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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  11/26/2014 3:49:58 AM
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Making a Poem

If you want to make a poem
Look at leaves, look at trees
Look at yellow honey bees
Watch the clouds, watch the sky
Hear a locust, hear a sigh
Feel the wind on your skin
Know the flowers are your kin
Give your heart away for free
To the waves, to the sea
Fall in love with a star
And your words can go quite far.
Patti Masterman



Some Ruff Conversation

I went for a walk in the meadow
And spied an old dog in the hay;
Now old dogs know old tricks much better-
And none is so tricky, as they.

I walked close, to peek at him sleeping
But nary a word would I say;
Cause when old dogs are sleeping dogs, dreaming-
Well it's better to let sleeping dogs lay.

I left him un-bothered and sleeping,
I left him passed out in the hay,
And went on my way, till the night time-
And hope every dog had his own day.

And should every day have it's own dog,
In this dog-eat-dog world where we be,
Just remember who lies down with dogs
Is bound to get back up with fleas.
Patti Masterman



Suicide Prevention

Dear God, if you put me here for a reason
I'd like to know what it is
The world leaves me cold,
I'm nobody, and nowhere
Finds more of me all the time
How did I get so lost?

'Wonderful clear diction
Such imagery and abstraction
Carries the reader along on the journey! '

I can't see any reason to go on anymore
Everyone I ever loved has left me
I sit and stare in the mirror for hours
Trying to find some reason not to do it
But I'm running out of excuses

'Amazing depth behind the pathos
Where did you learn to write with such feeling?
Please enlighten us further.'

Dear God, I think I've reached it
The end of my rope
The next sound you hear
Will be the echo of my departing from this world
I hope everyone realizes
This is not meant to hurt anyone
It seems to be the only way out of my pain

'Honey, I think you've found the poetry board by accident.
I think you were looking for suicide prevention...'
Hey are you still there....? '
Patti Masterman



The Forge

The world bends us to its will:
The mountains defy trespass,
Except by man made road.

The rivers deny crossing,
Except by man made bridge.

As we're ever searching for the real,
We're stymied by the trail gone cold;
Worn down by the four winds tossing;
Halted by the impossible ridge.

Even when the world grows still,
It never will release its fearsome hold.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman