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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/25/2014 6:02:19 PM
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Love is Colorful

Love is colorful
In its true simplicity
With its inside pull
Always more to be

Like a cloudless sky
In the never ending
Reaching high near by
With its color blending

Love is for all
Always true and new
Summer’s winter fall
As they both come thru

Every freshly take
That never stays for long
In its happy wake
Of a summer song

Love is all of this
Never ending glow
Mystic light in bliss
In its evening flow

Rising skies dawn
With their moments give
Where feelings are drawn
And in heart shall live
Peter S. Quinn



Love Is Coming

Everything just comes clear
In the night of twinkling
When our love is quite near
With the breezy crinkling

Love is coming through the grays
Of the ways of more and more
To our intermediate time plays
To open up their closed door
Every dream is not so far away
In their passions going stray

You may think a foolish thought
From your day of reality
What you shouldn’t and ought
From every turn of simplicity

Love is coming giving ways
With its inner most flame
Tumult of the various strays
That is never staying the same
Taking always a fresh new turn
In those feelings that we learn
Peter S. Quinn



Love Is the Deepest Feeling

Love is the deepest feeling that goes for all
And gives of its height its wheat and fresh snow
Its hill and its meadows, if found, you'll know
What makes the water in rivers that call
It is of summer as much as the fall
Unquenched among climbing vines, those go
In lights of fire in the bush that will glow
Through the walking of time and its enthrall

The dark leaves that fall in the passing day
May reach every crown of cold and heat
Be delight of springtime or desert way
At dawn coming blossom or night bittersweet
Love is like peace always quite hart to reach
It takes precious time to give from and teach

*Best wishes to all and a Happy New Year!
I wish you all Love and Peace …
Peter S. Quinn
Peter S. Quinn



Love Love in Sunshine

Love love in sunshine
Dreams that are always free
Times going by so fine
Settles on and to be
Feelings like golden crust
Weaving on to the endless
Life is but earth and dust
Affections and its caress

Love love in faraway
Morning comes then so bright
With blue sky and day
After the sleep of night
You and I lovers to dream
Nothing is here for sure
All is so endless it seem
Horizon in a faraway lure

Love love in a thought
Yesterdays gone to the dark
Life and hope has brought
All that tomorrow shall spark
Giving and taking time
Life as a love song for you
Echoes of years in prime
Coming and going through
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn