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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  12/20/2014 1:12:44 AM
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To a Dreamy Space

The shadows of days now will cast their walk
To the leeway of autumn's grazing land
Yellow to red brown bygones cornstalk
Now in to essence of empty remand
Shattering sounds of the transparent days
Happiness is in hope and its smiles
Winter comes with its meandering plays
Occultation rambling vapor tiles

To a dreamy space of yesterdays gone
Essence of summer and evening song
Absent to memories incessantly
Carry their quintessence of yearnings on
Each extirpation day that I now long
In heart on now echo acquiescently

*- under construction -
Peter S. Quinn



To Africa (while I was there in the desert sands…)

Come here rise with me
Mornings of the heart
Love is sweet and free
From the hours start
Given in to rise
Glowing new sky
Nowhere gray’s disguise
In its stepping high

Over clouds that drift
Every curtain line
Up and up to lift
To make new sunshine
Tangling the rust
On earth's field
Ages to coming dust
Stories are still wheeled

Through the open door
Every aspect goes
Riches and what they store
Wealth of green grows
Mother Nature’s thrill
Deserts sands that blaze
To new dreams fulfill
Your irresistible bright ways

*(The poem above was put up as it is, because I fell once in love with a poem called:


Written by Maya Angelou

Thus she had lain
sugercane sweet
deserts her hair
golden her feet
mountains her breasts
two Niles her tears.
Thus she has lain
Black through the years.

Over the white seas
rime white and cold
brigands ungentled
icicle bold
took her young daughters
sold her strong sons
churched her with Jesus
bled her with guns.
Thus she has lain.

Now she is rising
remember her pain
remember the losses
her screams loud and vain
remember her riches
her history slain
now she is striding
although she has lain.)
Peter S. Quinn



To an Unknown Destiny

All our love is like clouds in the sky,
Running around to an unknown destiny.
Before space runs out we must try,
To be honest to protect and keep free.
In every thought and moments of time,
We gave, to remember each other well.
To forget affections is almost as a crime,
For there is no one else - of love to tell.

Like the blue heaven above the earth,
Is there something for us to understand?
To give importance, to passion and birth,
Is at our disposal and at our command.
For the reason of every game we play,
There is hope in a dream that we set.
We can hold on to it, or leave its way,
But we'll never then know what we'll get.

Every instant in life is too important,
Just to throw it away without a reason.
After you feel and see how it's grand,
In each turn there comes a new season.
Peter S. Quinn



To And Fro into the Darkness (song of murky light)

To and fro into the darkness low night
Every flickering fragile day flame
Shadows are dancing to the night the same
Giving a touch of the lost fading light
Never come again from destiny's halls
Every footstep that's gone in astray
Lost in the dusk of time's wandering way
Everything living to death befalls

Flowers of glum embraces - you dim sense
With a song of the moon and its lost star
Contained by their hold and not to be found
Sapphire flames in tawny clouds fragments
Every devour moment gone afar
Like thousands drizzling drops fallen to ground
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn