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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  10/23/2014 12:51:01 PM
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The Mystery of Bravery

The mystery of bravery,
The yearning deep inside
For other worlds unknown to us,
In human souls abide.

We're not content to sit beside
The fire and idly dream;
Intrepid voyagers to the core,
We're drawn toward the gleam.

Our restlessness
is salve and curse,
We’ll die of addled hopes:
Our spirits soar
Beyond the latch,
Escaping from the rote.
Patti Masterman



Four Elements

An ocean I’m called, going to and fro
In the twin pipe organs that breathe and blow
I enliven all hearts
From the very first start
The first to come and the last to go.

Food is the fire at my hearth
Delivered through blood before birth
Life on it depends
To live you must expend
The price of living on earth.

The thick repository of all that is
Growing things must feel my kiss
Whether volcanoes spew me
Or earthquakes chew me
Always beneath I exist.

I float nine months in loves briny ocean
So gently rocked by each tiny motion
Fresh riptides of blood
My whole being flood
The painful entrance inspires devotion.

Four elements compose the whole
Each one plays it's very own role
But the deepest part fills
When the first breath instills
The self’s own select living Soul.
Patti Masterman



Happenstance Things

Do not be hurt
By happenstance things;
A wreck on the roadway,
Late-coming trains.

A broken tea-cup,
A waistline grown fatter-
Things you can fix
Don't really matter.

But take care of hearts
(And things that are fragile)
And yours will grow wings
And become ever agile.
Patti Masterman



If I Were a Moon

If I were a moon, I'd chase your sun,
Or if a butterfly, you'd be the one
Flower, that I could not resist;
Or if a valley, your green I would kiss,
And if a cloud, when the day is done,
The spark of lightning, the storm's begun.

If you were death, I'd be the tomb,
If you were birth, I'd be the womb,
And if you were higher to reach than the sky,
I'd hitchhike the meteors, whistling by-
For love is the field that holds the whole world,
As patiently, patiently time is unfurled.
Patti Masterman
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