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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  9/21/2014 11:10:54 PM
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Some words hold magic
Phrases to other dimensions-
Where you are going now,
There is no need of keys.

Many pauses can fill an entire silence;
Too long empty makes a fullness of nothing.

Some passages go quiet
Down eternities of stairs,
Darkness proceeding darkness,
To the deafest of ears.

The trapdoor is opening, now closing again,
A trick of the trade: look up while you can.

The hat could hold rabbits, handkerchiefs, time;
Here's a beautiful maiden, being sawed in two.
The eyes can plays tricks; so forget the mind-
Heaven and hell unseen by the blind.

While the audience searches for what is known,
The stars wander where time has blown.

We are lost, we are found;
Not one can do the sums.
In a lucid dream,
It will all come undone.

There is nothing to find; there is nothing to see,
The Magician steps back, with a flourish of cape:

Nothing new is under the moon,
Just graves and shadows and resting clouds;
So give us one day, untied from the rest-

Abracadabra- only death is allowed.
Patti Masterman



Suicide Prevention

Dear God, if you put me here for a reason
I'd like to know what it is
The world leaves me cold,
I'm nobody, and nowhere
Finds more of me all the time
How did I get so lost?

'Wonderful clear diction
Such imagery and abstraction
Carries the reader along on the journey! '

I can't see any reason to go on anymore
Everyone I ever loved has left me
I sit and stare in the mirror for hours
Trying to find some reason not to do it
But I'm running out of excuses

'Amazing depth behind the pathos
Where did you learn to write with such feeling?
Please enlighten us further.'

Dear God, I think I've reached it
The end of my rope
The next sound you hear
Will be the echo of my departing from this world
I hope everyone realizes
This is not meant to hurt anyone
It seems to be the only way out of my pain

'Honey, I think you've found the poetry board by accident.
I think you were looking for suicide prevention...'
Hey are you still there....? '
Patti Masterman



A Dream

Once I dreamed I awoke on a ship
In my own special room, as she swayed and dipped
I walk down the corridors, just like a queen
Touching and seeing the things in my dream
I stopped at the railing and looked at the sea
And it just as fine and as clear as could be
But storm clouds arose and the ship began to toss
I ran back to my room, completely at loss
How to find a life jacket somewhere on that boat
Something in case, just to keep me afloat
I hunted for hours; it seemed quite a search
But when I woke up, I was wearing a purse.
Patti Masterman



Before good-bye's good bye

I forgot the stars above
Even look out for you,
I forgot the moon and sun
Reflect in eyes so blue.

I forgot my homemade sail
Goes out upon your wind,
And how the church bells, ringing
To you their tidings send.

I forgot old photos yellow
And tear drops fade away,
As older love grows mellow
And can't say, what it should say.

I'll forget the limits
Bound by the four-walls lie
But we had more, than minutes-
Before good-bye's good bye.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman