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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  3/6/2015 6:33:40 AM
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Thoughts of the Moments (from, Bob's Buttercups Songs)

Taking the day in its wildness
Ongoing town of love's caress
Thoughts of the moments and their amass
Sweetness of time through the fresh
Longing and dreaming of nothing there on
Always the going and drifting high

Yesterdays in moods of forgotten
Laden in time nowhere found
Sunshine of this and everything else
Longitudes there right from the start
Driven like spears in to the heart
Of what has been said and given around
Strictly to ways that are right bound

Love songs in air on to the old
Flickering way to every song
Rocking and living and on to hold
What dreams in reeling’s do long
While they are here untold

Whispering ways finding each other
Searching around and giving of its fire
What has been done sisters and brother?
Finding the way to the stage once more
Love song of sound and inside desire
Coming around to build everything here

What has been played or many times said
With inspiration moments to go
Giving and finding the inside job done
Like garden of pleasure found only ones
Where everything twist into its own
Growing of blossoms nowhere else shown
That comes to leaves like breezing blow

After a hanging around deep forest
Love thoughts of whisper in the fields
Where nothing is desperately going to rest
But show only moments of own yields

Find every fountain that comes through here
With what is lost to be found
Instance in tempo be everywhere
Where there are feelings that go again around
Yesterday living never was easy
Came out of luck from walking about
With something to share a little bit breezy

Hold on to mornings that sun warms in
Rising to bridges that gross over rivers
Everything worthy in its own spin
And a heart of the content again delivers
Through every ocean that rises again
Moves every rock to its state and its grain

*These are around 500 songs
Peter S. Quinn



Thoughts Surrounded (from Lullabies)

Thoughts surrounded that we alone know
The time’s month combatant fluff
The perfume of the old in memories glow
What inside is made of that kind of stuff
The month’s exposed foot yellow leaves
With thorns amid and roots in ground
Every thought as it comes in its briefs
Nowhere else to be gathered or found

Splashes in sunset the on going repose
From the starlight’s in darkness space
That gathers more or less here to give
Like dreams on to past everything goes
The allowed matter and rotating ways
To become its sources of boundless live
Peter S. Quinn



Thoughts to Adapt

Something is always going
To their point of no returning
We in the distances are growing
And from it all again learning

Ways are unpredictable always
Wherever the future lies
So much of this and that plays
Within every low rotate and highs

I've come a long way in knowing
Where my dreams could be trapped
Each goes on to its own flowing
Always with thoughts to adapt

Bringing those days to advance
In hours you thought were lost
So consequential but askance
In everything that crisscrossed
Nothing to worry about though
If you have found your way
For what you thought shall grow
On to its furthermore tray

I've come a long way in knowing
How much is worthy to store
In every learning and going
Always with thoughts to adapt
Where my dream could be trapped
Always with thoughts to adapt
Peter S. Quinn



Thousand Dots of Life

Thousand dots of life
Like fire lights in dark
On to each fulfillment strife
Till they glow and spark
The morning comes after dim
Into the hour of new fire
Casting way whimsy whim
Flying on wing's desire

Love is a way to find out
Where every part is
What a thought is about
In its unknown bliss
Right or wrong we must go
Giving our best to all
Moving as part of the flow
Catching our own call

In thousands ways to learn
With much drifting around
Billowing tides in their turn
Somewhere next to be found
You have an answer for you
Nothing is wrong in its road
Seeing your thoughts through
Taking away its latest load
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn