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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/21/2014 8:44:35 PM
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Till The Hours Are Gone

Let my love be a love
Let it come like a wing
full of the mist of above
As the breeze outdoors sing
Life is giving its melody
Softly whispering on
All its pleasures are free
Till the hours are gone

Let my heart be its beat
Every rising on day
Early morning hours street
Every sun rising play
Lone as a day is in hours
And the night's falling in
Through tones dripping showers
On the cobblestone's spin

Let my life be its pleasure
All my words and their tones
Hidden deep inside treasure
In the deeps of alones
Those oceans are playing
Every tone and words full
each its moment's playing
In its forcing circle pull
Peter S. Quinn



Time after Time

Time after time
Every dream becomes free
In this winter lonely rime
Lying around to be
It’s hard to give and please
In these feeling alone hours
Making all possibilities
Like tiny cold glaring flowers

The riverside is now all frozen
In moments that seem like glow
Bound to be later chosen
In its falling of stream to go
My heart is around this now
With feelings in hazy shade
The coldness of wintry dark brow
In everything that’s conveyed

Time after time
To all the things to say
With hopes in their weather climb
And its intimate lonely play
Look around to see the sky
With its falling snowflakes
Now every misty is growing high
In those instances takes

Playfully scenery ahead
Dreams weaving time tapestry
On to snowy footsteps read
Through paths and wild forestry
My dreams in their drifting go
Deadening in the outside cold
Memories like reflecting glow
Nothing the frost can now hold
Peter S. Quinn



Time And Time Is Passing By (from, The Complete Collected Poems of Strains)

Time and time is passing by
Like a haze of drifting high
Seems so little up out there
In their vapor going everywhere
Rising to the moments new
Where the hours is coming through
Or its rain drops in fall
Making echoes drum padding call

Life is in its sweetly now
Making heart and giving vow
To the feeling in alright
Or the morning coming bright
Never to be afraid of play
In the coming unborn day
Looking through the spangle sleep
From the dreaming dark deep

Time is gold in fluffy treads
Or the roses in spring‘s beds
When the hour is young and still
Before day comes to fulfill
Kissing with its morning light
Every darkish winter night
Where the gold comes to the green
And a garden of beauty is seen
Peter S. Quinn



Time Circle of Moods

The waves shatter the restless dark hours
Time circle of moods that come and again go
Like tinctures on leaves or flowers
Those in clusters of buds for moments glow
Minute to minute the light is falling
Vanishing to nothingness or far beyond
Dreams of the night in their magic calling
In their dazzling lurch of shadows dance fawned

Tomorrow comes again with new spring
In blossoms of blue and white together
Touching to brilliant bereavement blooms
Into the blackness with new songs to sing
Imminent brilliant being its bellwether
Departing the woodland silence and glooms
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn