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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  2/27/2015 11:19:09 PM
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Aim for the Moon

Aim for the moon
And land among clouds;
High above earth,
You can still be proud.

Aim for the moon,
The sun or the stars;
Your friends will be angels,
On journeys, afar.

Aim for the moon-
Not aiming's the sin;
For you'll never travel
If you don't here, begin.
Patti Masterman



Before good-bye's good bye

I forgot the stars above
Even look out for you,
I forgot the moon and sun
Reflect in eyes so blue.

I forgot my homemade sail
Goes out upon your wind,
And how the church bells, ringing
To you their tidings send.

I forgot old photos yellow
And tear drops fade away,
As older love grows mellow
And can't say, what it should say.

I'll forget the limits
Bound by the four-walls lie
But we had more, than minutes-
Before good-bye's good bye.
Patti Masterman



Death is Everything's Final Limit

It is the best hour of the day:
Everyone has gone to bed; and I am left alone with all my words
And the lamp is shining, in my solitary spot
And the stars are shining, outside the window
And the whole world seems at ease and peaceful.
The feeling of freedom seems boundless and beyond time.
It's all so delicious, that I fear sometimes I might just freeze in place here,
Arms on the table, with my head full of whimsy and half written ideas;
Enjoying the process far too much, to ever complete anything.
But then another idea always comes along, and pushes the one before it out,
So that I have to begin writing again;
Task that I hope will never end, until I am quite dead.
Then do with me what you will; I will be all emptied out by then, I hope
With only the star light to rush back in,
Into the vacuum that's left by my leaving:
Mors ultima linea rerum est.
Patti Masterman



Future Plans

My child won a scholarship
Accompanied by many honors.
After hours walking, hurrying,
Through diverse airports and cities,
I fell into an exhausted sleep;
After much talk about
Colleges, degrees, time tables,
And what was the best path?
It was so necessary, important,
And confusing. How to sort it all out?
In my dream, we went out to eat
Perhaps to celebrate the trip.
Perhaps to celebrate the accomplishment.
Amidst the talk of what institution
She should attend, where and for how long,
She merely said, I plan to look at the face of God.
I plan to look into the face of God.
I was impressed with the simplicity of it.
I knew then that time and space
Would someday become her ally.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman