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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  3/5/2015 11:56:48 PM
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Want you forever

Want you forever, treasure from heaven,
Want you beside me, close to my heart;
To make of our days and nights; a wedding-
Make up for the hours, we've spent apart.

With you beside me, I'd never falter;
With your love inside me, would never halt;
You are the yoke, and you are the halter;
With you ever near, no pain could assault.

You the first song, of early still morning;
Of sunbeam's sure progress; you are the guide.
You the frail hope, in this soul's first dawning;
You are both moon, and the far reaching tide.

My tears on your face; my open eyes, wet:
Our body's as close, as two souls could get.
Patti Masterman



Warning From The Surgeon General

Tomorrow it is your birthday
I haven't made the cake
I bought no balloons

It's a memorable occasion
We always celebrated
Wrapping presents was fun

Load the car, it’s a party on wheels
Quick put the balloons up
While she's in the bathroom

Hurry light the candles
How old is she again?
I hope she likes her presents

Life was so rich
When you were living-
But it's no use having a party now

At least we celebrated while we could
This is what death does and it isn’t pretty
So love now while there’s still time
Patti Masterman



Wars Are Null, Void Rejections of Humanity

Wars are null, void rejections of humanity;
Nondisclosure of pain, irregardless of censure-
The missiles fired, from many miles away
Don't have to see, what agony has to say..

Only cowards battle beyond hope of touch,
Unsure what targets their bombs have really blown-
Propagandists always say, it was a bull's-eye-
Because none of their relatives will have to cry..
Patti Masterman



Was the Apple so Red?

Was the apple so red and fragrant,
That none could resist its lure;
Or was it the bane of ignorance,
Which only one bite could cure?

Was Adam the victim of Eve,
And was Eve the patsy of snakes?
In the intricate world of mankind,
The Eve's are the price, of partaking.

Now nakedness is our undoing,
It's crime to be seen in the streets;
And but for that first bitten apple,
All shame and passion's impeached.

And but for that first bitten apple,
God had stayed inside the man;
Possessed both, of singular purpose-
Who knows what futures they spanned?
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman