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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  2/1/2015 5:38:09 AM
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Days and Days Go By

Days and days go by
With the hour so lonely,
Dark and gray is the sky
And daydreams cyclically;
We have to give and try
What it's worth in effort,
Before we say goodbye
Fore all is to be revert.

Just like a summer gone
That shun for a while,
Times and times are a bon
Given or taken in life's aisle;
What does that then say
In meanings or otherwise,
Maybe just words in play
With an end fully surprise.

Years and years to twist
Before they run to end,
Moments we have missed
Jovial and sorrow in blend;
The task is to have peace
In each of your doing then,
A dream one uniquely sees
Or over and over again.
Peter S. Quinn



Days before Christmas

Days are now so gray
In the month of December
Not much contrasting way
Of its yellow dark ember
Where songs are singing
In the silhouette shade
And in Christmases bringing
With colorful lights made

Look at all the pitch-dark
In its flowing distill
Somber lightness to spark
Before day climbs the hill
Happy moments are coming
With their choruses line
All the favorite strumming
To make those days shine

In sweetness of starlight
The candles are burning
To brighten up the night
For moments we are yearning
We together come and sing
To open up our pleasures
And happy moments in bring
All its days and treasures
Peter S. Quinn



Deep Blue Dreams

Deep blue dreams
On the sunny glowing
Water flowing streams
in infinity going
Their dark and deep
Moods of ready round
Memories to keep
When on earth it's found

Dreams to relive
In the hours long
With dark days strive
At times winter song
When summer's at sleep
Deep in the ground
Memories we keep
From blue dreams downed

Every day's calling
With its harmony
As hour's ticks is falling
To its Never Be
Melodies of things
Clear in nature's play
Eternally on sings
Till the end of day
Peter S. Quinn



Deep Sky - Deep Deep

Deep sky - deep deep!
What lies out there?
On earth I'll stay and sleep,
But to the sky I'll stare.

Some erudition to gain
From the swirling galaxy,
Perhaps I look in vain
Knowing not what to see?

The seeds of the years
That man has thought,
Going here and there's
What is after sought.

Searching not through
For life is full of growth,
Eternal springing youth:
Peace embellishing oath.

Ways are unpredictable -
Always new within new!
Some space dark and dull
With twinkling stars so few!
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn