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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  1/28/2015 6:14:31 PM
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Wish I May, Wish I Might

Every star's a fable,
A story in the sky,
A trail of angel's footprints
(some angels cannot fly) .

Every tale's worth keeping
And writing in a book;
So every star you're seeing,
Just take a closer look:

There's stars wished on by babies,
And stars from lover's eyes,
Stars that saved a sailor
Or intrepid voyager, high.

Stars that guide the night time,
And stars that swiftly fell,
And stars that shine in daylight,
At the bottom of a well.

There are stars in the evening,
And stars before the dawn,
To tell us what the season,
And when the work is done.

There's the first star you remember,
And the last you'll see before
Your eyelids close forever-
Before a star-lit door.

And then you'll be a star yourself,
Shining miles above;
Lighting worlds with distant lamps,
Burning bright with love.
Patti Masterman




I won't allow your hopelessness to drown me,
Thin thread of a lifesaver though I seem
Like tales of a fisherman's sea never learned;
Salty rhymes of the port that you can't discern.

Though Siren calls over waves may carry,
Though mermaids seek for a watery lair;
Let the green sea traveler be most wary
Of things too feminine; things too fair.

Whether we're listing port or starboard,
Whether we're tethered aft or fore;
You can't hold on or drag me under
Once you've thrown me overboard.
Patti Masterman



Anger and Patience

Any time I don't understand something
Or feel unhappy with the way things are going,
Anger steps up, 'use me; let me help'
And I used to give Anger a lot of free rein,
Till I noticed Anger wasn't all that useful
And generally tended to only make things worse.

Now I try to rely more on 'Patience'
As Patience doesn't keep clicking that counter,
Adding up every resentment of the hour.
Besides, I can look straight into Patience's face
And not have one clue what Patience is thinking of.
You know, Anger could learn something from that.
Patti Masterman



Bootstrap Caligula

Bootstrap Caligula
He sees the sun and runs
Pulled up by teeth on the bootstrap
Till his time's nearly done
Who made him emperor
Who told him he was god
Just another petty tyrant
Who's not really any good

Bootstrap Caligula
He aims well but never fires
Wonder where he thinks he's going
Don't think he can go much higher

Bootstrap Caligula
Says the signs are all up above
Wants to read the auguries
Blood from a bleeding dove
He wants immortality
To have his face cast in stone
But at the end of an empire
His kind will be swept along

Bootstrap Caligula
He aims well but never fires
Wonder where he thought he was going
Don't think he could get much higher

Bootstrap Caligula
They carried him off today
He could never get with the program
Somebody had to pay
Now he's another Messiah
A martyr to yesterday
Who once thought
The world owed him something

But every dog has it’s day
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman