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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman  9/16/2014 10:23:57 AM
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The Dryad and the Woodsman

There was the shyest dryad
Lived in the forest wild;
A spider sewed her clothing,
A wolf thought her, its child.

A hawk was her hunter,
An owl was her guard:
She slept inside a Yew tree
Whenever she grew tired.

A nymph was her neighbor,
A naiad bathed her clean,
As she grew up strong and healthy,
Hid in the forest green.

She prayed to the Sun-god
To bring to her a love,
And he sent her a Woodsman,
Her heart just to move.

But he chopped down her tree
To make her his bride,
And the tree kept her life-
While she died, half-inside.

The Woodsman he wept tears
To drown a forest-glen;
And the whole woods went under,
When the sky joined in.

The heaven's convened a meeting,
They must save the land;
And granted him a promise,
And the dryad a new plan.

So she became a woman;
Sometimes hard, sometimes soft:
Sometimes hard, the outside-
Inside, of softer cloth.

She loved her a Woodsman
More than her life,
And wearing all green,
She soon became his wife.

They had many children,
Who ran mostly wild-
For they were half of Woodsman
And half a dryad-child

And there was a sign-
If you looked deep in their eyes-
A wildness that was in there
You knew would never die.
Patti Masterman



The Twist

Inside us lives a singularity
We may regard with some hilarity,
Thinking it odd, that nature would give
A highly specialized soul, to live;
But only once, that's the gist of it-
Now here, now gone-
That's the twist of it.
Patti Masterman



Unroot My Heart

Unroot my heart:
From the bougainvillea
Cut the strings and fibers
Of the sweet pea
Unvine the clematis:
I need to put down new roots
Some place far from here

Where rose thorns are not hidden
Where things remain, once planted
And where I do not need
To forget always the names
Of those forgotten: cast aside
When nature does her
Ruthless pruning.
Patti Masterman



White feathers falling

White feathers falling,
When an angel flew close by;
There's nothing up above us,
But I saw him, on the sly.

White downy floaters,
Floating on the sea of air;
In a single eye blink,
I saw him hovering there.

Souvenirs of miracles,
Signs and wonders too:
He knew he lost that feather-
And he said- give it to you.
Patti Masterman
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Poems By Poet Patti Masterman