex Poems Can Make You Blind

People who always are writing of sex
Are like birds, always writing of feathers;
We know it's their specialty, and they're proud-
But find another subject, for crying out loud!

For half the fun is in chasing the one
That you want to handcuff to you (in love):
But don't leave behind poems, on your nightly passes
Like deflated balloons, lying in grasses..
Patti Masterman



A Dream

Once I dreamed I awoke on a ship
In my own special room, as she swayed and dipped
I walk down the corridors, just like a queen
Touching and seeing the things in my dream
I stopped at the railing and looked at the sea
And it just as fine and as clear as could be
But storm clouds arose and the ship began to toss
I ran back to my room, completely at loss
How to find a life jacket somewhere on that boat
Something in case, just to keep me afloat
I hunted for hours; it seemed quite a search
But when I woke up, I was wearing a purse.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman