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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/27/2014 2:10:11 PM
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Love Song to You

Love song to you
With all my heart to give
In a beautiful morning blue
Where memories live
Every dream that is glowing
Like arising daybreak
When a morning is flowing
New in its first wake

My heart is longing still
In dreams never beyond
In tomorrow to fulfill
Parting again or is dawned
In every love song new
That gives a morning fine
And we have seen go thru
In hours of our sunshine

Love song evermore
On to the gleaming light
Those days go by and pour
In contingency dim flight
Wishful days are blanching
In mornings still to come
And love songs branching
To Forget-Me-Not blossom
Peter S. Quinn



Magical Poems

Magical Poems
magical poems
glow in time's dream

with illusions
of joy and grief

sung in memory


eternal dance
goes on and on
each moment
given a change
to find a place
in the sun

sweet blue eyes
with shadows
in twilight grays
your moonstones glow
in love different ways

what come and goes
in life interplays
and nobody knows
what goes or stays

blue ocean waves
tides - on and on...
the coming days
in the red Spanish sun

with love they are
and within beaches of sand
under the twinkling stars
love they come to understand...

...sweet romance cafes
in love's music adagios
with love different ways
and the air full of arrows
where hearts conveys
and nobody knows
what goes
or what stays...
Peter S. Quinn



Night Flower

Night flower oh night flower
What fragrance you now give
All the darkness in coming hour
Where shadows of longings live

And dreams are in their dim
Flowing so carelessly here thru
Full of darkness whimsy whim
With every new flow to renew

Night flower in your dim mood
Where love is making its wing
And passion is the hours elude
As its conduit to frontiers sing

Of passion in its ardor making
Like leaves in its wind caress
So much tender of feeling making
In creation of its love fearless

Night flower in dreams beyond
Here shades of the night and flow
Where only its fruits are found
Those give of a gleam its glow

And the moon is its fallen angel
Thru the fairies of dream’s flight
All the wonderful and devotional
That makes such a passion alright
Peter S. Quinn



Singing Birds

Singing birds so soft and sweet
Thru the days and into night
Each their love song is a treat
With their hope in weightless flight
Softly coming raindrops in
Dripping thru the soft forest
All their glows in silence spin
Falling to the tree top's nest

Singing birds are bringing thru
Their wonderful enjoyment
Their songs are for me and you
Without ever a relent
So much in their singing tune
Giving the days new yearning
With their mood of happy June
As the shades keep turning

Love songs for the alone love
In their beginning giving
Featherweight as clouds above
Comforting moments living
The dreams that never become
Just nocturnal lullabies
Where the gleam pixies are from
In the flickering light skies
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn