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Poems By Poet Paul Hartal  9/18/2014 6:39:32 AM
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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

To be healthy, wealthy and wise
takes more than working hard,
going early to bed and jumping out of it,
yawning and weary, early to rise.

To be healthy, wealthy and wise
You need to eat well, sleep well and dream,
plan, struggle and relax and spread love,
breathe fresh air and exercise.

But to be healthy, wealthy and wise
You also need good luck, for a thunderbolt
can derail the train of your plans and a nail
puncture the balloon of advice.
Paul Hartal



Three Miniatures in Fast Verse

True Lover:


Break Up:


Life’s Meaning:

Paul Hartal



Democracy vs. Dictatorship

The kangaroo ordered an orange juice.
The crocodile preferred a cup of coffee.
Holding the Party Paper, Edition Zoo,
The hyena opted for his downy dream,
A white vanilla ice cream.

“The president is corrupt and wicked
And his whole bungling government,
Is reprobate and totally incompetent.
They should resign without delay”,
Said the kangaroo.

“Well, perhaps he exaggerated,
But as long ago Voltaire stated,
'I disagree with what you say,
But I will defend to the death your right
To say it’”, uttered the crocodile.

“Although it seems suiting his profile
Voltaire did not say this”,
objected the kangaroo.

“The quote is in the air
And it is fair to attribute it to Voltaire’,
insisted the crocodile.

‘I don’t care’, said the kangaroo.
‘Voltaire did not say this’.

The hyena took a lick of his ice cream
And then, folding the Party Paper
Of the Zoo,
With a menacing countenance
He turned to the kangaroo.

“Now listen carefully”, he said,
“You can buy in the market onions
But I dislike your political opinions.
And even if I had agreed with you,
I would make it sure
That nobody can hear you.”
Paul Hartal




It rises in the heart of Manhattan
like a giant inverted cupcake.
The building,
a circular symphony in concrete,
enfolds as a nautilus shell,
a spiral design
in which continuous spaces
flow freely one into another.

The Guggenheim Museum
of New York opened in 1959,
begirding an immense space.
Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned
it at first as an upside down
Its horizontal ribbons
are wider at the top
than at the bottom.

The museum
has no separate floor levels.
Instead it curls like a corkscrew,
a helical ramp of breathing plasticity,
a celebration of structural unity,
a single continuous floor
spiraling upward uninterrupted,
wrapped around an open court.

The paintings on the walls
stare in silence, colored, composed
clemently, or vexed,
versatile icons
in a stunning shrine of spirit
steeping, gurgling, percolating
in the frozen music of architecture.

The structure,
an organic opus
of Wright’s trailblazer design,
harmonizes the building with art
and with the urban environment,
so that interior and exterior merge,
each becomes part of the other,
and thus the outside comes inside
and the inside goes outside.
Paul Hartal

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40 50 60 62

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Poems By Poet Paul Hartal