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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  11/21/2014 11:39:51 AM
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We humans put faith

We humans put faith in clocks
And count place numbers;
In decimals, we trust
Our well measured slumbers.

There are no secrets
In an open source;
Register your complaints
Higher up, of course.

Time still flies
But we don't have fun:
Things are artless
In the setting sun
Patti Masterman



We Journeyed to Chichen Itza

We journeyed to Chichen Itza
To see the fabled city
Alone, I walked to the cenote
I remember I heard him say
We would follow the path of sacrifices
As I heard a strong wind coming
But I never felt the air move:
As if it stopped just inches away

Then I felt this spirit 'sniff' me
To measure my strength of soul
Whirlwind poised over my body
A breeze that never arrived
But an energy, it was apparent
I took it as a challenge
I could not wait to leave then:
To inspect me, it contrived

There I'd felt myself in danger
Now, hearing that place mentioned
That's what I remember, though
Never happened since or before
Some powerful presence waits there
What it hunts I have no notion
I won't be going back there:
Never going through that door.
Patti Masterman



We Love a Mystery

We love a mystery-
The hard to get person,
The impossible to possess:
Makes you work, for every second of eye contact;
Any hint of camaraderie, is like the holy grail,
Now within our very sights.
How richly rewarded we feel then,
To get a moment of that attention, bestowed only upon us.
While we have scarcely any energy left over at all,
For even an eyebrow's lift
For our own fawning adorers; busy hanging on our every word,
Their self-sacrificial love for us like a contaminant,
That we just can't abide much more of.
And the fact that they would choose us, above all others
Just makes them that much more sketchy-
Who would choose us over anything?
For we know only too well, our own worth;
There are no mirrors left in our houses,
We go out daily, our hair sticking out,
Food stuck between our teeth, toilet paper tails following behind us-
Stop staring at us with all that seedy worship in your eyes;
It's like a stake being driven slowly through our lives.
Patti Masterman



We must not be sad

We must not be sad to part ways,
Under an ancient moon
Where the glistening waterways move,
And the owl and the nighthawk listen.

With trees that reach out with their branches,
Caressed by a tender breeze,
As softly the amber gloom seizes
The forest that dreams of the moon.

Many oceans are dreamed up by lovers,
Many heavens too soon lost to time;
This ancient love lives on in rhyme, now
And I have many hours yet to give.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman