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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/23/2014 6:02:35 AM
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Beginning of New Spring

Beginning of new spring
Is a chant sweet of everything
Of the green in glowing gold
When earth summers unfold
Every stream river's play
In a fresh waves that won’t stay
When tomorrow shall bring
Fresh scent of early spring

Every hour of love
With the cloudlets far above
When the haze is sifting high
Thru the morning of dawn’s sky
Ready to the day’s awake
From the cold and yearning’s ache
As its mood grows in a trance
Full with breezes and fragrance

March closure to new April
When green becomes the hill
Every hour of longings true
Pleasures moments going thru
As the day in night glows
And the blossoms all grows
Filling pleasures moments high
On the earth and blue sky
Peter S. Quinn



Bring Me Your Peace and Hope

Bring me your peace and hope
In to the palm of your hand
Let me hold on to love's robe
And bring forward to understand
The morning has come in love
And peaceful celebrating beauty
Like open sky in blue above
So flowing on in endless fluty

And with this day night arrives
With purple flowers reality
Many thoughts of deeper archives
Of simple ways and complexity
Transcended by in rays of light
Those many understanding ways
Like something comes to flight
That experience pounder plays
Peter S. Quinn



Life is Colorful

Life is colorful
With plenty of giving
No time too dull
In its growth and living
Plenty of daybreak
Moods in the night
Love to take and make
In their feeling΄s right

Like opening books
Dreams in forward way
In moments of its hook΄s
In what new words say
Awareness in open trail
Wings of further going
Those feathers want to sail
Onto tomorrows glowing

This unknown playground
That is still in deep
Might be some day found
Within a mind to keep
Look and find your wings
To carry you further on
A yearning in you sings
On currents under drawn
Peter S. Quinn



We Are Lock and Key

We are lock and key
To each our way
Mysteries of life litany
Every coming day
We play on free
Through hurt and smile
And what might be
In every its awhile

We are thread and line
To each and one
Our ways combine
What we have done
Each palm and hand
Shall make us too
Follow and understand
The things we do

We are free and bond
To our touch and feel
And becoming fond
To what we thing real
So much still to handle
That we trust in heart
And life might dandle
But where shall we start?
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn