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Poems By Poet Paul McCann  8/28/2014 10:18:46 AM
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  Best Poems From
  PAUL MCCANN (March 10th 1956)

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Path Of Peace

Path Of Peace
By Paul Mc Cann

Peace is an easy path to tread
Peace is where our fears are mislaid
Peace is beginning to restore
Peace for each man, woman and child
Peace for the troubled streets gone wild
Peace is for the old and the young
Peace in the end will overcome
Peace builds trust into a lifestyle
Peace is a friendly open hand
Peace is a place to understand
Peace in the end will overcome
Peace is for the old and the young
Peace is a legacy to leave
Peace is when we don't have to grieve
Peace is and end to all the hate
Peace is why we negotiate
Peace for all the victims of war
Paul McCann



The Wheel Of Life

The Tanka Structure

A short poem that uses syllables in it's structure similar to the Haiku.

The sequence of syllables are as follows
5-7,5-7.7-5,7-5 and 7

My Example

The Wheel Of Life

By Paul McCann

Sometimes I get caned.
Love is like a bamboo stick
Sometimes I get pain.
Sometimes in life I get sick
Sometimes in life I am healed
Life is after all,
a series of things to feel.
I don't mind at all.
In life things turn like a wheel.
Paul McCann



Always By My Side

He worked so hard all his life,
to pay the bills and provide.

Somehow through the thick and thin,
you could say we all survived.

With rotating shifts and roster days,
he had some days off.

He liked wee apple buns
and when he spoke his voice was soft.

He put a few bob away,
for holidays every year.

We walked to far away places,
when the weather was clear .

He took me to a mountain top
and pointed out to sea.

'You can see the coast of Scotland from here, '
he'd say to me .

He bred budgies from a roost,
on top of the back yard wall.

In the times when he was off work,
he had time for us all.

My Da tried to learn to speak Japanese
before he died.

No matter where I go in life ,
he's always by my side .

By Paul McCann
Paul McCann



Breakfast In Winter

I can still see my mother squatting down by the fireplace ,
Putting some sticks over scrunched up newspaper .

She struck a match and lit the paper as smoke arose.
From the kindle a welcome warmth for us to share.

She would ask me to bring in some coal.
Then I’d go into the back yard where it was twelve below .
I remember her at the stove stirring the porridge to the boil ,
Outside winter birds left tracks in the snow.

Noticing the water pipes frozen I’d ask.
Am I going to school today ? ”.
My Mother would give me a smile.
Flames leapt from the coals .
The porridge was hot in the bowls.
”Yes son, she would say. “Winter is here for a while.”

By Paul McCann
Paul McCann

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Poems By Poet Paul McCann