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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  12/19/2014 4:02:03 AM
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A House Breathes Through Its Bones

A house breathes through its bones,
Its summits sit like sentries;
Though rafters decompose-
It never denies entry.

Its ghosts lie in their beds,
Soft earth beneath their memory;
The shutters firmly closed-
The past seen only dimly.
Patti Masterman



A kiss and a wave goodbye

A kiss and a wave goodbye:
Is that what's left, at the end;
Goodbye to lovers, goodbye to friends,
The mothers and fathers, when you've reached the end-
Just goodbye?

A kiss and a wave goodbye,
And take along a piece of my heart, to say
Goodbye, as you're going to that final place
Of endless sleep, where are found no more days-
Just say, goodbye?

A kiss and a wave goodbye,
And a hope that someday we'll meet again;
Surely this can't be the end of our song,
And just when Id thought, to sing it for ever so long-
And now just say, goodbye?
Patti Masterman



Anger and Patience

Any time I don't understand something
Or feel unhappy with the way things are going,
Anger steps up, 'use me; let me help'
And I used to give Anger a lot of free rein,
Till I noticed Anger wasn't all that useful
And generally tended to only make things worse.

Now I try to rely more on 'Patience'
As Patience doesn't keep clicking that counter,
Adding up every resentment of the hour.
Besides, I can look straight into Patience's face
And not have one clue what Patience is thinking of.
You know, Anger could learn something from that.
Patti Masterman



Count The Stars

Count the stars across your journey,
Count the stars you've yet to face;
Curling round the world, so tiny,
Countless stars have left their trace.

Count the stars from birth to dying,
Shooting stars that won't return;
Lucky stars that once you wished on:
Life extinguish, while they burn..
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman