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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  12/22/2014 8:49:51 AM
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Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise sunset in the mood of the way
In the colors of flame and darkish hour
Every shine time of night and the day
Like golden horizon of a new flower
Together to fill up the dream flight time
Of call from alone in the distant past
Where flow of the glimmering is in prime
When moon and the stars show off in their cast
With love so tender in splendor and spark
Of night in the twilight after sunset
Its glistening glowing to deepness dark
With colors of heaven in glow alphabet
Till sunrise in the morning comes new
To dawn of the rising on to a day true
Peter S. Quinn



#1 (From, Picture Poems 1)

a singing man
was sacrificed

by ravens
of night dreams

my silky soft desire
is lying

and denied a wish
Peter S. Quinn



Bring Me the Horizon

Bring me the horizon
Of the on and on
Tinctured time works
Flowering cloudy quirks
Of their going while
Shades of timeless style
Love songs of the sky
When evening lights fly

Bring me this love
From clouds far above
With every shade
From eternal made
For the new morning
Again will soon sing
With the breeze blowing
On to the old glowing

Bring me the horizon
When the day is gone
To starry night
With all its shining bright
When dreams return
In their reddish gleaming burn
When dusk is falling
And fantasies calling
Peter S. Quinn



Good Evening

Good evening
Sunshine musical
Your heart is to sing
A song for us all
In pleasuring way
So dreams come true
And color the gray
That came here thru

Good starry night
With a song to fill
In a glowing sight
Of a musical thrill
When days are in sleep
In the hours dark
Your songs will keep
Their moments spark

Good playing song
For a mood of the dim
For a heart to long
In its whimsy whim
When hours are calling
In their dreams feel
As the stars are falling
And nothing seems real
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn