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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  7/25/2014 1:43:30 AM
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A Universe's Song

Though I am the algorithm
for dust into dust,
And though they may say
life arose because it must

In my body, long-dead suns still slumber on-
And in my heart, beats a universe's song.
Patti Masterman



Ancient Fishes Speak

The clouds are furry blunderbusses
Where the water meets the sky,
But down where all the fishes live,
They live for fear: the fateful Eye.

Eye of raptor, eye of swan
Albatross or sea snake;
The eye that presage death is coming
The poor fishes, to partake.

There is no lightning swifter as
The eye that fills horizons;
Though waves that trundle can't keep up
With watery regions denizens.

The darkness of the sharks own belly,
The startling passage down the beak;
Of these, the fishes ancient forebears
Tell the tale- if they could speak.
Patti Masterman



And Affectation Likes a Fine Dress

And affectation likes a fine dress
Bought from right out the shops window front
And does never care one whit for fit
For the vanity which will occupy the brunt
And does there smiling crookedly, sit
And not for all worldly tears, ever confess..
Patti Masterman



And his poems have other poems

And his poems have other poems
Hidden, camouflaged inside them, as through the holocaust
Men hid within other men's homes, and workplaces,
And women within other women's closets, and dressing rooms
As a woman would hide her babe
First within her womb, and then inside her very heart
So his heart-poems reside and procreate in darkness, in hiding,
Spin their souls together to weave the spiders tale, and into
The famished strings of singing wormholes, which orbit
The always living, and the once-quickened dead;
From whence one day the spirit shall stride out; spin out
At his soft call, to take the percolating universe
By latent storm of surprise, and do a souls-token worth of battle
Only in silken strings of love's long-suffering silence.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman