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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  7/30/2014 4:14:21 PM
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Future Plans

My child won a scholarship
Accompanied by many honors.
After hours walking, hurrying,
Through diverse airports and cities,
I fell into an exhausted sleep;
After much talk about
Colleges, degrees, time tables,
And what was the best path?
It was so necessary, important,
And confusing. How to sort it all out?
In my dream, we went out to eat
Perhaps to celebrate the trip.
Perhaps to celebrate the accomplishment.
Amidst the talk of what institution
She should attend, where and for how long,
She merely said, I plan to look at the face of God.
I plan to look into the face of God.
I was impressed with the simplicity of it.
I knew then that time and space
Would someday become her ally.
Patti Masterman



I Used to Read Every Night

I used to read every night
My thin book, of your heart's own verse:
Pages of threadbare longing
For your sentences recompense-
Words now which mirror,
Unreconstituted prose
That from impotency, arose
Toward my heart, like a lettered blight
Of languages silenced, by words
Our day became more like a night
Though once, I had even transpired
To imagine empires conquered;
Armageddons deftly averred
But now in consternation, I find
I'm to light my own funeral pyre;
Let my tears become my dirge
Of sorry tales that could deafen
Blind men, in a stumbling rage
I'll drag my own chains back to hell,
Since your mercy's worse than your hate
And, as there's no music heard there,
I shall welcome my toneless fate;
Music gave too much hope
For hope, without any dreams
The present song annihilates.
Patti Masterman



Love Poems For Sale

Love poems for sale; they're slightly used,
And birthday poems for free-
Though slightly hexed by some old witch
(I think that would be me)

Come one, come all, now don't be shy;
These poems have lots of heart,
Even though they futile were
Back when, I thought them art.

Sterility is not a sin
In literature or love,
But no one wants the bastard child,
Though he kiss the stars above.
Patti Masterman



Make No Mistake

Never mistake the fake for real;
Hard truths, for lack of loving.
The genuine need no introduction,
And we reserve anger only for what we care about.

Never love without reason, many ills must be borne
Because of impatience or indifference.
Respect your heart to give it space;
The truth, for room for breathing.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman