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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  2/9/2016 11:46:37 AM
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Until The Stars Grow Bright

We're going to the moon, Alice-
Pack your things, be swift;
They're holding the ship for us,
Gonna give us both a lift.

We're going to the moon, Alice-
There's room for folks like us,
A mellow place is there waiting;
No need to make a fuss.

We're going to the moon, Alice-
But we'll keep earth in our sight,
And watch her from a distance
Until the stars grows bright.
Patti Masterman




Excuse me- is this your undescended testicle?
Oh sorry dear; quite, quite
That's my string along sentence, yes
Whose are these dangling puns?
And the intermittent clauses
Just seem to be getting more in the way-
And all these prepositions filling up the room
Patti Masterman



Untold Worlds

We all come in naked, alone
Kicking our cherub feet
Eyes taking it all in
We seem to fall so far from heaven
Like solitary stars
One by one
As we grow up into our own fledgling orbits.

Life lived like paupers
Straining for food, and liberty
Each of us limited by aloofness,
Chains we face, every direction
Innocence fled farther away
As the heavens nightly blaze
In their eternal dance,
Invisible beyond self-enclosing walls.

We leave all alone
Still naked beneath the sheets
Eyes frozen in their last frame
We hope to be arriving soon at heaven's door
Like smoking incense must go upward
But nobody can make us any promises
From the chaos here.

Every man, on his own trajectory
Each his own hard-bitten tragedy
Nothing promised, nothing gained
Till we circle untold worlds, again.

July 31 2010
written to Requiem for a Tower/Escala
Patti Masterman




I breathe in the spirit of Christmas past
Again, unpacking those familiar things:
Through several generations, they have passed-
Of love, loss, and magic, they richly sing.

The gossamer wings of the angels still glow
Already antique, even when I was new:
The long years usage beginning to show-
But with childhood fascinations yet imbued.

Most revered mysteries, observed alone
Touching old relics, so irreplacable:
Venerated histories, even older grown-
Souls pathway to soul, as ever untraceable.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman