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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/10/2015 4:00:38 AM
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There Is Some Time For Everything (A Song From, ‘mad-Mouth John’)

There is some time for everything
A little moment upon every heart
A time to wonder a time to sing
A way to make ways different apart
How gentle this knowing is to tore
In filling ears with wandering ways
For always there’s some more and more
The coming of eras and going of days

Every time here is luck to be found
Which goes right back to its older reality
For things are to ways always bound
And like to be handled there quite free
I know you'll be the one who'll search again
Into your own so very strangely knowing
Moving from intricacy to its plain
It’s the right way for you to always be going?

A little of this is a way out of luck
Making each time more difficult and tough
But nothing is forever, it sometimes is stuck
For ways of man's mind are smooth and rough
Throwing all back to each ones face
Making its way in to hurting someone
If there is something that needs to have space
Let it come here: in its wanting to be done!

And like a dream in from with a new say-so
Searching to hold and trying to understand
Be acquainted with it all in its rushed in go
Even though thoughts that followed are in bland
Peter S. Quinn



There Is Something - A Love Song

There is something that is here now snowing
In the heart that is sitting cold inside,
For its throbbing's to memories owing
And still to those vanished moments abide.

The truth is in your heart like a firm stone
Or flowers that give new morning pleasures,
And in the gray shadows still sits alone
Finding in the coming hours countermeasures.

Beautiful day, oh lost ongoing night
The moments that betrayed each flowing hour,
All those thoughts that come and go in their flight
Like each bud that becomes a new flower.

There is closure and nearness to them all,
Like there is light here now, - where darkness did fall.
Peter S. Quinn



There Is Something Going On

There is something going on
Rising and falling apart
In to the prospects all drawn
Griping the ways of the heart
Nowhere to know its future
That is a part of all right now
Prospects of this is a moocher
Managing through here somehow

Life isn’t an easy way goes
Unlike clouds drifting by
Nothing for sure it knows
Diving its streams to its high
Feelings across every window
Making the times bearable
Now there is winter's proviso
With all hope’s falling parable

Trying to break the manacles off
With the futures still unborn
The road to the living so trough
Filled with hopes in timeworn
Struggling curves and bending
Nothing’s new-fangled in this age
With softly or harder landing
Each on its own in its weigh
Peter S. Quinn



There Is Still Night (From, The River Sings On)

There is still night in the sky,
With new hope in the air;
With each error and try,
Light will come again everywhere.

Though the morning is young,
In the blue and the dark;
It shall burst into song,
When day hours again spark.

Full of hope on the road,
We have found the new way;
Let go of your old load,
For now dawn wakes the day.

Burning bright stars old,
That will say goodbye;
As the light desires unfold,
In the morning dark sky.

There is still night in the blue,
Faraway dreams have gone;
Now it's up to me and you,
To find a road in the sun.

There are playful clouds around,
Giving horizons a sight;
Let your hopes be there too found,
For again comes the night.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn